Logan has grabbed Carly by the arms insisting that she can't keep him and Lulu apart. Carly tells him to unarm her or else Jason will kill him. Logan lets go and Carly goes straight to the phone. Finally Logan leaves.

At the mid-evil mansion, Lulu tells Johnny that he needs to live life on his own terms and stop being manipulated by his father. Johnny has gone cold on her and offers her a wad of cash so that she can get home. Lulu is confused by his sudden change in demeanor and tells him that she doesn't need his money. She tells Milo that she's ready to go.

Ric has just walked into Sonny's office and sees that Jason has Trevor in there against his wishes. Ric and Trevor discuss possible legal scenarios against Jason and finally Trevor leaves. Ric opts to stay behind to talk to Mr. Morgan. He wants to know more about Leticia's murder and Jason refuses to talk without his attorney. Ric says that if Jason has any information about Johnny Zacchara he would appreciate it. Jason tells Ric to call Diane if he wants to talk to him. Ric taunts him for not being able to make a move without Sonny's order. He says that Jason wanted to kill both him and his father a few minutes ago, but he couldn't do it. "That makes you nothing more than a trained guard dog," Ric says before he walks out the door.

"Do you keep roses Mr. Corinthos?" Anthony Zacchara asks Sonny in his darkened office. Sonny informs him that he's come to discuss Port Charles. "Screw Port Charles -- there's a frost coming. Everything will be dying off soon!" Zacchara rants. Zacchara has pulled a gun out as Sonny asks if he's aware of the fact that his people are in Port Charles. Zacchara spins his revolver chamber and then pulls the trigger in Sonny's direction - but the chamber was empty. He hands Sonny the gun and announces that it's his turn. Sonny doesn't want to play (Russian roulette) but he can see that his opponent is growing even more disturbed, so he takes the gun. He opens the chamber and pulls out the lone bullet. Zacchara has a fit of rage and sweeps everything off of his desk and wails, "Oh, you'll play with ME!" Zacchara yells that Sonny stole his son and now he's going to slit Sonny's son's throats from ear to ear and make him watch. Then, Zacchara talks about the weather that's about to turn. Sonny turns and walks out the door. Once he's safely on the other side, he catches his breath and tells Max that they need to go!

At the hospital Liz tells Patrick that if Robin wants a baby and Lucky agrees to help her, that doesn't involve her. Patrick reminds her that the child would be her sons' brother! Liz tells him that if he has a problem with Robin's decision, maybe he should take it up with her. She offers that maybe Robin took a long, hard look and has decided that becoming a mother is all that matters to her. Patrick says that Robin could adopt and Liz reminds him that how Robin becomes a mother is up to her. Then Liz takes a different tact. She says that it's pretty obvious that he still loves Robin, so why doesn't he work things out with her. Patrick says that if the whole baby thing didn't come up, they would've likely stayed together forever. But he simply doesn't think he's father material. He says that he wishes he could still have Robin in his life, but they can't make a life together and he has to make peace with that. "If you can (do that) will you let me know?" Liz asks sadly. Patrick follows her and asks if she could do it over again, would she make it work with Lucky? She says that she should've never remarried him and should have been honest that her feelings had changed from the start. Patrick takes that to mean that a clean break is best. Liz says that if he still loves Robin, that's not exactly a clean break.

At the Metro Court, Lucky asks Robin why she isn't asking Patrick to give her a child. Robin says that Patrick isn't an option anymore because he doesn't want children. She tells Lucky that they've known each other their whole lives and judging from Jake…he makes beautiful babies. Lucky says that he's honored and before he can finish Robin tells him that she understands. He explains that his divorce is getting messy and he's already missing his kids. If he understands her correctly, she doesn't want a hands-on father and he knows that he's not capable of that.

