Carly tells Jax that she will be safe at the B&W ball because Jason is going to be her date. Jax says that Jason will never go along with such a social event - let alone wear a tux with tails! Carly tells him that she'll deal with that. Jax wants to know why suddenly she cares so much about a party.

At the penthouse Spinelli has a dire situation for Jason to consider. He wants Jason to come to the ball with him so that he can learn from him in a social setting and possibly snag a date while there. Kate comes to Jason's rescue simply by knocking on the door. She waits patiently while Jason tells Spinelli to get a date to the ball on his own, and if he can't, "we'll talk about it," warns Jason. Spinelli almost hugs Jason but thinks better of it. He says a brief goodbye to the "Fashionista" and then leaves.

Lucky goes to see Sam and greats her with a passionate kiss. As they are pressed against the wall of her condo Nik shows up and then apologizes for not calling first. Lucky gets all defensive about his right to see whomever he wants now, but Nik explains that he was just coming by to apologize to Sam for yesterday. Lucky wants to know why, but Sam covers and says that they had words but it's no big deal now. Nik tries to change the subject by asking Lucky if he's coming to the ball, and Lucky jumps down his throat for insinuating that it's not okay for him to show up with a date.

Nadine is at the counter at Kelly's ordering a muffin before she reports to the hospital. She and Georgie chat a little, but are interrupted by Luke and Scotty's argument on the other side of the dining room. The subject of their problems? Lulu (and Laura, if the truth be told.) Lulu shows up and tells them both to stay out of her relationship with Logan. Scott takes off and Lulu thanks Luke for being there for her, but informs him that he can't interfere in her life.

Ric has called Logan into his office to ask him for information about Sonny's organization. Logan reminds him that Sonny fired him, but before that he held up his end of the deal. Ric says that's not good enough. In fact, he might have to come forward with the truth about Logan's discharge from the military. Logan is stuck, but he can't see a way to get back into Sonny's good graces after leaving his kids unattended. Ric tells him to find one! Then he taunts Logan by asking how Lulu would feel if he was sent off to prison? Again, Logan says that Sonny doesn’t trust him anymore. Ric tells Logan to find something that he can use. "This isn't going away. Remember I own you," Ric tells Logan before he leaves.

Trevor is in the back of his car talking on the phone to someone in Puerto Rico. He is demanding that Sonny's body be found as proof that he died in the explosion. Then he gets another call. He orders that Johnny be kept at home because that's the only way we can be sure that AZ will return.

Out at the medieval house, Johnny is NOT happy with his handlers. They are blocking the door so he can't leave, as per Trevor's orders. Johnny says that his father is going to kill Lulu if he doesn't do something!

Out at the medieval house, Johnny is NOT happy with his handlers. They are blocking the door so he can't leave, as per Trevor's orders. Johnny says that his father is going to kill Lulu if he doesn't do something!

Luke is waiting around at Kelly's for Tracy. Georgie pours him some coffee and asks if he knows who Lulu is going to the ball with? Luke kindly tells her that he isn't exactly high on his daughter's list of confidants lately. Then Tracy arrives and Luke tells her they need to find a way to get Baldwin to leave town. Tracy says that she already tried that, and then informs Luke that they are invited to the ball. Luke isn't thrilled, but Tracy tells him that Nik is endowing a fund to the hospital in Alan's name so he has to go. Plus, Lulu will be there with Logan no doubt. Luke says that he'll get Alice to dust off his "undertaker's attire."

Ric goes to Carly to ask where Sonny has gone. Jax speaks up and asks Ric if he has probable cause or a legal reason to be asking around about Sonny. Ric says that there's a mob war brewing and Sonny has dropped out of sight. Carly tells Ric to talk to Sonny's lawyer and Jax throws in that his lawyer Alexis will deal with him if he shows up here again without a warrant. After Ric leaves, Jax gets Carly to fess up that Sonny is in Puerto Rico for a casino meeting.

Kate has gone to Jason's to see if he will arrange for her to talk to Sonny. He stonewalls and she asks if he is at least alive. Still no answer. "Is it time for me to start worrying?" she asks. Jason says that he doesn't know anything. Then Ric shows up to find out where his brother is. Jason says that he knows nothing, of course. Ric says that as Sonny's former attorney he knows of the holdings down in South America and no one has seen him down there. Add that to the fact that there's been an explosion at an airstrip on Puerto Rico and he has to ask what is going on. He walks over to Kate and asks, where's Sonny?

