Emily tells Nik that a trip together after the ball sounds wonderful. He says that he's sorry if he sounds selfish for asking her to put her career on hold. Em tells him that he can't take the offer back - she'd love to go away with him after he gets his diagnosis. Nikolas smiles in relief for the first time in a long time. Emily tells him that she fully intends on finishing medical school, but she is allowed a vacation in the meantime. She reminds him that this is their life and they can do what they want with it. They settle into the couch and brainstorm ideas on where to go.

At the Zacchara house Johnny cocks his gun as Trevor tells him that he will not let him go after Lulu. He needs to stay home so they can be sure that Anthony will return.

Lulu has just asked Logan to take her to the ball and he replies that he would love to. Lulu beams as he speaks and Anthony Zacchara takes it all in from his vantage point outside of Kelly's door. Liz comes upon him and asks if she can help. AZ tells her that he thought he recognized that girl inside, that's all. Liz tells him that her name is Lulu, so he acts as if she is the wrong person. He gets Liz's name and then thanks her for not letting him embarrass himself.

At Carly's house, Jason doesn't buy her story about not wanting to miss the social event of the year. So she tries using his "big brotherness" as a way to get him to agree to attend with her, after all, it's Emily's big night. Jason still thinks that there's more to Carly's invitation that meets the eye. Jax comes home and comes right out and asks Jason if he's taking Carly to the ball because of something that's going on with Sonny. Jason says that he's NOT going to the ball and leaves. Jax and Carly argue over her going and she swears that she'll be safe. Jax can see that she won't change her mind, so he cancels his meetings in Paris to go with her. She runs into his arms. She tells him that she loves him more than…she's ever loved anyone.

In Ric's office, Luke tells Ric that he busted him before he could get a good look at the files so no harm done, right? When Ric doesn't play along, Luke says that he can help keep Scott Baldwin from Mayor Floyd's favor. "It can only mean good things for you if Scott Baldwin skips town," Luck says. Ric doesn't buy that Luke would go to that trouble just for him. Luke teases Ric by saying that Scott hates him so much that he'll do anything to get to him -- no matter how illegal. He then offers to set Scott up so that Ric and bust him and get him off everyone's back. Ric is tempted, but he tells Luke to bring him something a little more concrete. Satisfied, Luke takes off. For now.

Patrick finds Leyla at the nurses' desk and invites her to the ball. She tells him that she thinks he should ask Dr. Scorpio and then walks away. Patrick finds her later and tells her that she's right; Robin has been on his mind. He says that he wants to look forward, not back. He tells her that he wants to hold her in his arms and dance. She tells him that she's heard enough and that she will go with him.

In the hall Spinelli is showing Nadine his "pasa doble" moves and runs into Georgie's cart. He excitedly asks her if she has a date to the ball and Georgie stumbles for a second. Then she says that she does. He introduces her to his date and Georgie politely says that they've met. He asks her to advise Nadine where she can shop for a gown and then calls her "Faithful Friend and Dispenser of Wisdom." Ouch.

Liz goes inside of Kelly's just as Logan is leaving. She tells Lulu that it looks like she and Logan are getting back together and Lulu snaps at her. Liz tells her that she's not her enemy. Then she sits down and says that she finally understands why Lulu has been angry at her for months. "You know that Jason is Jake's father," she says matter-of-factly. Lulu just nods. Liz wants Lulu to understand why she kept the secret after she found out - to keep Lucky from going back to drugs. "Lying to your brother tore me apart," Liz admits. She explains that she never set out to hurt Lucky and that they tried their best, but it just wasn't enough. Lulu asks her if she's happier now and Liz says that she's just in survival mode now. And Lucky is dating Sam, Lulu offers. They laugh a little about what a bad choice that is for him, without coming right out and dogging her. After Liz leaves, Lulu gets a text from Johnny but ignores it.

Ric summons Skye into his office and she comes right away. She asks if he wants to talk to her about the waterfront property. He asks if Sonny has contacted her and she says that he hasn't, but she does feel the vultures circling. Skye asks him why he seems so agitated, so Ric closes the door. He says that Sonny disappeared after disclosing the closely guarded secret that AZ is insane. Then he tells Skye that his father has been running the NY mob for years. He tells Skye that he plans to nail Sonny and Trevor at the same time. Skye says that she doesn't want to be collateral damage. Ric tells her that her property value is growing limited and that he is her only option. Skye corrects him and says that Luke offered to broker her property and she has a choice to make after all. Ric tells her that he wants to keep his job and he needs a big win. Skye says that she doesn't get how she can profit (if she lets him use her property)? He tells her that when the criminal element is eliminated, she can sell her property to the highest bidder and be squeaky clean. Then he asks her to the ball to seal the deal. Before she can answer, Ric is called away on an emergency.

Johnny's handlers find Anthony in Port Charles and say that Johnny's waiting for him at home. He tells them to take him back there, but pulls a gun out and shoots them both point blank. "Liar, liar pants on fire," he sings as he walks away.

Logan goes into Kelly's looking for Lulu but finds Luke instead. They trade a few barbs and then Logan assures Luke that he hates his father as much as he does. Luke seems impressed and says "Well, you're not entirely stupid then." Logan tells Luke that he won't hurt Lulu again and Luke tells him that he certainly won't because he just came across some very interesting information… Before he can blackmail Logan; Lulu comes in and tells her father if he's threatening Logan, they have a problem. Luke skulks off and Lulu tells Logan that she won't let her dad ruin her day. Logan says that he rented his tails for the ball and he looks like a waiter. She smiles and warns him that that her dad is a great dancer but he never bothered to teach her. "You, my dear, are in luck because my mother taught me to waltz," Logan tells her, and proceeds to give her first lesson in the middle of Kelly's.

Ric shows up at the scene of the two dead Zacchara handlers. The cops ID them as Zacchara's men and Ric takes that to mean that the mob war has begun.

Back at the medieval house, Trevor is calling the handlers but tells Johnny that they're not answering. Johnny doesn't flinch, he just says that means that his father has killed them and he has to go look for Lulu. Trevor says that he'll send someone to check on her, but apparently that's not good enough because Johnny smashes a vase over his head and takes off.

Jax is nowhere to be found as Carly's phone pings that a text has come in. "Looking forward to tomorrow" is what it says. Carly carefully keys her response, "See you at the ball."

Jason comes home and finds a beaming Spinelli. He explains that he has a date and then offers to show Jason some dance steps if he agrees to go to the ball, too. Jason calmly says no. Spinelli proceeds to practice the waltz and tells Jason that he can only do so much alone. Jason says he'll break his arm if he touches him. Spinelli say that The Blond One will definitely be impressed at his moves explains that he only has feelings for Lulu and wants to be there for when The Unworthy One lets her down. Jason just shakes his head and their so-called conversation is cut short by a knock at the door. It's Ric. He asks Jason where he was thirty minutes ago and Spinelli chimes in that Jason was waltzing with him. Ric goes on and says that two of Zacchara's men were just found dead. He asks Jason if it's retaliation for Sonny's death.

Nik and Emily are out on the parapet wondering if the brewing storm will be over by tomorrow night. Nik worries that their guests won't want to come across the bay in a storm. Emily tells him that they have their entire lives together and will have other perfect events. As they kiss, we can see that Anthony Zacchara has crept onto the other end of the parapet.


The ball begins and everything looks wonderful -- except to Nikolas who is losing it.

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