Spinelli is at GH trying to convince Jason that he would make the best father for Dr. Robin's baby (because he wasn't able to "perform" behind closed doors). Robin has figured out what's going on and tells him that if the procedure didn't work out for him he didn't have to call in a replacement. Jason calmly asks Robin if they can talk for a moment. She steps over to the lounge with him and tells him that she's embarrassed. Jason tells her not to be embarrassed because they've been friends for years and have helped each other many times. Robin tells him that he was on the first on her list of potential donors but she knows that he could never father a child and not be a part of its life. Jason agrees that it would be torture to have a child and not be a part of its life.

Meanwhile at the nurse's desk, Spinelli is trying to explain the dire, yet humiliating situation to Epiphany, as Leyla and Patrick are nearby. Patrick growls as he says that Robin is nowhere near ready to have a baby in this manner. Epiphany sends them on their way and Spinelli sheepishly says that he failed his mission and leaves.

At Wyndemere Nik pulls Sam off the parapet and asks her if he hurt her. Sam is stunned and tells him that she almost shoved her off the edge. He tells her to leave but she won't go until he explains what is wrong with him. Finally, Nikolas tells her about his recent rages and blackouts and that he thinks the Cassadine blood is cursing him. As he fumbles for words Sam sums it up by saying, "You're losing it." She is torn between compassion and anger and she remembers that Alexis mentioned something about him having problems. Nik says that none of his tests show any results yet. Sam asks why in the world he is about to host a formal ball? Nikolas says that he is trying to recreate one of Emily's greatest memories and won't postpone his life because he has a health issue. Emily comes out and asks what's going on. Sam says that they are just enjoying the beautiful night. She excuses herself and says that she'll see them at the ball. The second she is gone, Emily says, "You had another blackout didn't you?"" He admits what he did to Sam and then reminds her what he did to Logan, the guy at the PCPD and the other people who have crossed him at the wrong time. "There's something broken inside of me…what if you're next?"

Carly has just received her text message saying "See you at the ball" and she is about to ask who is texting. Jax comes home and asks her what she's doing. She covers quickly and tells him about the black and white ball that they are invited to. Jax says that he has meetings in Paris that week, so they can't go. Carly tells him that the ball is the social event of the season and she wants him to cancel his meetings. Jax says that he can't, but Carly reminds him that he took Brenda to the first Bacchanalia and it's not fair because she was in Shady Brooke (for shooting Tony Jones) at the time. Jax reminds her that the first ball was a nightmare because Katherine Bell was shoved off the balcony (parapet) and there's no way they should be going to this ball. "If you don’t take me, I'm going to go alone," Carly says defiantly. Jax tells her that she is his wife and she can't make a stupid a decision by going to such an event during a tumultuous time. They argue about who is more stubborn and finally Jax leaves.

At Sonny's office, he is telling Kate that maybe Bernie can go to Puerto Rico in his place (so that he can take her to the ball). Before they can get further, Trevor pushes past Max and comes in. He asks Kate to leave so that they can talk, but Sonny won't send her away and she won't go anyway. Trevor says that he is here to protect Mr. Zacchara's interests, but if Sonny doesn't want to hear it, maybe he's more like AZ (in the head) than he thought. He leaves and Kate assures Sonny that Trevor is just playing mind games.

Lulu is at the medieval house trying to give Johnny his mother's necklace back. After she leaves, AZ asks his son who the girl is that he gave his mother's necklace to and JZ gives him the name of a fake women from New York. Seemingly satisfied, AZ then wants to talk about roses.

Spinelli meets Jason as he comes through the penthouse door and tells him that it was the plastic cup that froze him while trying to fulfill his duty. Jason tells him that if that's all he was thinking about, that was his problem. Spinelli is embarrassed and asks Jason if he thinks he is a wimp. Jason generously tells him that he's allowed to have second thoughts because being a father is a big deal. He says that he misses Jake all the time, and then snaps into business mode. Spinelli recognizes that he seeks comfort in work , so he obliges. Before they can get too far, Lulu comes home and tells them that she has just returned from the Zacchara house. Jason jumps on her and tells her that this is about business and not about some guy she's seeing and that this could trigger a war. Lulu suddenly gets it.

Sonny apologizes to Kate for not being able to take her to the ball. She tells him that she is accustomed to attending events alone and that she'll be fine. He kisses her and says that those days are gone and that was Manhattan. But, his is Port Charles and that he doesn't want guys hitting on her, therefore he will be home in time to escort her. She tells him that he is charming and that her new magazine will bring her back up the top. AND she will be proud to stroll into Wyndemere on his arm.

"I can't tell you how outta here I am," Kelly says as Patrick joins her and Robin in the hospital lounge. Patrick wants to talk about the possibility of Jason being her baby's father and Robin jumps down his throat at first and then calms down. She says that she would've been flattered if Jason would've been the father to her child, but she understands his decision. Patrick's voice quivers and he admits that it drives him crazy to see another man give her a child. He compliments her for not trying to change his mind about being a family man and then says the from now on he'll stay out of her personal life.

Sonny goes to Carly to say that he's going to Puerto Rico on business. Carly simply tells him to call to see the boys when he gets back. He sees right through her and asks what is going on. She picks up a magazine and says that she is just focusing on what to wear to the ball and then asks what his snobby girlfriend would wear. After Sonny leaves, Carly gets out a handgun in a fancy case, but then quickly puts it away when her doorbell rings. Diane breezes in and says that Carly is on "the list" and deflects Carly's questions as to what that really means. Diane tells Carly that Sonny pays her double to deal with her and then offers her legal services. She says that if Carly doesn't want them…then she is late for her Karate class. Carly decides to cut the bull and sits down and asks what the difference is between self defense and murder. Diane rolls her eyes and says that she is tripling her fee. Carly proceeds. She asks if she is supposed to sit and wait for a person to show up and kill her or if she can be proactive. Diane flounders for a moment and then suggests that Carly enlists Jason's help rather than commit murder herself. Then she realizes what Carly is talking about -- her "offing" Leticia's killer at the black & white ball. First, Diane wants to know "who" (what designer) she is wearing, and secondly, she wants to go in Carly's place. When she sees that neither option is what's on Carly's mind, Diane offers some advice. She says that her best friend in the world is "hypothetically" a killer so why not let him handle it? Carly says that it's perfect - Jason will take her to the ball and she'll text the killer and then put Jason into position. Carly tells Diane that she's brilliant and Diane warns that she could be leading Jason into an ambush.

Johnny tries to leave the medieval house but his handler gives him a hard time. He pushes his way out anyway. Inside, a man brings Mr. Zacchara his dinner, but finds that he is gone.

Sonny, speaking Spanish, arrives in Puerto Rico and waits for his car. He calls Bernie while the valet brings the car around. The car arrives and Sonny hangs up. He walks towards the car and there is a massive explosion.

Trevor approaches Kate's table at the Metro Court and she tells him to leave her alone. Trevor asks if she's attending the ball and she says that she's going with Sonny. Trevor gets a call that reports the Corinthos car has exploded and that Corinthos is dead. Trevor says, "Great" and looks playfully towards Kate.


Jax can't figure out why Carly is so interested in the B&W ball.

Trevor asks his goons for Sonny's body.

Kate goes to Jason.

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