Kate has asked Jax to meet with her to talk about her proposal (to back her in a new magazine venture). He arrives, but tells her that he's in no condition at the moment to discuss business. He says that he is still seriously considering it, but he wants to talk about it another time. Kate completely understands, but asks if she can stay and hang out with him for a while. Jax misunderstands her request for a minute and asks if she is involved with Sonny. Kate says that she is assures him that she's not hitting on him. She says that Sonny is doing something tonight and she wants to keep her mind off of it. Jax says that he could us a distraction, too, so they take a table. Kate asks what's going on with him and Jax tells her that he wants a baby and he just found out that it might never happen. He explains his situation with Carly and Kate understands. She says that she knows some couples who have fallen apart due to the stress and emotional upheaval of fertility problems. She says that she and Carly don't exactly get along, but guesses that in time she thinks Carly will come around since she thrives on "emotional upheaval".

Lulu shows up at Carly's and Carly is thrilled to see that she's okay. Lulu explains where she's been and why and Carly goes nuts that Lulu ended up at the monstrous Zacchara house. "From what I could see there was a lot of weird stuff going on," Lulu says. She sits down and tells Carly that she is giving Logan a second chance…and why. Carly reminds her that Scott's deal is blackmail. Lulu says that she was looking for an excuse to forgive Logan anyway. Carly is worried that she'll get her heart broken again because when Logan doesn't get his way, it guts ugly.

Back at the haunted house, Zacchara is clearly distraught as Trevor rushes in and asks what's wrong. Zacchara is crying as he says that they took his son. Johnny walks up to him and says that he's here now. Zacchara takes him in his arms and says that he has to be more careful because he is all he has left of "her". Then he talks about how much she loved deep, red roses. Trevor tells Johnny to sit with his father for a while because it calms him down. "When your father gets upset people tend to die," Trevor says. He tells Johnny that there will be no more visits to Lulu Spencer. Johnny says that he just made sure that Lulu doesn't want anything to do with him.

Sonny returns to his office and tells Jason that Zacchara is insane. He says that Trevor didn't want the truth to come out and that he must be running the organization as a cover. "The real enemy here is Trevor Lansing," Sonny says. However, he thinks that if Zacchara gets loose, he will make good on his threats to come after his family.

Lulu goes to Kelly's and runs into Logan. He admits that things got ugly with Carly and says that maybe they won't work out after all. Lulu doesn't get why he would break up with her before they even get back together. He says that he should have never grabbed Carly; but he's tired of having to walk around angry and defending himself all the time.

Sonny calls Max and Milo into his office and gives them orders to put more guards on Carly and the boys. Max says that Mrs. C won't like it. Sonny's voice shakes as he says that Carly can get in his face all she wants, but he doesn't care. He tells them to bring Trevor in, too.

Jason goes to Carly and reports everything he knows about Sonny's visit with Zacchara. She is scared and asks what they are going to do about this? Jason explains that they can't just go into the house and kill a madman because it will be reciprocated. Carly says that if Anthony Zacchara is trying to kill her kids, she needs to know why.

Robin returns to the hospital and sees Patrick talking to Liz. He thanks Liz and leaves. Robin walks over to Liz and reassures her that Lucky turned her down. Robin says that if Liz is mad at her, she should let her have it like Carly did when she asked Jax for a sperm donation. Liz kindly tells her that she doesn't have to explain any of this. "If you want to have a baby, I think you should," Liz says. She does offer some advice, however. She tells Robin to use a sperm bank because it would be too hard for any of the men on her list to walk away from his own child.

Johnny texts Lulu and says "Have a nice life" but he doesn't send it. His handlers ask if he's texting his girlfriend Lulu and Johnny tells them that they should NOT have brought her here. Anthony has overheard the conversation.

Johnny texts Lulu and says "Have a nice life" but he doesn't send it. His handlers ask if he's texting his girlfriend Lulu and Johnny tells them that they should NOT have brought her here. Anthony has overheard the conversation.

Trevor is delivered to Sonny. Sonny suggests that perhaps he needs some of his own bodyguards, but that would send the message that he's not just Zacchara's mouthpiece after all. Sonny dismisses Max and Milo and then tells Trevor that he's onto him. "The threat for me to step aside or else my family's gonna pay came from you. And now, I'm going to give you my answer," Sonny scowls.


Jason tells Carly that Trevor might back off now that he knows Sonny is on to him.

Sonny tells Trevor that Port Charles is his.

Trevor asks Sonny, "What makes you think you have a choice?"

Lucky brings Sam flowers.

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