Diane has dropped in on Liz and Emily as they finish unpacking Liz's things into her new house. As they are talking about the terms of the divorce, Diane gets a call and learns that Lucky just filed for official guardianship of Jake.

Kate drops by Jason's penthouse and Spinelli is banished to his "pink room" so they can talk. Kate tells Jason that Sonny is determined to visit Zacchara and the last two people who did that (she searches for words in his vernacular) "…wound up taking a dirt nap." Jason tells Kate not to get involved in Sonny's business and says that he should! He says that she can help by telling him everything she knows about Trevor working for Zacchara. They sit down and Kate says that Trevor was always too discreet to give any information…then she rambles on and stops in mid sentence when she realizes that she might indeed know something. She tells Jason that she just thought of something that could get Sonny killed. She says that years ago Trevor took her to a mid-evil looking estate with a wall around it. She recalls that she wanted to take a photo but Trevor wouldn't let her. Jason asks if she can give directions and Kate asks if it would be for him or for Sonny?

Luke is in Sonny's office telling him that he's worried that Lulu has taken off with Johnny Zacchara. Sonny hopes that's not the case because things are about to get really ugly. He says from what he knows, Johnny isn't right in the head AND he's very important to his mobster father. Luke understands that Sonny's use of the term "delicate situation" means that he is to back off, so he does. For now. Sonny assures Luke that Jason is looking for Johnny and the less people involved the better.

In an abandoned cabin, Lulu urgently tells Johnny not to shoot the man who came upon them. Johnny thinks about it and finally lets the man stand up. The man tells them that they are trespassing on private property and they need to leave. Johnny says that's no way to treat the woman who just spared his life. He demands that the man apologizes, which he does. Lulu tells him that she's sorry that they came into his cabin and says that they will leave. Johnny tells the man that he has connections and he'd better not call the cops. The man sternly tells Johnny that he bought himself some time. After he leaves, Lulu reads Johnny the riot act for throwing around his family ties in order to get away with his bad behavior. He tells her that he's going out for food.

"Don't share one drop of genetic material or we are through!" Carly tells Jax in front of Robin. Robin dryly asks if she would really divorce Jax for helping out a friend? Carly insists that Jax -- and his bodily fluids - are hers by virtue of marriage. She tells Robin to get Patrick to donate and Robin tells her that he's not in the equation. Jax quietly reminds the women that he is and that Robin is right - this is HIS decision to make. On that note, however, he tells Robin that he cannot help her. He says that he would undoubtedly get attached to the child and he assumes that she wants a hands-off father? Robin says that she does and then tells Carly that she isn't at all happy that Patrick tipped her off!

Skye pays Ric a visit (and she looks fabulous). She asks him how he feels about play dates, namely between Molly and Lila Rea. Ric likes the idea, unless she's using it to soften him up. Skye doesn't like the inference, but admits that there was a time when she would use a child to get to its father, but that was before she had a child of her own. She says that she simply wonders if Molly is feeling isolated and could use a friend. Ric apologizes for suspecting her and Skye says, "It takes a player to know a player" and accepts his apology given their history. He says that he wants to give Molly the childhood he didn't have, just like she does. They talk about both of their divorces for a while and Skye urges Ric not to let Alexis push him out of Molly's life. He appreciates her caring and says that at the moment, he gets Saturdays with his daughter. Skye tells him that she and Lila are free on Saturdays and Ric says that he'll bring the cheese crackers.

Alfred brings Nik his mail. Nik thanks him and then asks him to take the letter opener and keep it away from him for now. Alfred understands and offers that perhaps this isn't the time to host a black tie ball. Nik says that he has made his decision and doesn't want to be badgered. Just then, Lucky rushes in and asks to talk with Nik. He tells him about his plea for guardianship of Jake. Nik asks if he's prepared for what that means? He points out that Liz has barely spent more than a few hours away from the baby since he was kidnapped. Nik wonders if there's another way to protect Jake from Jason without a custody fight. Lucky won't take the chance that he'll only be given his boys every other weekend. Nikolas gently urges Lucky to think about what's best for everyone.

Liz and Emily are stunned that Alexis would fight for custody of Jake - after having lost Molly in her own custody fight. Liz wonders how two people who loved each other so much could hurt each other so badly. Emily tries to help her sort it out from Lucky's point of view, but Liz doesn't see it. She says he's too angry to be rational now, so she has to fight as hard as he is.

After Luke has left, Sonny tells Max that he wants him to find Zacchara so they can set up a meeting. Max says that nobody's seen him coming or going from his Manhattan apartment for years. Sonny says that there's got to be somebody besides Trevor who knows where to find him.

Spinelli waits until Kate leaves and then comes downstairs all excited. He has found security camera footage of "The Warped One's" car going up into the mountains. He nervously explains that he saw a flash of blonde hair when the car went under a streetlight so it looks like Lulu might be with him. When he finally looks up from his computer Jason is already gone.

Carly sits with Jax after she has taken a walk to cool down. He asks why she is so angry with him? She says that he didn't listen to her at all and only considered his and Robin's viewpoints earlier. He said that he didn't know what Robin wanted to meet about and he didn't know it would affect her. Carly says that everything about him affects her! He reminds her that he turned Robin down for one reason. He tells Carly that when he becomes a father, he wants it to be with her.

Robin has gone back to the hospital to berate Patrick for interfering in her life. Patrick says that it's a bad idea to have a baby with a social acquaintance. Robin asks if it's her method that he has the problem with, or the fact that she didn't ask him? He says that he's glad she didn't ask him because it would've been awkward to refuse. He doesn't want a child whether he's with her or without her. He says that he likes his life WITHOUT 2.5 kids and a minivan in the suburbs. He admits that he misses having her in his life, but she wants something that he doesn't. "Why don't you adopt a baby who really needs a mother?" he suggests.

Kate goes to Sonny's office and reminds him that meeting Zacchara is a terrible idea. Sonny reminds her that someone is threatening his family. She tells him that he could be the next casualty! Sonny says that no one knows where to find the man anyway. "I might," she says. She explains about the time that Trevor took her to the mid-evil house. Before she continues, she tells Sonny that she's grown rather attached to having him around again so she's not thrilled to be giving him the address. Sonny insists, so Kate tells him it's called Crimson Point. She goes on and tells him about the time that Trevor wouldn't let her take a picture of it and that it was owned by the man who Trevor works for. In retrospect, she can see that it must've been Zacchara. She said that he told her to wait in the parlor, but she wondered the halls instead and overheard something. She heard that Mr. Z's wife had died and she got the impression that someone had killed her.

Lucky goes to Liz's place to talk. She tells him unless he's dropping the guardianship petition, they have nothing to discuss. He says that he wouldn't need the petition if she would be reasonable. Liz reminds him that he can see the boys anytime and he says that he doesn't want to be told when he can see his kids. Alexis drops by, followed by Diane. The judge's decision is in and Diane jumps all over Alexis for being there before she was. Liz tells them to stop and tell her what's going to happen to her little boy!

Johnny returns to the cabin and finds Jason there instead of Lulu.

Lulu has gone out for pizza and is intercepted by Johnny's handlers. She won't tell them where Johnny is, so they nab her so that Johnny will come to them.


Carly says to Jax, "You want to have a baby?

Johnny tells Jason that his handlers could have Lulu.

As Sonny walks into a dark house, he hears, "Mr. Corinthos?"

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