Luke follows Lulu out on the Q terrace and tells her that she doesn't have to forgive Logan just because her mother forgave him! He tells his gumdrop that she's seeing Logan to protect him from facing kidnapping charges and she doesn't need to do that. Lulu says that she wanted to give Logan a shot anyway. She explains that it's new for her to be open minded and let go of her doubts and forgive him. She says that it's worth the risk -- to her! She stomps off and Tracy comes out to comfort him.

Jax goes to Sonny's house to run his theory by him that Nikolas could be Leticia's killer. He tells Sonny about Nik's recent behavior and that Emily says the blackouts are getting more frequent. Sonny doesn't really think it's him and says that the killer is sending him text messages.

Nik is practically spitting in Carly's face as he holds her by the collar and shakes her for taking his son away from him when he was a baby. Carly is trying to stay calm as she sees that he has a letter opener in his other hand -- she can see that something is seriously wrong with him. She warns him that if he kills her, he'll be throwing his whole life away. She tells him to put the letter opener down because Spencer needs him. It's hard to say if her words are getting through to Nik, but it doesn't matter because Max arrives with a gun. Max points his gun at Nik and tells him to put the knife down. Carly begs Nik to put it down before he gets hurt and slowly he releases her. Nik slowly snaps out of it and asks why they are there and why Max has a gun in his hand. "You just tried to kill Mrs. C with that knife," Max tells him.

Trevor is at the Metro Court on the phone ordering someone to get Johnny back home before Anthony notices that he's missing. Then he sees that Diane has come into the dining room. He stands up and tells her to tell her client to leave Johnny alone when he shows up in Port Charles. She gives him a half smile and keeps on walking.

Across the room, Spinelli is dressed in a suit and sitting at the bar with Logan. Logan tells him to accept the fact that Lulu cares about him. Spinelli says that Lulu is just trying to live up to her end of the bargain. As he starts to spew Spinellisms toward Logan, Milo shows up and says that Mr. C. wants to see Spinelli.

Diane goes straight to Sonny to deliver Trevor's message. Sonny says that he will grab Johnny hold him as leverage. Diane yells that she cannot be a party to kidnapping! She says now that he mentioned to her, it cannot occur. She tells him that he doesn't pay her to break the law! As their conversation gets even more heated, Spinelli arrives. Diane doesn’t want to hear anything, so she announces that Sonny will pay triple for her time today and then leaves. Sonny tells Spinelli to find out everything he can about Anthony Zacchara, especially where he lives.

Johnny has taken off in his car and informs his keepers via cell phone that he'll be back when he feels like it. Before long, he comes upon Lulu who is out walking along the road. He pulls over and offers her a ride. She says that she likes to walk this time of year. She explains that she had a fight with her dad and likes the fresh air. Johnny wants to know more. She tells him it's complicated and then asks who beat him up. He doesn't answer directly, but offers that his mother died (of a gunshot wound) when he was eight and now he is all that his father has left of her. That's a problem, Johnny gives as an explanation. Lulu concludes that they're both out trying to get away from their dads. Lulu tells him about her argument with Luke about Logan. Then she asks Johnny why he doesn't take off from his dad and Johnny says that his father won't let him leave.

Luke has gone back inside the Q house to talk to Tracy. He worries that Lulu thinks the love of a good woman can save any loser (he's thinking of the start of his relationship with Laura). Tracy says that particular dynamic has been around since the beginning of time. Luke strokes her hair and says that she never struck him as the saving type. "Why would I want to save you? I love you just the way you are," Tracy seriously says.

Max escorts Carly home and she yells at him for always rescuing her. Jax arrives and asks what he rescued her from. Max apologizes to Carly, and then tells Jax that he just saved her from Nikolas. Carly is furious with Max, but Jax thanks him and asks him to leave. Jax can't believe that she would provoke Nik and she says that she can protect herself. They argue some more, but Carly would rather compare notes and figure out if it was indeed Nik who killed Leticia.

