Liz and Jason have spent the night together at the safe house. She was able to sleep except for one short dream, which she can't remember. Jason goes outside while she calls Gram to check in. When he returns, he says that there is blood on her bumper. She assumes that she hit a deer and worries that it's out there hurt somewhere. She says that it was selfish of her to drive with sedatives in her system and that she should've stayed in the hospital. They kiss goodbye and go their separate ways.

At the hospital, Patrick explains to Alexis that Sam has a head injury in addition to the force of the car that hit her. He says that she should be fine, but they'll just have to wait and see. Jerry brings Alexis some coffee and she thanks him for finding her daughter.

The cop finds Monica in the hospital and tells her that they found her car. From the looks of it, it looks like someone took it for a joy ride, he says. He explains that it was smashed into a poll, but also had a previous dent and smelled of alcohol. Tracy takes it all in. After he leaves, Tracy asks why she didn't come home last night and Monica says she slept in her office, that's all. Tracy doesn't buy it for a second.

Luke shows up at Lucky's house and finds Lulu and Logan playing house - or so he thinks. Logan assures him that it's not how it looks and Luke laughs at that old line. Logan tells Luke that he's working on getting Lulu's forgiveness for his mistakes and that he loves her. Luke tells Lulu that he was hoping to crash here, but his weakened heart can't take such declarations. Lulu says he should stay, but he assures her that he's following the doctor's orders and will be fine. After he's gone, Lulu tells Logan that she actually believed him and Logan says that's a good thing.

There's a pair of new lovers in Martha's Vineyard. Ric and Marianne wake up together, but she's full of regrets. Not for being with him, she explains, but because the hotel clerk mind have recognized her and it's a small town. Ric tells her that she deserves to have a life, in fact, he's going out to get some coffee for her for a change. While he's gone, Marianne nervously rambles around the hotel room and eventually snoops through his file. Then the room phone rings and she answers it. She isn't happy that she was called there and says that she can't "do it" yet. Ric returns just after she hangs up and asks why she is shaking. She brushes it off and they chuckle about the fact that they don't know each other at all, but have made love. He says since it's her day off, he'd like her to show him her favorite beach. He hops in the shower and she hovers near the papers again - until he asks her to join him.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia informs Trevor that she's going to shake things up around here. Then she tenderly tells Johnny that over the years their Uncle Rudy gave her the impression that he needs some attention. Trevor offers to "guide" her through some paperwork and Claudia won't hear of it. She says that Uncle Rudy told her not to trust him. She recalls that before she was shipped away, "Trevors" was a family servant and nothing else. "You're going to work for me, is that clear?" Claudia asks.

After Trevor leaves the room, Claudia tells Johnny that she thought it was best for him all these years if they didn't have any contact. She asks him to fill her in the Corinthos organization and Johnny tells her to get to know a guy named Jason Morgan. They talk about business for a while, and then she asks if there's a girl in his life. Johnny doesn't answer, so she points out that he grew up "dark," just like she did, and there's no love big enough to brighten it up. She warns him to stay away from it altogether.

Liz goes back to the hospital and Lucky tells her that Sam was a victim of hit and run. He says that it's his fault because they had a fight. Then, he tells her about Sam's claim that the TMK was after her and how he didn't believe it. Liz reminds him that Coop was the killer, but Lucky's not so sure now. She tells him that Sam's accident is not his fault, and then asks if the cops have any clues.

Monica finds Bobbie in the lounge and asks her to drive her home - no questions asked. Bobbie agrees to do it, but wonders why she doesn't take time to get out of her scrubs first. Monica just pulls her into the elevator.

Tracy has watched the whole exchange. As she stands in the hallway and ponders what's going on, she hears Luke's voice behind her. She is relieved that he's okay, but doesn’t let on. He asks why she wasn't at the Q house last night and she says that she slept in the boardroom. Her anger towards him masks the fact that she's homeless at the moment and she uses it to stomp off.

Trevor brings Claudia a rose and asks if they can clear the air. Claudia tells him that he's made some mistakes since her father's been gone - like his feeble attempts at taking over the waterfront. Trevor tells her that he knows things about her, but Claudia says that she's the one who knows things. He threatens to destroy her and the whole family if she doesn't let up on him. She tells him that if he knows his place, she'll keep him around. Having established that, she says that they need something to shake up the crime families and she knows just the thing.

Ric and Marianne are ready to leave for their day and Ric has a present for her. She tries to pull away from him again, but he won't let her. He makes her open the box and she loves the new, warm coat he picked out for her. As they leave, the phone rings again there's no one there.

Jason comes across the accident scene and Detective Harper asks why he's there. He proceeds to tell Jason that Sam McCall was hit last night. Jason walks away and calls Liz right away. She tells him that she can't talk right now. She goes into Sam's room and tries to remember the night before. "My God, did I do this to you?"

Lucky goes to the crime scene and Rodriguez tells him that they don't have much more than a tire track to go on at this point. He says that something interesting did happen however - Jason Morgan came by earlier.

Next on General Hospital:

Claudia tells Trevor that she wants to meet with Corinthos.

Sonny asks one of his men to "find somebody."

Jax asks Carly what she is afraid of.

Liz asks Sam if she has any idea who hit her?

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