Curtis makes a discovery

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Julian drops by GH to wish Kim a happy New Year and offers to stay, but she insists he go to the fundraiser because he’s all dressed up. Drew on NYE ABC Drew arrives after Julian departs, and he tells Kim about the mysterious Hank. She says he never mentioned him while they were together and asks if he will contact him. Drew isn’t sure and changes the subject to New Year’s and asks if they ever spent it together, aside from being trapped in a car last year. She reveals it’s when they conceived Oscar. She takes a trip down memory lane, admits she loved him but never told him, and that raising their son alone was hard. He tells her she’s not alone anymore, and they kiss.

Jason stops by Sam’s place to pick her up for the event at the Metro Court, and they share a kiss. Jason tells her about the odd incident with Hank today, and that something doesn’t feel right about the guy.

At Ava’s, she looks at the box of Kiki’s belongings and finds her daughter’s resolution list from a few years back. Kiki wanted to learn more about art from her mother.

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Ryan cleans up In their apartment, Jordan and Curtis make love, and she realizes they are going to be late for the party. He says they can be fashionably late. She jokes just like the TV stars, which he will soon be. Curtis says only if this producer doesn’t flake on their meeting.

At the producer’s studio, Ryan puts on some rubber gloves to clean up the mess he’s made, and then checks the guy’s phone to see who might be looking for him.

People gather at the Metro Court for the New Year’s Eve party. Kristina and Michael attend, Willow arrives with Chase as her date, and Lulu is with Laura. Michael and Kristina run into Valerie, and she does her best to avoid Kristina. Michael wonders what happened between them.

Jordan and Curtis dress at their place, and Curtis gets a text from the producer who wants to meet him tonight. She urges him to go and join her at the party later. He promises to make it in time to kiss her at midnight.

Sam and Jason arrive at the party and are immediately ambushed by Julian. Julian is there to support Oscar and Danny and hopes they can put their differences aside. Later, Alexis advises Julian that he’s pushing too much, and wonders why he’s not with Kim. He explains she wanted one of them to make an appearance for Oscar. Scotty learns about Ava and Kevin ABC Alexis suspects Kim was trying to be respectful but likely wants to spend the night with someone she cares about. Elsewhere, Kristina and Michael run into Willow and Chase. Kristina asks how Willow knows her brother. Michael covers and says he spoke at her class on career day. Willow notices Lulu and decides to break away to say hello. Lulu informs Willow that she knows who Charlotte was bullying, and she’s talked to both kids and hopes it is settled. Meanwhile, Scott runs into Laura and tries to tell her about Ava, but Laura already knows. And Jordan arrives and runs into Olivia and Ned, who is upset about Lulu’s article and wants her access to waltz around the station revoked.

Ava looks at Kiki's list Ryan returns to Ava’s place and finds her making a list of resolutions, one being to distance herself from Avery so she doesn’t get hurt like Kiki did. Ryan vows to make sure she realizes how much she deserves. The two kiss at midnight.

Curtis arrives at the producer’s place, trips over a bloody pillow and falls into a pool of blood on the couch.

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Jason Kiss Sam Back at the Metro Court, Olivia begins the countdown to midnight. Various couples kiss, friends hug, Kristina and Valerie exchange a look, and Jordan gets a call from Curtis, who thinks there has been another murder. Jason steals a moment with Sam alone on the balcony for their own private New Year’s kiss.

Julian arrives at the hospital and spies on Drew and Kim kissing. He walks off. Later, Kim and Drew discuss getting caught up in the moment and agree things are good between them.

Julian returns to the Metro Court and runs into Alexis, who thought he was with Kim. He grumbles, “Long story.” Meanwhile, Willow decides to leave because Chase got called into work. Michael tries to convince her to stay, but she decides to go.

Chase and Valerie scour Peyton’s place, and Chase doubts the person is alive with all this blood. Jordan suspects the killer moved the body just like with his other victims.

At the Metro Court, Jason notices something odd about a plastic snowman. He knocks it over, and Peyton’s body tumbles out.

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