Spinelli tells Jason that he's been lifting weights so that he can "man up" now that he'll be a father. Lulu comes downstairs and asks what he's talking about? Spinelli boastfully tells her of his impending donation and Lulu seems a little puzzled. She tells him that she's uncomfortable with the subject and wishes him luck as she hurries out the door. Spinelli turns to Jason to see if he was insensitive? Jason explains that he made a big decision really fast and asks if he can really stay out of his child's life? Spinelli sees that Jason is really talking about his situation with Jake and points out the difference - he knows his situation going in. "I miss Jake all the time," Jason shouts, then adds that he doesn't wish that on Spinelli.

Trevor is dining with an associate at the Metro Court when Carly arrives looking like a million bucks in a black suit. He flirts with her and sends his cohort on his way. Carly sits with him and tells him that his polished image is quickly tarnishing. She tells him that his business in Port Charles is done and it's time for him to leave. Carly leaves the table and is quickly replaced by Luke! He introduces himself and sits down. He asks if Mr. Zacchara is coming to Port Chuckles and if so, he'll want piers and docking. He says that Lorenzo Alcazar owns the only property that would be of interest and he can serve as the official middle man for negotiations. Trevor duly notes the information and the two men part ways.

Ric is summoned to Sonny's office. He says that his father and his brother are mortal enemies who are in love with the same woman - how's that for dysfunctional? Sonny cuts to the chase and tells him that his father is running the mob for Zacchara. Ric doesn't seem convinced, so Sonny tells him how "certifiable" Anthony is and that Trevor likely stepped up to the plate years ago. Ric asks what he is supposed to do about it? Sonny says that busting Trevor would be the high-profile bust that he's always looked for. Sonny reminds Ric that he hates his father and this is what he deserves for the way he treated him growing up. Ric just smiles.

Nadine arrives for her first day of employment at GH and Epiphany gives her normal "warm" welcome. (Not!) She informs Nadine that she has a lot to make up for around here for what her sister has done.

Robin is sitting on the sofa in the lounge telling Kelly that Spinelli has agreed to father her baby and that he's ready to begin today. Over at the nurses' desk, Patrick asks Leyla to do him a father and get Kelly's schedule for him so he can see who from Robin's list is coming in. Leyla tells him to stay out of Robin's business, but finally reluctantly agrees to help him. She finds it and reports that Kelly has an appointment with Spinelli.

Lulu goes to Carly's house to apologize for going off on her during their discussion about Logan. Carly asks if she dumped him yet and when Lulu doesn't answer, she apologizes too. Lulu wants to agree to disagree and asks if they can talk about something else.

(NOTE: Fifteen minutes in the middle of today's episode were pre-empted by ABC to cover President Bush's comments on the California wild fires.)

Ric and Sonny are still talking about Zacchara when Kate appears in the doorway of Sonny's office. Ric is trying to draw a parallel between Zacchara's mental illness and Sonny's bi-polar disorder. He tells Sonny that it's only a matter of time before he loses it too, and Kate scowls like a protective Lioness. Ric leaves and Sonny just looks at Kate to measure her reaction.

Spinelli has arrived at the hospital and completed his forms. Robin finds him and thanks him and Kelly is ready to lead him down the hall. Before go goes, he assures Dr. Robin that he's healthy and glad to help. Robin smiles and wishes him luck. Once he's sure that she's alone, Patrick finds her and says that now is the time to speak up if she's having second thoughts.

Luke asks Skye to meet him at Metro Court bar. He tells her that he is the perfect person to broker Lorenzo's property on her behalf. She tells him that Ric wants to do the same thing. Luke says that he'll do one better -- for a cut of the profit. He can broker the property AND keep her out of the ensuing mob war.

Lulu goes to Johnny Z and asks if she's in danger. He doesn't cooperate so she pulls out the ring he gave her of his mother's to return it. She asks him why he would give her such a thing in the first place? No answer.

Sonny asks Kate if she's afraid to be near him now. She assures him that his bitter brother will never scare her away from him. She reminds him that she's had a good friend who is bi-polar for many years and doesn't scare easily. Sonny says that Ric wants him to pay for the fact that their mother chose him, that's all. He admits that sometimes he wants to tell Ric, "I am bipolar but I'm still running rings around your sorry ass." Sonny smiles and then grows somber as he says that Ric is always running after something that he he'll never get - their mother's affection. Kate admires how Sonny deals with what life has thrown him.

Jason calls Max over to his penthouse but is interrupted by an urgent phone call from Spinelli. He races to meet him the hospital and learns that "the Jackal is incapable of performing on demand and Stone Cold must take his place!"

After a lovely kiss, Kate grumbles a little about her community service job and Sonny picks up the phone to arrange for her to get a sweeter assignment at work. She tells him that she won't have her boyfriend breaking kneecaps on her behalf. Sonny smiles and says that he doesn't break kneecaps and when did she start referring to him as her boyfriend? "Is that a problem for you?" Kate asks playfully. Sonny wants to call her his girlfriend, but Kate says that he can do better by escorting her to the Black & White ball. Sonny jokes about wearing tails like a waiter, and then asks how long his tailor would have to make a suit. When he hears that the party is October 31, he says that he's leaving tonight for Puerto Rico.

Trevor is meeting with his cohort again. They talk about how they are setting Sonny up to go to Puerto Rico to die.

Carly is at home going through her mail when she sees the invitation of the ball. Just that moment, she gets a text message that says, "See you at the ball."

Sam goes to the parapet at Wyndemere to talk to explain to a brooding Nikolas what he walked in on earlier. Nikolas tries to hold his anger in, but she won't let it go and continues to talk. Finally he screeches that Lucky gave up his family for her! As Sam is trying to explain that is not what happened between her and Lucky, Nik grabs her and bends her over backwards over the parapet railing.


Sonny tells Kate that he'll be back in time to take her to the ball.

Jason tells Robin that it's not really strange for him to consider giving her a child.

Nik dangles Sam over the ledge and she begs him to pull her up.

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