Obrecht and Anna at police station

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In the graveyard, Ava accuses Carly of being happy that she paid for Morgan’s blood with her daughter’s death. Ava confronts CarlyCarly suggests someone take Ava home. Michael, Julian, and Franco agree, but “Kevin” thinks this primal therapy is healthy. Michael offers to take Carly home instead, but Ava isn’t done with her. The women get into a yelling match which turns into a shoving match. The men break them up, as “Kevin” smiles. After Michael and Carly leave, Kevin assures Ava he’ll talk to Carly. She asks everyone to be alone with her daughter. After the men comply, Ava crouches to Kiki’s grave and cries. “Kevin” lurks, while Ava claws at the dirt vowing to find the bastard who killed her daughter. “Kevin” steps out to console Ava, who doesn’t want him to leave her alone.

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Laura finds Sonny sitting alone in the church. She explains she wasn’t at the service because she didn’t want to intrude. When Sonny assures that wouldn’t have been the case, she tells him Ava and “Kevin” are sleeping together. Sonny’s shocked and calls Kevin an idiot because any man would be lucky to have her. Laura doesn’t even recognize Kevin anymore. He’s like a stranger or worse. Carly and Michael barge in to fill Sonny in on Ava. Michael leaves as Carly says Kevin was there too. Laura tells a stunned Carly about Kevin and Ava. After Laura leaves, Sonny and Carly declare they will give Avery the life Kiki would have wanted for her. Outside, Laura makes a call to move forward with the divorce.

Obrecht and Anna at police stationWillow enters the station to meet Chase for their date, as Anna and Finn drag in a defiant Obrecht. Chase checks in with Finn, who encourages his brother to take the school teacher out of there. Valerie steps in to handle the situation allowing Chase and Willow their exit. Obrecht is taken to the interrogation room where Anna and Finn confess they set her up using Britt. Obrecht can’t believe her own daughter betrayed her. Anna explains Britt was given her freedom in exchange for her cooperation. Obrecht wonders if Britt even hesitated before agreeing to sell her out. Anna hands her a letter from Britt. Finn and Anna leave her to read that Britt has left town. Britt loves her but if anyone is to be free, she chooses herself. Obrecht smiles and sadly says, “I choose you too.” Anna and Finn return to Obrecht who wants her phone call. They wonder who she’ll call considering Britt’s gone and Nina is busy with her daughter. This news piques Obrecht’s interest. She demands her phone call. As Obrecht makes her call, Anna tells Finn she needs to check on Griffin. Finn suggests she wait a day. She agrees and they playfully recount saying “I love you” to each other. They quickly head out to her place.

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Chase brings Willow to his place where he has cooked dinner for her. She can’t believe he brought her to his apartment on their first date. She has no interest in being in his lair and storms out.

Nina, Sasha, Valentin at Metro CourtNina and Sasha meet Valentin at the Metro Court. After they fill him in on Kiki’s service, Nina steps away to get a shook-up Sasha a drink. Sasha tells Valentin she can’t pretend to be Nina’s daughter anymore. He tries to convince her to stay, but she’s fearful after the recent deaths. She also reminds him the plan was always for her to leave. Besides, she doesn’t want to hurt Nina, who overhears. Valentin covers saying Sasha feels bad about their living arrangements at Wyndemere. Nina rolls her eyes as she notices Willow making a beeline to the bar. Chase follows apologizing, as Nina texts Willow an invitation to join her table. Willow walks over to Nina who assures her they talked to Charlotte about her behavior. Nina defends how special Charlotte is and declares she needs to be recognized for that. Willow returns to Chase who has lined up shots for her to choose from. She sticks with wine and suggests they go back to his place for dinner. As they walk out, Sasha tells Nina she’s leaving town. Nina reluctantly accepts her decision but wants her to know she is always there for her. As they ladies talk, Valentin gets a call from Obrecht who says they have much to discuss. Over at the bar, Franco thanks Michael for being so good to Kiki. Michael hopes Franco can live up to the good Kiki saw in him.

Back at Chase’s place, Willow is impressed with Chase’s cooking skills. They enjoy their date and he drives her home.

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