Sonny tells Diane that she's jumping to conclusions regarding his meeting with Karpov and Diane apologizes for overstepping. She offers to resign since she continues to have conflicts of interest between him and Jason. Sonny won't let her quit because he's not in competition with Jason. Diane says that keeping his relationship with Karpov a secret screams betrayal to Jason. Sonny says that Jason helping Carly take away his boys hurt, but he would never betray him. Diane urges him to at least tell Jason about his new relationship.

Claudia has gone to see Jason at the PCPD. Jason tries to assure her that Johnny will call her if he needs her. He advises her to lay low for now because the cops are probably watching her 24/7. He says that the APB will get old and Johnny probably has enough resources to get out of the country for good. Claudia asks Jason if he could walk away from someone he loves forever? She says that she is the one who left a trail between Logan's body and Johnny and this is all her fault. Jason says that it's hard to accept that you aren't good for the people you love. Claudia isn't at all happy with his advice and leaves.

Carly is putting Spinelli to work on framing Ric Lansing. Spinelli is resisting until he hears from Jason, but Carly's trying to get him to help bring Lulu home safely. She says that Ric could have wanted Logan dead because he worked for Zacchara and could have known too much. Spinelli says that Ric probably has an alibi and Carly says that they'll have to blow it out of the water, that's all.

Scott has cornered Maxie at The Metro Court and is pressing her for answers regarding Logan's death. Maxie tells him about how mean Logan was to her on his last day and how pissed he was over losing Lulu. Scott gets in her face, but Jax comes to the rescue. He tells Scottie to stop manhandling the Commissioner's daughter and then expresses his sympathies over the loss of Scott's son.

In Manhattan, Johnny is working on some of his former teacher's sheet music. Then he decides that Lulu needs to use this time for piano lessons and proceeds to teach her the scale. Lourdes comes over with some fresh flowers to thank "Joe" for the lesson. Lulu goes into the kitchen, so Johnny sits down and talks with her. She says that her brother Sal raised her because their parents are dead. Then she asks a lot of questions about Johnny's background and when Lulu comes back into the room almost tricks her up on the details. Lulu, who can see that Lourdes as a crush on Johnny, holds up pretty well under the pressure.

Claudia goes to see Sonny and makes a crack about all of the security he has for a coffee importer. Finally she gets down to it and asks if he and his new partner will help her find Johnny. Sonny reminds her that he held Johnny hostage and doesn't care whether he lives or dies. Claudia says that she's not asking (and appears to be ready to make some kind of threat) so Sonny calls Max in to escort her out.

Maxie goes to the PCPD and Mac quickly justifies his decision to rent Georgie's room to Matt Hunter. Maxie grumbles about it but then says she's come to see Jason. Mac warns her against sleeping with Jason and Maxie reminds him to back out of her personal life. Then she goes into the interrogation room. She dumps on Jason about how worried she is about Lulu even though she can't stand her.

Scott gets into Ric's face next. He blames him for getting Logan a job with Zacchara. Ric says that Scott never knew his own son and whoever killed him probably did it in self defense.

Jax has asked Carly to meet him at The Metro Court. She thinks he wants to talk about their marriage, but he warns her about Scott Baldwin's rampage, specifically where Lulu is concerned. Carly thanks him and says that Lulu is more than a cousin to her. Then she says that she can't help Lulu now, but she wants to work on their marriage instead. Jax says that they're not together anymore and with good reason. Carly tells him that she loves him and won't give up on him. He tells her that he's late for a meeting in Montreal and needs to head to the airport.

Nik has convinced Lucky to come with him to talk to Spinelli, in case he's helping Lulu in some way. Spinelli remains tight-lipped until they assure him that they've come as Lulu's brothers only. Lucky says that they know the truth, that Lulu brought the gun for Johnny to use.

Ric shows up on Claudia's doorstep. He tells her that he can help get Johnny out of this mess. Claudia says that she'll grovel if that's what it takes. Ric asks what she's prepared to give him if he can get Johnny acquitted.

Scott has arranged for TV interview so that the viewing public is on the lookout for Johnny Zacchara.

Jax is on his private jet and is completely surprised when Carly comes back into the cabin with champagne. She wants to use this time to talk about their problems and points out that their good times have outweighed them. She reminds him of his proposal in Montreal and asks if they can reconnect on this trip. She moves in for a kiss and meets only a little resistance.

Mac goes in to talk to Jason and comments about all the visitors he's had so far. He accuses him of planning the whole hostage/escape scenario. Sonny shows up and Mac tells him that Jason was trained well. After he leaves the room, Sonny asks Jason if he needs help getting out.

Back in Manhattan Lourdes has returned to her own apartment and turned on the TV. She sees Lulu and Johnny's face and hears Scott explaining who they are and why they are on the run.

Back in Port Charles, Scott has just completed his press conference. Lucky and Nikolas approach him and tell him to go back on the air and retract everything because it will cause their sister to get killed.

Next on GH:

Sonny and Jason have a tense exchange.

Ric reveals Sonny's dealings with Karpov to Jason.

Ric and Claudia team up to help Johnny after she agrees to sleep with Ric.

Jax parachutes out of the jet to escape her seduction.

Lourdes doesn't reveal what she knows.

Johnny and Lulu learn that the Zacchara family murdered Lourdes' father.

Robin urges Anna to attend Eli Love's concert.

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