Claudia smiles as she greets Johnny. She can't believe what a young man he has turned into. Anthony, however, asks who the heck she is. Claudia sours and asks Trevor why he sent for her. Trevor says that her father is failing, that's why. Claudia says that she doesn't buy it. She asks for some alone time with her father and hugs Johnny as he leaves the room.

Outside the room, Johnny says that he was only seven when Claudia left as a sixteen year-old and he'll be interested in getting to know her again. Then he informs Trevor that he knows exactly why he brought his half-sister to Port Charles. He accuses him of wanting to run Claudia while she runs the organization. He promises Trevor that he'll have a tougher time with Claudia than he'd ever have with him. In fact, it's going to be fun to watch.

Still at Anthony's bedside, Claudia says that she remembers the day he sent her away. Anthony says that it was Maria who sent her away and then slings some insults her way. She grabs him by the cheek and informs him that he's an old man now and he's going to listen to her! She tells her daddy that he's never been a nice man - not to Johnny, or Johnny's mother and especially not to her mother! Who, by the way, is dead now. Anthony says that nobody knows what happened back then, except Maria. Then he says she should bring the little girl with the red sneakers, and Claudia tells him that was her. She tells him that she loves him, but if he tries to stop her, she will kill him.

Sonny can't believe his eyes when he sees Kate at Jax's house wearing Carly's robe! Jax quickly explains about the rain, but Kate says that she has nothing to hide. She tells Sonny that she has told Jax everything. Sonny says that she can do whatever she wants because he won't have to see it anymore. That's when Kate informs him that she's decided to make Port Charles her primary residence. Jax leaves them alone and they sit for a minute. She tells him that she loves the name Kate Howard more than Mrs. Corinthos because she doesn't want a target on her back. Sonny says if that's true, they are through. Kate says that she was paralyzed on the street corner when she ran off, that's all. Sonny contends that they are done, but Kate says they are not. Sonny shakes his head and leaves.

Out on the streets, several things are happening at once. Liz is on her way to meet Jason, but she's falling asleep at the wheel. Monica is driving, but it also looks a lot like happy hour in that car because she's sucking from her flask. In her car, Carly is crying as she struggles to see through falling snow. Nearby, Sam is fighting off her masked attacker and finally he falls. She breaks free and runs onto the street into the path of a car.

Over at Lucky's house, Lulu is talking to her brother about his feelings for Liz. He softens and says that he loved Elizabeth very much, but they grew up and have too much stuff between them now to reconcile. He says that he's just grateful that Liz has separated herself from Jason for Jake's sake. Lulu asks if Sam can make him happy, but Lucky says that he just saw an ugly side of her that he can't live with. Lulu says that she's going out for some take-out, but then she's coming back and begging him to let her stay there.

Nikolas has left the hospital to get some fresh air and Emily finds him looking puzzled. He notices that she has changed her clothes again and she says that she wears what his mind wants to see her in. He tells Emily that things are getting less and less real for him, for example he thought he saw her in the road and then some guy cut him off and now he doesn't even know where he pulled over. She says that they need to get him back to his hospital bed.

At GH, Patrick impresses Epiphany by telling her that Dr. Devlin switched from reconstructive surgery to oncology. Robin approaches the desk and asks where Nikolas went? Dr. Devlin pipes up and says that he has seen patients with similar tumors as Mr. Cassadine. Patrick and Robin ask how he helped his patient with a tumor. As Dr. Devlin starts to talk them through his treatment, Nikolas returns and Patrick introduces the new member of their team.

Liz rushes into the safe house and into Jason's arms. He asks why she's shaking and she says that she shouldn't have tried to come. She says that she felt herself nodding off while she drove. In fact, she thinks that she might have fallen asleep because at one point she jarred awake. She takes refuge on his shoulder and says that the important thing is that they are together. After she takes a shower, Jason tucks her onto the couch to rest. Liz tells Jason that she caught Sam babysitting Jake and flipped out. Jason says that she should've called him and she reminds him that they aren't supposed to be seeing each other.

In her car Carly is very shaken. She nervously says, "We're going to be okay, we're going to be okay." Then she rushes home and is incensed when she finds her husband and Kate wearing robes. Carly naturally assumes that since Kate and Sonny are over, Kate is going after her husband. She kicks Kate out and tells Jax that she was going to share something with him but now he's ruined it!

Sonny comes upon Johnny on the waterfront and tells him it's a big mistake to walk around town alone. In fact, it could be his last. As he pulls his gun on Johnny, Lulu finds them and yells, "Stop!"

Trevor and Claudia are still at Shady Brooke. He tells her that she needs to pull them all together. She tells him that the faster he learns to stay out of her business, the faster they'll get along - if that's even possible.

Sam is lying in a bloody heap in the snow along the road and we see the following scenes:

Jax notices that Carly has a mark on her head and she tells him that something happened on the ride home.

Monica slips into the doctor's locker room and breaks down. She quickly finds a trash bag and stuffs it full of her clothes. Then she calls and reports that her car has been stolen.

Next on General Hospital:

Emily asks Nik what happened.

Liz has a bad dream about Sam

The Text Message Killer wakes up and sees Sam lying unconscious.

Sonny whacks Johnny in the head in front of Lulu.

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