Nik is brooding at his desk when Emily returns from dinner with Alexis. She says that Alexis isn't crazy about the black & white ball, but she is very concerned about his health and has agreed to move out with the girls in the morning. Nik tells her about the blackout he had while she was gone. "Apparently, I almost killed Carly tonight," he says. He says that Jax must think he stabbed Jerry, or they both wouldn't have showed up here tonight. Nik's voice trembles as he says that his grandmother has people stabbed in alleys, not him. Nik says that Carly was full of questions about Jerry and the night Leticia was killed and the next thing he knew Max had a gun on him saying that he almost stabbed her with a letter opener. Emily moves in close for support and Nik says that the first thing in the morning he's going to Patrick Drake for answers. Then he says that she needs to think about moving out of Wyndemere now too. Emily asks if he plans on driving them all away? He says that he can't imagine hurting anyone, but something is happening to him. He says that he's getting more violent every single day and it would kill him if he hurt her. She assures him that he wouldn't hurt her and that she loves him and will never leave him.

Sonny is speaking Spanish to someone on the phone. Kate comes in the back door and recognizes the words Johnny Zacchara. When he hangs up she says that she was hoping to spend some time together that didn't have anything to do with his business or her legal problems, but it doesn't look like this is a good time. Sonny asks her to forget about his work and think about them for a while. He says that he wants to keep their "good thing" going. She says, "Hello, so do I, why do you think I just showed up here?" He pulls her to the sofa and tells her that the danger of his life is real and people close to him get killed. She reminds him that six months ago she thought that Trevor and her boss, Warren, were the safest men she could possibly know. Then one day her cell phone died and she ended up in his coffee shop. She says that her life is exhilarating now -- it's like Coney Island all over again. She remembers now that she used to love taking chances if it meant she could be with him. He pours them each a glass of wine and toasts to her landing on her feet again. She says that she's never been so physically tired and that community service is hard! He tells her to go upstairs and draw a bath and he'll be up soon. She giggles and doesn’t disagree.

Diane bellies up to the Metro Court bar and finds Max there. She orders a bone dry martini and complains about Sonny. Max says that Sonny's the easy one; it's Mrs. C. who will throw you out like garbage. Diane says that they are both selfish to the bone. Max agrees and says they don't appreciate anything. Diane tells the bartender to "hit him." And Max says, "Her, too." Max talks about his love for Mrs. C, while Diane talks about how expensive couture is and how well Sonny pays. "GOD I LOVE SHOES!" she yells and Max says that Carly loves low-backed shiny dresses. They both ramble about their pathetic lives until they proclaim, in unison, "I need something real." Then they stare as if they've never seen each other before. A few martinis later, Diane pulls her head up from off the bar and tells him that he has been a delightful drinking companion. Max tells her that Milo will drive her home. He tells her that he'll pay the check, but when he finds his wallet his realizes that he still has a pass key for every door in the hotel. Diane smiles at him and they race upstairs to a room and proceed to make out on their way to the bed. Suddenly Max pulls himself away and says that he can't cheat on Mrs. C. Diane reminds him that Carly is married to Jax. Max tells Diane that she's hot, but it wouldn't be right and runs out of there as fast as he can. Diane looks puzzled.

Before he goes upstairs to meet Kate in the bathtub, Sonny is interrupted by Spinelli. He's come to report that Zacchara rarely lives at his townhouse in lower Manhattan. Turns out that he's a recluse and his last two wary interlopers ended up dead or missing. Sonny doesn't seem to care; he tells Spinelli that he wants an address on where to actually find him. From the top of the stairs, Kate asks Sonny not to meet with Zacchara.

Lulu and Johnny are still hanging out and talking by his car along the road. They hear a car's tires screeching nearby and he tells her to get in the car because they've got to get out of here.


Patrick hears Robin proposition someone over the phone.

Logan goes to Luke and informs him that no one will tear him and Lulu part.

Sonny asks Carly what's going on with her.

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