Franco at Kiki's funeral

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Julian arrives at Ava’s to escort her to Kiki’s funeral, but she’s still in her robe and doesn’t think she can do this. Ava and Avery Michael stops by with Avery and explains they felt she needed to be the one to tell her about Kiki. Avery asks about her sister, and Ava explains there was an accident and Kiki was hurt so badly that nobody could make her better. After Michael leaves with Avery, Ava tries to pull herself together and tells Julian that she knows what she needs to do.

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Franco at Kiki's funeral At the church, “Kevin” speaks with Jordan. The cop suspects the killer may show up to enjoy his handiwork and she hopes “Kevin” will still help them with the murders. He is happy to. Scott notices “Kevin” and vents to Lulu about him becoming Ava’s go-to guy. Lulu doesn’t even recognize “Kevin” anymore. At the casket, Nina and Sasha give their condolences to Franco. Outside, Alexis finds Griffin, who thinks he shouldn’t be here. She believes he has every right to attend the funeral. He enters and speaks briefly with Sasha. He knows Kiki was looking forward to getting to know her better, and she knew Ava manipulated her and didn’t blame her for what happened. Meanwhile, Scott and Lulu confront “Kevin” and Scott asks if he’s playing detective now. “Kevin” explains he’s consulting with the PCPD on the murders.

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Oscar and Jason discuss will At GH, Drew thinks Margaux is playing games with him, but she is offering him the flash drive for nothing in return. Margaux realizes Drew is afraid to take the drive and forces it into his hand and walks off. In Oscar’s room, Jason tells Oscar he can’t oversee his will because it will hurt his parents. Oscar explains he doesn’t want his parents to deal with his will because it will destroy them. Jason asks what Oscar wants him to do. Oscar wants to follow the family tradition in using his Quartermaine funds to establish a center to help sick kids, he wants some gifts left to his loved ones, and he wants his mom to get rid of his stuff and not turn his room into a shrine. Jason will honor his wishes, but when he beats this, he wants Oscar to have a new will made with a new executor. Oscar agrees. Later in the hall, Jason runs into Drew, who reveals Margaux had the drive and gave it to him, after trying to blackmail him with it. Drew tells Jason while he doesn’t want his memories, he can’t risk losing the ones he’s made with his family and Oscar. Jason thinks maybe one day he can use it without losing anything.

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Marcus warns Sonny about Mike At Sonny’s, Marcus asks Sonny to keep his father away from his wife. Sonny thinks they are getting ahead of themselves and that Mike and Yvonne are just friends. Marcus hopes they are right and departs. Sonny and Carly discuss the situation, and Sonny refuses to take the bit of happiness Mike has found away from him.

Back at the church, Liz checks in on Griffin as Julian and Ava arrive. Ava leans on “Kevin,” who walks her to the front pew. The funeral begins, and Franco speaks about Kiki, who was able to draw people together such as this group of misfits. He believes she’d be proud they were all there in spite of their differences and would want them to be a little kinder to one another. Kiki never gave up on him or any of them and she made them all better people. Griffin rises to speak next, which causes Ava to fume. She turns to “Kevin” and asks him to stop Griffin, but he doesn’t. Griffin wants to honor Kiki, but he’s struggling to find the words and his faith. However, he knows she loved them all. Epiphany follows by singing a tribute to Kiki. After the funeral Sonny takes a moment alone in the church. He lights a candle for Kiki and says a prayer. In front of the church, Margaux speaks with Jordan, who saw nobody suspicious today. Margaux suggests the killer may be any one of them. In the cemetery, Ava stands at Kiki’s grave and lashes out at family and friends and knows they all are wondering how she could have made such a wonderful girl as Kiki, and she knows they all think she wished her dead.

Back at GH, TJ and Molly make a dinner date with Alexis for the next night. They leave, and Alexis runs into Jason. She assumes he came to see Oscar, and he informs her that he is going to be the executor of his will. Alexis hopes he doesn’t have to step up. In Oscar’s room, Drew sits with his son while he sleeps.

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