Liz is getting ready for today's divorce mediation hearing. Emily urges her to try to remember the Lucky she used to know instead of what's going on between them in court. "For all the times that Lucky helped you, maybe you could try to help him now, too?" Emily asks.

Lucky is getting ready, too, and Nik is with him. Nik doesn't understand why Lucky can't call the lawyers off and try for a friendly divorce. Lucky says that he and Liz agreed on everything until she brought Jason's lawyer in on it. He says that he's lost faith in Liz, which is likely why they are divorcing. After Lucky leaves, Emily comes home. Nik tells her that he was able to express his concerns to Lucky without going into a rage at least. Emily asks if he's heard from Patrick yet, but he hasn't.

At the penthouse, Spinelli is trying to impress upon Jason how important it is for them check up on Lulu's comings and goings so as to protect her from Logan and Johnny Z. Jason is angry because he wants Spinelli to work on warehouse security footage. Lulu comes home and further derails Spinelli's ability to focus. Jason simply tells Lulu that he doesn't care who she goes out with. She thanks him and then leaves. Jason urges Spinelli to get back to the security footage, but all he can do is think about where Lulu will end up living when she leaves the penthouse.

At the hospital Robin is preparing herself to receive a head trauma patient. When she arrives, Robin's eyes are playing tricks on her and she sees herself on the gurney for a minute. After the patient is whisked off to surgery, she asks Kelly for a consultation -- for herself. She tells her friend that wanting to have a baby is forcing her to see her own mortality. Kelly says that it's normal for prospective parents to think about the possibility of leaving their children behind. Robin says that she's more certain than ever that she wants to be a mother, but isn't having any luck finding a father. Then she decides that it's time to take a different tact when approaching her candidates.

Sam is with Alexis at a table at the Metro Court. Sam is happy to hear that Molly is back with her, but learns that there are extra bodyguards around the house because of what happened to Leticia. Then they talk about Lucky's divorce hearing and Alexis tells Sam that her new relationship with Lucky could complicate things for him now. Sam immediately feels as if her mother is judging her, but Alexis assures that this is strictly a professional conversation, not a personal judgment.

Jax is late for a meeting and is trying to rush out the door. Carly tells him that she has to talk to him about Anthony Zacchara, so he comes back inside. Carly explains Sonny's theory that Trevor Lansing is really the mobster so that means that he was the one who rigged Jax's car to explode last month. Jax reminds his wife that he has leverage on Trevor -- the SEC investigation that he threatened to unleash on him that would reveal everything. Carly calms down a little.

As Epiphany is working, she hears someone singing a soulful "When the saints go marching in." She finds the source of the music -- it's a young orderly who is cleaning the floor. She yells at him for singing and he compliments her and calls her by name. She is shocked that he knows her and he tries to flatter her by saying that everyone knows her. As she walks away, he starts singing again. Later he introduces himself at Cassius.

Lulu shows up at the Q study to let Tracy and Luke know that she's still going to see Logan. They give her the 3rd degree about where she's been and she tells them that she was no place special. Luke asks if it's possible that she was "…no place special with a kid named Zacchara?" Luke pours her some coffee and explains the kind of reputation that Johnny's dad has. He promises Lulu that he has her back, but he needs to know everything. Lulu casually says that she was with Johnny but was picked up by his handlers and taken back to his father's house. Luke asks her to tell him everything and she summarizes ever so briefly. She says that she just came over to tell them to leave Logan and her alone. Tracy asks her to come home rather than live with the danger of Jason's life. She promises to ignore Lulu completely if she moves back, but Lulu says that she's happy where she is. After she leaves, Tracy asks what's worse: living with Logan or in the middle of a mob war? Luke says that at least he knows his way around a mob war.

