Jax tells Carly that he loves being a step dad, but he'd love to have a baby of their own. Carly asks when he'd like to start trying? He doesn't see why they can't start now. Carly says that, given what she just walked in on, the timing isn't good for her. Jax insists that his wanting to have a baby has nothing with what Robin just asked of him. Carly says that she hates Robin and doesn't want to associate THEIR child with Robin. Jax says that he's wanted a child for a long time. Carly says that he'll be a wonderful father, but she has a hard time conceiving and has already suffered one miscarriage. She tells him that it won't be romantic; it'll be thermometers and doctor appointments. She says that she loves him and will have a baby now with him if he really wants to. But she adds that things have been stressful for them and maybe this isn't the right time. She just doesn't want their sex life turned into "getting the job done". Jax can't disagree. They kiss and decide to wait.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that he doesn't have a say in her life. Patrick accepts it, but asks again why she wouldn't consider adopting a child? Robin coldly says that she appreciates his input, but she wants to have the experience of carrying a child and delivering him or her. She adds that she loves her parents and wants to be able to pass on their genes. Patrick flatters her by saying that he knows she'll make the right decision and he won't stand in her way. He says that they are both dealing with losing each other and he wants her to slow down and think before she fills her emptiness with a child. Robin blames his line of thinking to his enormous ego. He tells her that the waiting period of the adoption process would be a good thing for her. She says that a true friend listens, but he's just into his "Patrick knows everything mode."

In the abandoned cabin Johnny reaches for his gun, but Jason tells him to put it down. Johnny does as he asks and then says that he thinks his handlers may have nabbed Lulu. Jason asks Johnny how he ended up with Lulu anyway? Johnny explains and then they go out looking for Lulu. They find her purse lying in the grass giving Johnny the proof that he needs that his handlers have taken her back to his home. He takes off and leaves Jason behind.

Kate is telling Sonny about her experience at Zacchara's home years ago. Trevor had told her to forget that she was ever in that house. Sonny asks her to remember the address and Kate says that she only brought this up to tell him about how dangerous Zacchara is. Sonny says that he has dealt with men like that his whole life. She says that she actually saw a chill go through Trevor when he looked at that house. Sonny simply asks where the house is. Kate reluctantly tells him as much as she can remember about the location. Sonny says it shouldn't be hard to get in to and Kate expresses her concern about him getting out. Sonny says that he needs to look at Zacchara in the eye personally. He hands Kate her purse and says that he's going tonight.

At Liz's new house Alexis tries to soften the blow before she announces the Judge's decision, but Diane cuts her off. She says that not only did the Judge deny Lucky's petition for Jake's custody, he considered his past substance abuse and has denied visitation! Alexis tells Liz that she is the only person who can help in this situation. Diane screams that Alexis is unethical for asking such a thing. Lucky insists that the lawyers let him and Elizabeth handle it. Liz doesn't disagree, even though both lawyers want them to sleep on it before they talk further. Liz tells them both to go. After they're gone, Liz demands to know how he could even think of taking Jake away from her? Lucky says it was merely a strategy, so Liz asks if he would actually have taken the baby. Lucky says yes, and Liz informs him that their discussion is over. Before Lucky can argue, Logan arrives to ask for help finding Lulu.

Lulu has been taken to Johnny's (mid-evil) home by his handlers. She is feisty and tells them that people will be looking for her soon. They taunt her by saying that no one knows where this house is. Lulu reminds them that Johnny does and they say that he'd better hurry home then. After they go inside, Lulu pretends that she sees Johnny and when the handler turns around; she smashes a vase over his head and runs off.

