Obrecht makes demands on Valentin GH
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Nina meets Sasha for breakfast at Kelly’s. Spencer interrupts and begins goading Nina about Valentin ‘usurping’ his father’s legacy. Sonny arrives to meet the kid and they cross the room. Sonny Spencer advice GHWhen they sit at the bar, Spencer tells Sonny that there is heat on him because of election tampering. Valentin knows about it, so Spencer asks Sonny to “make him go away.” Corinthos offers to keep an eye on Valentin but advises him to think more carefully about right and wrong or he’ll be disappointed. Across the room, Sasha tells Nina that she is trying too hard to keep her distance from Valentin. She thinks she should become a family again with him and Charlotte. Nina’s not ready to forgive him. Sasha urges her to move back to Wyndemere for security. As they exit, they say their goodbyes and hug. Nina cries when she calls her ‘mom’.

Valentin meets Liesl in the PCPD interrogation room. He wonders why she wanted to see him. She asks him to make sure she isn’t punished for the ‘vigilante justice’ she took on Peter. He wasn’t thrilled by what she did. She warns him he’ll have to say goodbye to Nina if he doesn’t help her. Obrecht knows that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter. He claims she’s wrong. Liesl explains that she saw him swiping DNA for Madeline’s corpse at the funeral.

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Maxie asks Peter to understand ObrechtFinn and Anna are in the elevator. They repeat their ‘I love yous’ until Chase calls. The doctor has to run. She hops off the elevator and looks around. Maxie and Peter are having breakfast. She hopes this is their chance to start over. He wonders if this means they are forgetting about nearly kissing. Anna interrupts to say that Liesl has been arrested. He thanks her and she walks off. Maxie looks upset. She tells him that what Obrecht did was wrong, but she understands that she was grieving for Nathan. He knows that. Maxie encourages him to cut Anna some slack. He turns the topic back to their almost kissing. Valentin calls him and says they have to meet.

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Ryan calms Carly GHCarly chases down Ryan at the hospital. He tells her that Ava is hanging by a thread thanks to her. They bicker about how she treats people and he points out that her history is at least as dubious as Ava’s and Sonny’s is a lot worse. Before he can walk away from this conversation, Carly explains that she has some information about her former neighbor at Ferncliff. She’s discovered his name is Wilson. He asks her to let him follow up on this and promises to be in touch with her.

Laura pays Ava a visit GHAva is at home weeping when Laura shows up with flowers. Jerome tells her to get lost. She knows she caught her with Kevin the night Kiki was killed and assumes Laura took the murder as divine justice. Laura insists that’s not the case and her heart is with her. Ava apologizes. As she picks up the flowers, Laura finds Kevin’s tie and Ava admits he’s been staying there. Laura assumes they started their affair while she was in Paris. Ava assures her that wasn’t the case. Now Kevin’s behavior makes even less sense to Laura. She warns Ava to be careful. There’s something wrong with Kevin. Later, Ryan arrives and they complain about Carly. When Ava wanders off, he mumbles that he’ll make Carly pay.

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Finn gives Griffin a pep talk GHChase takes drunken Griffin back to his apartment. Finn arrives and his brother hopes he can help his colleague. The three men sit on the couch and Finn awkwardly tries to help. Griffin asks to be left alone. Finn keeps trying. This is payback for Griffin helping him get off drugs. Finn begs him to rely on the people around him… and take a shower. Griffin shuffles off to clean up and Chase tells his brother he wasn’t ‘too bad’ at that. When Griffin re-emerges, he thanks them for their help and agrees to go back to the hospital. After he leaves, Chase asks his brother to stay for a bite.

When Griffin arrives at his office, Anna is waiting. Finn texted her to come and help. He admits that he still sees Kiki everywhere. She takes his hand so they can walk and face their ghosts together. Down the hall, Laura meets with Carly and they talk about how much Kevin has changed.

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