Lucky needs to leave Sam's place to report to work. Sam tells him to spend the day in bed with her. He hates to do it, but he has to go. Sam says that she should get to work, too. He apologizes for the way he acted in front of Nikolas and says that he's not embarrassed to be with her. Sam tells him that they don't have any strings and if he wants to end what they have, he can. Lucky clarifies that he was upset with Nikolas because he ruined the surprise….he wants her to attend the ball with him. Sam says that she doesn't want to upset Nikolas by showing up there with him. Lucky asks if she'd like to be his date or not and she says that she wouldn't pass up the chance to be with him. She says that she doesn't want to upset Emily or even Elizabeth, and Lucky says that he wants to move on. Sam happily accepts his invitation.

Liz goes out to Wyndemere and Nikolas starts to jump down her throat for being a selfish woman who cheated on his brother. Liz is stunned and before Nik can get too far, Emily comes into the room and stops him. He gets a grip and apologizes and Liz says that she had no idea he felt this way about her. Emily explains that Nik has been having mood swings that cause him to lash out. Nik quietly tells Liz that he doesn't blame her for the divorce and hopes that she can come to the ball. Liz timidly tells him that she wouldn't miss it and quickly leaves. Emily begs Nik to call off the ball, again, but he won't hear of it.

Lulu shows up at Carly's to tell her upfront that she is bringing Logan to the ball and doesn't want a scene. She tells Carly to ignore them if she can't be nice to him. Carly says that she has plans of her own for the ball so she promises to leave Lulu and Logan alone.

At the hospital, Nadine is holding her own against Epiphany's demands, in fact, she's ahead of the game. Eppy tells her that she has the makings of being an excellent nurse…but then again, so did Jolene (her sister). Nadine says that she'll prove her worth and then gets back to work. Then, Cassius approaches Epiphany and smothers her with compliments.

Lulu reports for work at Kelly's and Georgie comes right out and asks her who she's going to the ball with. Lulu tells her Logan and Georgie practically floats out of Kelly's. Then Logan comes in and wants to talk to Lulu. Without telling her the whole story, he says that he's having problems with Ric. Lulu tells him to ask Scott to get Ric of his back. "It's not like he has anything on you, right?" Lulu smiles. Then she asks Logan if he'll be her date to the ball.

Spinelli finds Nadine at the hospital, and in a very roundabout way, invites her to the ball. His voice jumps an octave when he finally voices the words. Nadine doesn't know what to say, she's never been to a real ball, and finally tells Mr. Jackal that she would love to be his date. Georgie has come up behind them and heard the whole thing.

Luke is at the PCPD trying to pick the lock on Ric's office when Lucky sees him and they (finally) hug and say hello. Luke tries to get rid of him and Lucky asks why he has a suit on…and what he's up to. Luke asks if he's asking as a cop or as his son. Lucky says that he hasn't officially clocked in yet, so, he'll be on his way. The second Lucky leaves, Luke pries Ric's door open.

Jason is beckoned over to Carly's and when he arrives she tells him that Ric's fishing around for info on Sonny. Jason admits that there are problems and he can't go into them with her OR with Kate. "Wow, I was married to him and now I'm in the same category as Kate?" Carly says indignantly. She tells him that he can make it up to her by being her date to the ball. Jason says sure. THEN he asks her what the heck she's up to? Carly says that it's a big night for Emily and he should be there for her. Jason doesn't buy her story and demands to know why he needs to be the one to take her.

Emily and Nik have just taken a look at the ball preparations and Emily can't believe how gorgeous everything looks. Again, she tells him it's not too late to cancel it. He tells her that he's not going to get rid of everything that brings him joy. He wants to dance with her tomorrow night and Emily agrees that is what they'll do then. Nik says that after the ball, he'll likely face some medical procedures and wants to get away with her and Spencer to recuperate.

Luke is rifling through Ric's desk and finally finds a file labeled "Military Papers". He gets out his spy camera and takes a picture of the contents. Ric enters and Luke quickly puts the camera away and asks him if he keeps all the residents of PC waiting? Ric calmly asks him if he should get Lucky up here to arrest him again or would it be easier if he asked a different officer this time.

Trevor returns to the medieval house and tells Johnny that he has to wait there for Anthony to return. Johnny pulls on gun on him and says that he has to go find his dad before he finds Lulu.

As Lulu and Logan sit at Kelly's and talk about the ball, Anthony Zacchara is peering through the window at her.


Trevor tells Johnny that the only way he can leave is if he shoots him.

Johnny says that he should've killed Trevor years ago.

Logan happily accepts Lulu's invitation.

Carly tells Jason that he should be at the ball "just in case."

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