Everyone has arrived in the courtroom, so Liz and Lucky's mediation hearing begins. Both attorneys lay out their reasons for wanting their respective custodial arrangements. Diane offers Lucky one supervised visit with Jake per month, and then Alexis says that if anyone poses a threat to the boys, it's Liz. The lawyers drag out all of the nasty details of their various infidelities, while Lucky and Liz glumly sit by. Finally Liz tells them that this is not what they want at all! She says that Lucky is an excellent father and the boys need him. Lucky speaks up and says that he doesn't want to fight with Elizabeth. He tells her that he'll go along with whatever she wants. Liz has tears in her eyes as she says that she would still like to retain primary custody, but she wants Lucky to have unlimited visitation. She says that they loved each other for a very long time and the best way to honor that is to be good to each other. "From this point on, that's what we're going to do," Lucky softly speaks.

Sam shows up on Carly's doorstep to see Jax. Carly is very short with her and says that Jax isn't in. Sam says that she'll either wait or barge in at all hours of the day and night like she used to do to Jason. Carly wants to know what she wants with Jax and Sam says that she just wanted to bring a little insecurity and paranoia into her day. "Mission accomplished," Sam says on her way out the door.

As Jason is trying to keep Spinelli on track, Robin arrives at their door. She tells Spinelli that she's come to ask him a favor. Jason offers to leave, but Robin asks him to stay to offer Spinelli some advice. She tells him frankly that she wants to have a child and needs "the necessary genetic material…" Jason's eyes get bigger than I've ever seen them and Robin explains to Spinelli that he's a genius, kind and has a big heart. Spinelli is gushing as he asks what it would entail, and Robin realizes that he's thinking that they'll have sex. She quickly says, "Oh, not that." Jason holds his hands over his face and turns to face the wall. Robin tells Spinelli that he would go to the hospital to make his contribution and that it will have to happen more than once. Spinelli covers his mouth and runs out the door. Robin sits with Jason and they talk about what she's trying to do. He suggests that she reconsider how she chooses a father for her baby.

Ric has invited Skye to lunch. As he holds her chair for her, she asks if this is business or social? He suggests that they do a little of both. He starts by saying that he is about to release Alcazar's accounts and asks if she realized that he owned a sizable chunk of the waterfront? Skye smiles as she says that if anyone wants to use the waterfront, they'll have to go through Sonny or her, right? Ric tells her that it turns out that his father is more involved with the Zacchara family than he originally thought and he likely will come to her very soon. He tells her that he'd like to help her, if she'll let him.

Carly meets Jax for lunch and tells him about Sam's visit. "What do you think she wants?" Carly asks. Soon Sam arrives and asks to speak with him privately. Jax tells her that she can speak in front of Carly and she calls him "hen picked". After she leaves the table, they laugh at her choice of words.

Spinelli arrives at the hospital to find Dr. Lee. His voice is deeper than it's ever been as he guardedly asks what his participation would entail. Without using many words, Kelly is able to help him to connect the dots and he wildly nods in agreement.

Emily and Nikolas are beaming as they hand deliver the very first Bacchanalia invitation to Lulu. Her first question is does she have to wear a white gown? Nikolas explains that she was too young to remember the first ball at Wyndemere. but guests can choose between all white or all black. Lulu's next question is if she can bring a date. Nik can see where this is going, and he calmly tells her to bring whomever she would like. "If you promise not to kill him," Lulu challenges.

Alan is with Tracy in the Q study. He tells her that Luke is walking into a mob war and she needs to stay away from it. His concern? If she gets killed they will be destined to haunt the family together forever. Tracy tells him that he is not a ghost, only a stress-related condition. Luke comes in and asks what she's talking about with Alan. Tracy says that Alan is dead and they pour a drink. Luke says that the only way to get rid of Logan is to get rid of Scott. She laughs at how willing he always is to get rid of Scott, and then offers to help.

Lucky goes over to Liz's place to thank her for what she did in the court room. She invites him in. He says that he wants her to accept at least child support. She says that maybe they'll come to some kind of agreement…as friends.

Spinelli returns from the hospital to find Robin and Jason talking on the sofa. He says that he now fully understands what is required and is fully able to comply. "The Jackal will be deeply honored to father your baby," he gushes. Robin smiles nervously and Jason can't believe what he's hearing.


Lulu asks Johnny if she's in danger.

Jason asks Spinelli how he can agree to stay out of his child's life?

Sonny tells Ric that his father is Zacchara's decision maker.

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