Jordan and Curtis escape room

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Anna and Molly bring a blindfolded Jordan to the Port Charles Museum of Mayhem. Curtis is also brought in blindfolded by Nina, and they take the blindfold offs to reveal the surprise. Lulu, Alexis, Finn, Valerie, Chase, TJ, (played by Tajh Bellow), Sam, Kristina and Maxie are there for the fun, and Peter arrives having been invited by Nina. They’ve planned an escape room adventure for their joint bachelor and bachelorette parties. Half them are led into the room for a game based on Helena Cassadine and her plan to freeze the world, and the other a room about Ryan Chamberlain and his murders. Port Charles escape room Sam quickly cops an attitude with the fact that Peter is there, so he thinks it may be best if he leave. However, he finds the door locked. In the other room, Jordan also thinks they should blow this joint for The Floating Rib but finds they are locked in. Outside, the man responsible for watching over them has fallen asleep and took all their phones as part of the game. They all realize they are trapped unless they beat the game. Both teams get to work and manage to escape with only 22 seconds remaining. Jordan and Curtis rush into one another’s arms, and confetti drops from the ceiling.

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Nigel and Stella catch up Laura runs into “Kevin” outside of Kelly’s and lets him know because of her campaign she’s announced to the press they are separated, so reporters may have questions. She notices he has already removed his wedding ring and thinks he must be moving on. He explains he’s not the same man he was a year ago. She cries, “Message received” and walks off. Inside Kelly’s, Stella continues talking with Nigel. They discuss their last fight, which was over Stella choosing to stay in Baltimore to raise her sister’s boys. He asks about them. Stella reveals Curtis is getting married in the morning.

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Griffin and Sasha drugged At the Metro Court, Carly calls Spinelli and asks him to hack the hospital records and find out who was in the room next to her at Ferncliff. A happy Ava walks by, and Carly orders her off her property and threatens to call guards to drag her out. Up in Sasha’s room, Kiki discovers Sasha and Griffin in bed. Griffin stirs awake and sees Sasha next to him. He swears this isn’t what it looks like. Kiki runs out and heads down to the bar where she orders a vodka. Griffin arrives and swears Sasha texted him to come over and talk things out. He is unable to find the text but swears he’d never cheat on her. She points out he cheated on her mom. He only remembers walking into the room and shows her there is a lump on his head. He suspects they are being set up. They head back to Sasha’s room, where she is up but out of it. Griffin examines her and realizes Sasha has been drugged. Kiki thinks she knows what is going on. Elsewhere, Laura runs into Carly and cries to her about the end of her marriage.

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Kiki knows Ava drugged Sasha Ava runs into “Kevin” outside of Kelly’s and chats with him. Suddenly Kiki storms up, calls her mother a selfish bitch, and says she knows Ava set Sasha and Griffin up. Ava asks “Kevin” to give her a moment with her daughter. Ava plays innocent at first, but after Kiki hounds her she admits she was trying to protect her. Kiki accuses her of doing this because she can’t stand to see her happy. Kiki won’t hesitate to back up Griffin and Sasha if they choose to go to the police. Kiki storms off. Ryan watches from the distance. He receives a call from Ferncliff about his patient, and he ups his dosage to keep Mr. Wilson calm. Back inside Kelly’s, Nigel asks Stella about the other boy. She reveals Tommy died in a friendly fire incident. She admits she’s been angry about it for a long time. Nigel understands, and he too spent many years angry at the world and realizes it was wasted time that he regrets. Nigel sees it is late and he needs to get back to his wife. He was glad to catch up with her and that she’s happy.

Carly gets a call about WilsonBack in Sasha’s room at The Metro Court, Griffin tells Sasha to drink water to get the drugs out of her system. She doesn’t understand why someone would drug her. He thinks he knows why. Down in the bar, Carly gets a call she needs to take, but asks Laura to reach out to her if she needs anything. Spinelli is on the phone and has a name for Carly. He gives her the name Wilson.

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