Emily has gone home to Nik. They talk about the custody mess between Liz and Lucky. Even though they each love both Liz and Lucky, Emily can certainly see Liz's side and Nik sees Lucky's. Nik says that he can't blame Lucky for being angry because he knows that Liz is in love with Jason. He says that Liz was emotionally unfaithful and should have been honest about her feelings with Lucky. Emily argues that Lucky was fighting a drug addiction. The more they talk, the more they realize that they can't get the other too change their opinions. Emily asks what would happen if Lucky gets Jake and then moves in with Sam? Nik asks when Em suddenly started having a problem with Sam? Em says that she didn't when she was with Jason because Sam was a different person then. Turns out that Nik has always disliked how Em can't see anything wrong with her big brother Jason. Em says that they shouldn't fight and that Liz and Lucky's problems are really none of their business. Amazingly (given Nik's mental health issues), they kiss and make up.

Ric has been summoned to meet Trevor at the Metro Court. Trevor wants him to find Johnny Zacchara by having the cops pick him up and detain him, but keep it off the record. He says that the last thing the city of PC wants is for Zacchara to come to town looking for his son himself. Ric doesn't get why Trevor would object for the man to come to PC anyway? Trevor says that Zacchara rose to power by creating a list of international casualties - he is not to be taken lightly.

Sonny has gone back to his office and is asking Max to bring the car around. Jason shows up and says that he found Johnny Z. He explains that Lulu was nabbed by his handlers, so he let Johnny go turn himself into his father so that they would let Lulu go. He says that Johnny gave him the address of the house and Sonny says that Kate already gave him directions and he's on his way momentarily. Jason wants to go with him for backup, but Sonny says that he doesn't want to threaten Zacchara by bringing his enforcer. Besides, he has something else for Jason to do.

Lulu is running through Zacchara's house and she hears a sick howling sound from behind a closed door. She tries the doorknob, but can't get in. The handlers come up from behind her and drag her off. Inside the room, we see that the howling voice has broken a photograph of a woman and her young son.

Lucky tells Logan that he already lost Lulu, but Logan informs him and Liz that they patched things up. Liz asks why he doesn't know where she is then? Logan doesn't like their attitude and asks if they've ever done anything to hurt the people they love? They don't want to deal with him, so they ask him to leave. Liz has tears in her eyes and tells Lucky that they shouldn't talk anymore until their mediation.

Carly comes home with a bag of groceries. She's talking to Michael on the phone and telling him that he and Morgan can stay over at Grandma Bobbie's. After she hangs up, Logan knocks on her door looking for Lulu. Carly welcomes him by screaming at him that he's through with Lulu and that he doesn't deserve to know where she is!

Lucky is at the Metro Court bar waiting to meet with Robin. When she shows up, she jumps right into her subject du jour. "I was wondering if you'd be interested…" she says as she asks for his "donation." He admits that he's stunned, so Robin explains that she's perfectly happy with the idea of being a single mom. She says that she can't imagine anything better, and Lucky tells her that she has time; she can wait until she finds a good man. She tells him that she doesn't want to wait and she wouldn't ask anything of him! And since he already has two sons, he wouldn't be missing out on the fatherhood part! She says that this would be their generation's version of Spencer/Scorpio adventures.

Patrick finds Liz at the nurses' desk. He asks if she knows if Lucky has talked with Robin yet. Liz asks what he's talking about and Patrick explains Robin's latest mission.

Jason has brought Trevor into Sonny's office. Trevor says that he's getting tired of the "drive by kidnappings." Jason informs Trevor that Sonny is on is way to see Anthony right now. "Don't blame the bloodshed on me," Trevor says. Just then, Ric arrives and asks what the hell is going on here?

Sonny, Max and Milo approach the front door of the mid-evil house, but are stopped by Zacchara's security guards. As they are discussing the situation, Johnny arrives and introduces himself to Sonny. Johnny tells the guards to allow Mr. Corinthos in to see his father. Then, he tells Sonny that he should consider himself warned. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to Lulu and asks if she's okay. She says that she is and then Milo comes to her and says that she needs to wait in the car. She ask Johnny if this prison of a house was meant

Sonny is taken to Anthony's door and led into a dark room. Anthony Zacchara steps out from the shadows and says, "Do you garden, Mr. Corinthos?"


Lucky tells Robin that he is honored by her request.

Robin tells him to think about it.

"Screw Port Charles!" Anthony says as he draws his gun on Sonny.

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