Patrick is looking for Robin at work; he even asks Leyla if she's seen her yet. Before Leyla can answer, Robin shows up and invites Leyla to be a part of the conversation they're about to have -- since she's involved with Patrick now. Leyla excuses herself anyway. Patrick tells Robin that he thinks she is jumping into motherhood because they broke up. She tells him to wish her luck and then stay out of it.

Milo is following Sonny around, taking orders, and they walk into Sonny's office to see Max with his head down on Sonny's desk. Max lifts his head and is about to confess something to Sonny, but Carly comes in and reports that she and Jax are arguing and it's all Max's fault. Carly starts to badger Max and he thinks it's because of his near-tryst with Diane. Diane shows up, hears a little of the heated discussion and quickly interrupts before Max can fess up about them when it's clearly not necessary. She points out that Carly and Max are talking about two entirely different subjects. Sonny is finally able to get Max to admit that Nik went after Carly with a letter opener and she says that Max is exaggerating. Sonny asks Max and Diane to step outside of his office. Carly immediately jumps down Sonny's throat for having Max follow her. Then she finds out that Jax came to Sonny about Nik's behavior and she's even angrier that they talked and no one told her. "I think something wrong is going on between you and Jax and you're spiraling…what the hell is going on with you?" Sonny asks. Meanwhile as Max and Diane wait for Sonny, he offers her a croissant and she nervously declines.

Alice is serving "Mr. Luke" his breakfast and flirting shamelessly. Tracy demands her bloody Mary, and Luke quickly goes from flirting with Alice to flirting with his wife. Just then Logan comes in and demands to know where Luke is keeping Lulu. Luke says that it looks like his daughter has finally wised up and is steering clear of him. Logan says that he and Lulu left things on good terms, so something must be wrong. "When is the last time that any of you laid eyes on her?" Logan insists.

Lulu wakes up in Johnny's car and he tells her that his father sent the guys that chased them off. He says that he couldn't have left her on the side of the road because they would've nabbed her -- only to control him. He says that she fell asleep when he was circling back to lose his "handlers". She tells him that he's not an animal in a cage at the zoo. He says that now that the "handlers" saw her, they could use her to get to him.

Alexis meets Jax for breakfast at the Metro Court. She tells him that if he wants to tell her about how volatile her cousin is, she already knows and has moved her girls back to the Lake House. Jax is glad to hear it. Then he tells her that Nik is the person who stabbed Jerry. She asks if Jerry might be lying, but Jax doesn't think so. Especially since Nik went after Carly with a letter opener yesterday. Alexis admits to him about the argument that led to Nik throwing a glass against her head a few weeks ago. She asks if Jerry will press charges and Jax doesn’t think so. He's just glad to hear that she has moved back home.

Logan goes to Lucky at the PCPD to explain everything that's happened with Scott, Lulu and now Luke. Lucky hears about Scott's deal to return Laura's guardianship to Nikolas if she gives Logan another chance and so on. Lucky is surly with Logan, but Logan explains that now he thinks Lulu has taken off and could be in trouble! Lucky continues to gives him attitude, so he leaves.

Emily is helping Liz with the final stages of her move into her new house. Liz says that she now realizes that she should've moved out months ago. She says that she feels independent again and looks forward settling in with her boys. She hopes that the divorce mediation goes quickly and that she and Lucky can make things okay for the boys.

Back in Sonny's office, Carly admits to Sonny that she and Jax have had a difficult summer. She doesn't want to get into the details, but says that they are working on it. She says she doesn't want to fight with Jax, and Sonny tells her that he recognizes the "dance" that she's doing with Jax. She's putting herself in dangerous situations and then blowing up at Jax over it. He says that she and the boys -- even Jax, should go back to the island. She doesn't want to hear that and then reminds Sonny that she doesn't want Max following her anymore because he has too big of a crush on her. Sonny says that he'll just put Max on Kate then. Carly doesn't like that either, so she says Max can follow her, but he has to respect her privacy.

Alexis has hung back at the Metro Court to meet with Diane about the Spencer divorce. Diane is in full combat mode and Alexis reminds her that this is a simple family law case. They quietly argue over why each of their client's is pushing for primary custody. Alexis says that Lucky merely wants split custody and if that's not good enough, she'll make her case for child endangerment due to Liz's relationship with Jason. Diane reminds Alexis that Lucky has no legal hold on Cam since he's not his father. And -- his problems with drugs makes him a true danger to Jake. Alexis says it looks like Diane and Liz are refusing to compromise. Diane decides to budge by saying that Lucky can have every other weekend & Christmas. She adds that Lucky is a retched failure as a husband and she won't hesitate to prove it in court if need be. As Diane sashays away from the table, Alexis can't believe that Diane seems to forget that they are dealing with human beings.

Patrick finds Leyla and apologizes for her getting caught between him and Robin earlier. She tells him that their professional relationship means a lot to her and she'd like to keep it. "I don’t think we should see each other any more," she says as she walks off. Patrick dejectedly looks over at the nurses' desk and hears Robin making a lunch date with Jax. He quickly tells Epiphany that he's taking the afternoon off! Then he makes a phone call and tells the person at the other end of the phone that they need to talk.

Luke has left Tracy alone in the study, so Alan appears. He asks her why she doesn't look happy, now that Lulu has split from Logan. She says that when Edward warned her against all of her husbands it wasn't fun and…before she can make her point, Luke asks what she's arguing with "the undead" about. Tracy denies that she sees Alan and then has a confession to make. She tells Luke about the night Lulu found out about Logan and Maxi - specifically that she hitchhiked…and was picked up by Anthony Zacchara's son. Luke seems to recognize the name and asks what the kid's name is.

Turns out that Carly is who Patrick called. She meet with him and learns that Robin wants her husband to father her child. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Jax pulls Robin's chair back for her and they sit and chit chat politely for a little while. She asks how he likes being a step-dad and Jax says that he loves it. "That's what I wanted to know," Robin smiles. She listens as Jax tells story after story about Michael and Morgan. Finally, he asks why she is so interested and she admits that she's thinking about becoming a parent. She tells him that she's decided to do it alone and Jax congratulates her. He offers to give her advice and she asks for DNA instead. She barely gets it out of her mouth when Carly arrives and tells her that there's no way in hell that Jax will father her baby.

Alexis goes to the PCPD to talk to Lucky and report how unproductive the meeting with Diane was. She tells Lucky that since Jason has contact with Jake, he can go for emergency guardianship. After a few uneasy questions, Lucky says that he'll do whatever it takes to protect his son.

Sonny is surprised to see that Luke has come to see him. He wants to know what's going on and Sonny says that Zacchara hasn't made a move, but his nanny was strangled so it could signal that something is brewing. Luke quickly sums up the situation and asks if the son, Johnny, is involved in the business. He says that Lulu took off and she might be with him. He asks if Sonny knows where he can find him?

Lulu and Johnny have found a cabin and Johnny is impressed at her ability to pick the lock. She tells him that they can rest up and then head for Canada. He asks why she wants to split town with him and she says that she just needs some time to figure out what she wants. She starts to talk about Logan and her problems with him, but Johnny sees that someone is outside of the window. He walks towards the door and is able to pull the gun out of the man's hand when he comes in and tells them they are trespassing. Lulu begs Johnny not to kill him.


Carly tells Robin to go to a sperm bank.

Kate warns Jason that somebody's going to wind up dead!

Johnny tells Lulu that "it" can look like self defense.

Sonny tells Luke that Johnny Z is a wild card.

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