Sonny has his gun pointed at Johnny's neck and Lulu puts herself in the middle of the situation, literally! Johnny pushes her aside as he and Sonny argue about their business matters. Johnny says that he should let Sonny and Trevor kill each other and go make a normal life for himself. (He looks at over at Lulu briefly for some kind of reaction!) Sonny says that there's no turning back in this business, but Johnny surmises that Sonny just hasn't found a good enough reason to try. Sonny butts Johnny in the head with his gun handle and warns him that the next time he crosses him, he is done. Sonny warns Lulu to stay away from him and then leaves. Lulu asks Johnny why he's so suicidal and Johnny says he's just tired of being alone. Then he tells her to go be with Logan, but instead she kisses him.

Out on the street somewhere, Sam lies unconscious on the snow and nearby, so does the text message killer. Slowly, he comes around and painfully gets up and walks away.

At the Carly/Jax house, she's trying to tell him what happened on the way home from the hospital, but as usual, her communication skills don't make it easy. She rambles on about scratching the car…stuff was falling all over the road…she hit the breaks, etc. He asks her to calm down and tell him what happened, but Carly runs upstairs instead. She comes right back down and says that the boys are asleep. Finally, she makes her point. She rushed home tonight to tell him something in person. She's pregnant! Jax is over the moon.

Liz jolts awake from her nap at the safe house. Jason asks if she had a bad dream about Sam holding Jake, but Elizabeth isn't sure. He gets her some tea and holds her. Liz sighs and says that she can't let go of the image of the four of them in one house as a family. Then she asks if there's any way they can make that happen. Jason admits that he lets his mind think about that too, but he is stuck with dealing in realities.

Maxie impresses Spinelli with her ability to pick a lock. In this case, the lock to Coop's apartment above Kelly's and once they're in, they start to look for clues to Coop's death. Spinelli nervously wants to leave, but Maxie breaks down and says that she has no one to talk to anymore, not her mom, Georgie or Coop. Spinelli sits next to her and fumbles to comfort her. She pulls herself together, thanks him, and then starts looking for clues. Before long, she finds a red gift-wrapped present and assumes it was for her, but then they hear footsteps in the hallway and hide. When they realize that it's Logan, they tell him to get out before they call the cops. He says he came by for some cash, but leaves empty-handed. Soon, Spinelli finds a prescription bottle with only one pill left. Maxie has no idea what it could be and as they speculate, Spinelli makes another discovery. Logan's dog tags.

At the hospital, Patrick watches as Robin and Ian argue over how best to treat Nikolas. Leyla interrupts and announces that Mr. Cassidine has left again. Now Robin and Ian have something slightly different to bicker about. Finally, Patrick tells Ian that Robin is hormonal and Robin spits that they are the ones who are providing an excesses of hormones!

Monica and a police officer get off the elevator. She's giving him her stolen car report and he asks why it took her over an hour to call it in. Tracy comes upon them and asks what's going on? She asks Monica why she's in scrubs when she's been suspended from operating? Then she has big fun joking that she hocked her clothes to buy booze and the cop asks if she's been drinking. Monica says that Tracy is a vicious liar and dodges the question by listing all of Tracy's past behaviors. As they argue, a stretcher comes through with Sam on it, followed by Jerry. Monica freezes at the sight of her.

As Alexis walks through the snow, she gets a call from Ric. He's calling to check in and tells her that he hasn't given much thought to the waterfront property. In fact, he's feeling pretty good lately, he tells her. Alexis thanks him for calling and then knocks on Lucky's door. When he lets her in, she says that a package came to her house for Sam. Lucky tells her that Sam has left and she won't be coming back.

Sonny pays Anthony Zacchara a visit at Shady Brook. He tells the old man to run for it as soon as he gets all of his feeling in his legs back. Anthony insults him and Sonny pulls a gun on him. Anthony tells him that he sure is angry over something. Then he jokes that Sonny's timing sucks because it was just about to get interesting. Ultimately Sonny puts the gun away because shooting a cripple is no fun.

Ric goes to the coffee shop on Martha's Vineyard and Marianne makes him some tea. She sits with him and he shows her pictures of Molly and Kristina. He says that he's going to stick around a couple days. Her reaction is hard to read, but Ric decides to move in for a kiss. She pulls back, but he convinces her to come with him for a glass of wine somewhere. Soon after they get to his room, she's clearly uncomfortable. Ric offers to drive her home and finally, she starts to share her feelings. She tells him that he's changed since he came to town and she wonders if she needs to come out of her shell a little, too. He ever so gently kisses her and she kisses him back.

Johnny and Lulu are still talking on the waterfront. He's trying to convince her to stay away from him. Logan comes upon them and Johnny takes off. Lulu can see that something's wrong with him so she offers to take him back to Lucky's house with her. When they get there, Alexis and Lucky are talking about Sam. Lucky asks Logan what's wrong with him and he explains that he got into a bar fight. Before anyone can react, Alexis gets a call from Jerry telling her about Sam's hit and run. She runs off to the hospital, followed by Lucky. Johnny is peeking through the window as Lulu tends to Logan's cracked ribs and offers to let him sleep on their sofa.

Alexis rushes to GH to be by Sam's side. As Jerry and Monica look on, she asks what kind of animal would just leave her lying by the road. Dr. Devlin gives Jerry an odd look.

Next on General Hospital:

Claudia tells Trevor that he will work for her.

Jason tells Liz that she must have hit something.

Lucky wonders if Sam was telling the truth and the killer is still alive.

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