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At her penthouse, Ava is startled when she catches Ryan packaging up Kiki’s things to put them in a closet.Lulu tells Ava about Kevin's past GH He needs to go talk to Jordan and asks Ava not to open the door unless she knows who is there. Once he’s gone, Lulu shows up, looking for Kevin. She wants to interview him about the latest corpse to appear. Ava becomes distraught when she thinks about her daughter being killed at random. Before she can show Lulu the door, Lulu insists they discuss Kevin. That doesn’t go smoothly. Lulu warns her that Kevin hasn’t always been stable, and Ava insists that he has been for her. She’s surprised when Lulu says that Kevin has a dark past. He once had a psychotic break and kidnapped Felicia.

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Ryan-and-curtis-discuss-the-killerAt the Metro Court, Jordan questions Sam and Jason about finding the body. After she is satisfied and walks off, Jason escorts Sam away. Ryan arrives and Curtis thanks him for coming. He fills him in about the murder of the producer. Jordan joins them and says the medical examiner says the man died at 6. Curtis realizes that was earlier than the text he received from him. Ryan assumes Curtis was called over to taint evidence. Jordan decides there is a serial killer on the loose. Ryan points out that all the crimes have happened on a holiday and with Curtis and Jordan around when the bodies were found. He suggests that the killer must also be jealous of people’s capacity to be happy at the holidays.

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Hank tells Drew about their past GHDrew meets Kim at the hospital. He suggests she go and see Julian to ring in the New Year right. When he heads down the hall, he bumps into Hank, who asks what happened to him. Drew admits he can’t remember anything about him, so Hank talks about how close they were in Afghanistan. He’d like to help but Drew says there’s nothing he can do. Hank explains that Drew saved his life after an explosion. Before Drew can return to his son, Hank thanks him.

kristina picks up paycheck from julianKristina drops by Charlie’s to get her paycheck from Julian. She comments on how lousy last night was. He remembers catching Kim and Drew together and agrees. Kristina tells him she’s moving into a new place. In the corner, Maxie cringes as she watches Nina kissing Valentin. As he goes off to order food, Nina tells Maxie of the pre-Christmas reunion with the Cassadine. Nina goes on about how happy she is. Liesl rushes in, also in a good mood, and starts fawning over her grandson and vowing that her days of cruelty are over. Nina and Maxie go off to change the baby’s diaper and Obrecht saunters over to Valentin. She thanks him for getting Peter to change his testimony. He warns her not to make him remind her of why he helped her. Liesl explains that she’s arranged to have three letters sent about the Sasha deception, one to the DA, Nina, and Anna, if anything happens to her. He agrees to her terms, but warns her that if she reveals that, he’ll have nothing to lose and that will be bad for her. Later, Kim arrives wanting mimosas to they can start celebrating. He explains he saw her kissing Drew. She makes excuses. He says he’s already moved past it and slept with someone else. She assumes it must have been Alexis, but he says it doesn’t matter. Her son and his father should be her priority now. In tears, she tells him not to act like a martyr and go to hell.

Kim returns to the hospital and tells Drew that Julian broke up with her.

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Jason and Sam talk romance GHJason takes Sam home. She’s amazed he talked to the police without Diane. They talk about Diane and Max going to Vegas and she assumes they are getting married. Taking her hand, Jason says they both know what they want and should do something about it. As they kiss, Kristina walks in and announces she’s moving out. Sam worries about her leaving when there is a killer on the loose. Kristina tells them how great Daisy and her roommates are. Sam asks if she’s sleeping with the group’s leader, Shiloh. This miffs her sister. Kristina suggests they come by and see that the group is just like a happy family. After she storms out, Jason suggests they visit.

Ryan returns to the penthouse, where Ava is arguing with Lulu. After Lulu takes off, Ryan asks Ava what happened. She asks him about his breakdown. He doesn’t like to talk about it and tells her they can’t let Lulu and Laura tear them apart.

Lulu jogs into the Metro Court. Off the record, Jordan tells her they are dealing with a serial killer.

Sam and Jason drop by Kristina’s new place and meet ‘Shiloh’, who just happens to be Hank.

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