Logan asks Lulu to help him out and just accept it when he tells her that he's not good for her. She asks if someone is making him do this? He denies it, but says that he always screws things up…like he did when he lost it with Carly. Lulu tries to make excuses for him but he says that everyone has warned her against him and why won't she listen? "Would you do anything to intentionally hurt me?" she asks. He answers her by reminding her how much she was hurt by the stupid bet he made with Maxi. Lulu explains that she's willing to give him another chance, but he says that he can't risk the chance of failing her again and he needs to let her go. He has a parting gift, however. He bought concert tickets for a band she likes a while back, so he gives them to her and tells her to take someone else.

Carly sadly asks Jason if he remembers the night she brought newborn Michael to him to keep them safe. He says, "Of course I do." She says that her kids will never have a normal life and she often wonders if she's done the right thing by them. She says that her kids have already been kidnapped and most recently lost their nanny -- all because of their father's business. She wonders if Sonny's love is enough. They move on to another subject and Carly asks Jason how Liz is. Jason says that he doesn't want to talk about her. Carly reminds him that the last time they spoke of Elizabeth he yelled at her. Jason says that he came to warn her about Zacchara and not to fight about Elizabeth. Carly doesn’t hear him and goes on about how Liz will be shopping for a new daddy to her boys soon. She says that women like Liz, and Robin from before, don't deserve him, but she could be more tactful when she speaks of them. Jason accepts her "apology" and asks her to focus on herself and the boys.

Johnny goes into his father's study to ask why he called for him. "Where have you been going Johnny?" Anthony teases. Johnny calmly says that he simply goes out for drives sometimes. Anthony grows irate and says that Johnny is the only thing he has left. Then he asks Johnny why he didn't die instead of his mother? He tells Johnny that he shows so little respect for him that he should kill him, but then he'd have nothing. "I'll never let some woman betray you…" and let you feel this kind of pain, Anthony tells his son.

Sonny warns Trevor that Port Charles is off limits to him. Trevor tells Sonny that he just might not have a say in the matter any more. Sonny tells him that people like the Luis Alcazar and Manny Ruiz tried to run him off before and it didn't work. Trevor says now that he's met Zacchara he should be even more afraid. Sonny yells that it's because he met Zacchara that he knows who is really in charge. Kate walks in and is happy to see that Sonny returned, but quickly realizes that he's not alone. Trevor stands up and tells her that she's about to see how her new boyfriend operates. He tells Kate that she's gone from Editor of a magazine to "fornicating with a street punk". He says that Sonny refuses to grasp the tenuous situation that he's in. He walks out the door and Kate asks Sonny what that was all about? Sonny tells her that Trevor isn't just Zacchara's attorney, "…he's running the whole damn show."

Sam is returning back to her place from a location shoot in the mountains. She thanks the bellman and tries to close the door, but Lucky appears with a dozen roses. She tells him that they are perfect and so is he. She brings him inside and asks how he has been. Lucky fills her in on his "non-visitation" status with the boys. Sam tells him that he can feel free to talk to her about whatever he needs to. She tells him that she missed him and he says that he missed her, too. They make love on the couch first and talk later. They agree that they understand each other and it feels good to feel as if someone is on their respective sides again. Lucky gets beeped and has to run off to work - there's been an explosion on Pier 22. He kisses her again and promises to be careful.

Lulu goes to Carly's house. She tells Carly that she's wrong about Logan and that he broke it off with her tonight because he doesn't want her to argue with her family over him. Carly tells her not to fall for Logan's newest ploy. They argue for a while and finally Lulu has had enough. She tells Carly thanks for her words of wisdom, but she can think for herself!

Spinelli returns to the penthouse and says that he hasn't found Lulu yet. Jason assures him that she's fine, but she was with Johnny Zacchara for a while. Before he can explain more, Jason gets a call and hears that one of their main warehouses has exploded. "Looks like they made their first move," Jason says. He surmises that this is a message from Trevor that Sonny should not have gone to see Zacchara. He tells Spinelli that everyone Sonny cares about is at risk at this point. Spinelli promises not to leave Stone Cold's side.

Sonny explains his disturbing visit with Anthony Zacchara to Kate. After hearing him out, she can't imagine that Trevor would jeopardize his place in society to run a mob empire. Sonny says that he needs to be stopped or he'll take them all down! Then, he gets the call about the warehouse explosion and tells Kate that Trevor may have started out small with Zacchara but the power addiction probably got to him. He says it's a very powerful feeling to make life and death decisions and get away with it. Kate asks if that's why he chose this business. Sonny's voice cracks as he explains that it was ambition that led him here, too. He says it's a business and sometimes the violence overwhelms you and sometimes you lose your mind." Like Anthony Zacchara," Kate says. "Or like me," adds Sonny. He asks if anyone has told her yet that he is bi-polar. She admits that Ric told her a while back. She assures him that she doesn't think his illness is any kind of defect. He says that he used to think he was defected, but he doesn't anymore. He describes the various stages of rage that he has experienced over the years until he was able to get help - first from Jason and then Carly and finally Dr. Winters. He says that he used to want to kill himself because he didn't want to be defective. Kate tells him that his chemical imbalance is just another part of him like his brown eyes and his dimples. He is impressed that she has done her homework and assures her that his meds keep him balanced now. However, if he wants something he goes after it --and that can drive a person crazy in a different way.

Jerry shows up on Sam's doorstep and she is not happy to see him. She tells him that they are NOT conspirators together and she's not going to let him bully her. She says that she will NOT seduce Trevor and asks if he's going to kill her now. Jerry says that he'd hate to upset her lovely mother. He tells Sam that there was a warehouse fire tonight. Sam's eyes get big as she asks him if he set the fire to lure Lucky away from her. Jerry says that is too twisted for him, but there is something he wants however.

Carly goes to Jason and Spinelli's house to talk about the emotional danger that she thinks Lulu is in because of Logan. She asks Jason to go to Lulu and talk to her, but Jason says he has an explosion to deal with! Lucky arrives at his door with some questions about who might have planted the bomb in their warehouse.

Meanwhile, Trevor is on the phone telling someone to do something about Sonny before he goes public with Anthony's condition. "Put that animal down…permanently," he orders.

Sonny tells Kate just how nuts Zacchara is -- one minute he's screaming and the next he wants to talk about roses. He tells her about the game of Russian roulette that AZ wanted to play and how he wondered if this would be how he is in twenty years. Kate assures him that he is nothing like that guy. Sonny says that all the power for so many years must've done it to him. "That could easily be me if I lost one person too many…" etc. Kate reminds him that she knew him when he was just the moody boy with the beautiful eyes, and that she knows there are lines that he just won't cross.

One of Johnny's handlers goes into AZ's study and is asked what Johnny's new girlfriend's name is. Then, he orders that they find out everything they can about Lulu Spencer. He pushes the guy out the door and slams it shut behind him.

Lulu has gone to Logan's apartment. She says that Carly thinks he is playing her by ending it with her now. He denies it, and Lulu asks him to go to the concert with her. Logan says that she's making it really tough on him not to give in when she smiles at him. What does Lulu do? She smiles.
Jerry tells Sam that Lucky's chances of survival in the line of duty would greatly improve if she cooperates in the future. Sam asks what he wants and Jerry says that he'll let her know.


Sam wants to talk to Carly about Jax.

Diane announces that her client is asking for sole custody.

Robin goes to Spinelli with a "favor".

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