"Dad, when did you get back, and how is mom?" Lulu asks Luke as he stands in Logan's doorway. Luke assures her that Laura is fine and that they can talk about this stuff later. First, he wants to talk about the "sucker deal" she made with Baldwin to date his son. Luke tries to speak to Lulu exclusively, but Logan respectfully tries to explain that they didn't even know he was Scott's son until after they started dating. Luke reminds Lulu that she wouldn't be giving "this loser" a second chance if it weren't for Baldwin's deal. Lulu can't disagree, but she doesn't want to hear Luke insult Logan anymore. Logan admits that he made a huge mistake, but it's up to Lulu whether or not to give him another chance. Lulu can't disagree on this one either. After she asserts that this is her life, Luke shakes his head and leaves.

Carly and Jax are dining at the Metro Court and he tells her that Nik was the guy who stabbed Jerry. Carly thinks Jerry is lying. Jax explains that Nik has been having erratic behavior and that Emily has already come to him about it. He explains that Nik's outbursts are during a blackout state, then Carly asks if he could've killed Leticia. But, she realizes that doesn't make much sense because it wouldn’t explain the text messages that Sonny is getting, nor the photos that were taken of them.

Sonny is telling Trevor that he wants a one-on-one meeting with Zacchara if he wants his son back. Trevor tries to impress upon him that Anthony does not negotiate. Sonny says that he doesn't either. Trevor explains that Zacchara pays men and women to kill on command. Sonny contends that at the end of the day, Zacchara is a father and a businessman just like he is. Trevor just laughs.

At Wyndemere, Nik explains to Em that the Bacchanalia is the surprise is that he has been planning for her for weeks. He says that the date is October 31 and the arrangements are all made. A celebration for her, he explains. Emily thinks it's wonderful, but he planned all of this before he knew that he had a condition. Nik asks what could go wrong and Em reminds him that some of the people on the guest list aren't exactly on the best of terms with him lately. Nik says that he's not on the brink of uncontrollable rage every minute - or he wouldn't be planning such an event. Emily urges him to postpone the ball, but he won't hear of it.

Jason is holding Johnny for questioning. Johnny says that he doesn't know anything about Leticia's death. He tells Jason that he is about to start a war over a killing that his family had nothing to do with. He says that he was just visiting town when he met Lulu, that's all that happened. Jason's phone rings and Sonny tells him what he wants him to do.

Lulu sits down with Logan and apologizes for her father's insults. Logan is surprised that Luke didn't bash his face in and Lulu explains that her dad knows better than to play hardball with them because he'll push them together. Logan asks her to believe that he'll never hurt her again and Lulu says that it's going to take some time.

Lainey is talking to Cody in the interrogation room. She asks why he is willing to sacrifice possibly the rest of his life for pride. He corrects her and says that it's a sense of honor and duty. He says that he did for her father what he would want someone to do for him under the same circumstances. He says that he can live with it if a court sees fit to send him to jail. Lainey says that she can't! She feels guilty for not helping him when he came to her with post traumatic stress syndrome needing pills when he returned from Iraq. She tells Cody that he let her father die - which is what he wanted -- when she couldn't. Cody tells her to let it go. She asks if he has a lawyer and learns that Cody has a public defender. Lainey says that she will get the best attorney that money can buy for him instead.

Emily is asking Nit to postpone the ball only until Patrick can run more tests. Alexis has entered the study and overheard. She asks what kind of tests Patrick is running? Nik downplays it, but admits that there is some question as to whether Jerry's drugs could have a long-term effect so he's having some tests done. As Alexis starts to jump down his throat for dogging Jerry again, Emily says that Nikolas doesn't need to defend his right to hate the man who let her father die and held them hostage. Alexis looks stunned. She says that she and the girls have likely caused more stress than they thought and offers to move back to the Lake House. Nik says that they are still in danger from Leticia's killer and they are staying. He tells Alexis that they all need something to lighten them up, so he's planning a ball. Then he announces that the endowment that he's making to the hospital will be in Alan's name. Emily is touched, but worried.

Lainey has gone back to the hospital and runs into Robin. She's heard about Robin's decision to have a baby and congratulates her. Robin says that Patrick is judgmental and thinks that this is a reaction to their breakup, but that's not it at all. They talk for a while, and then Lainey explains Cody's situation and asks if Robin knows a good lawyer that she can hire on his behalf. Robin's eyebrows rise and she comes right out and asks Lainey if she has feelings for Cody. She explains that it's easy to get pulled into a bad boy who is vulnerable. Lainey assures her that isn't the case. Robin recommends Diane Miller based on her outcome in Jason's trial.

Luke has gone back to the Q study and is having a drink with Spanky Buns. He says that he's not going to allow Baldwin to force Lulu into a relationship with his bottom-feeding kid. Tracy says that Lulu really fell for Logan. She points out that Lulu will resent Luke if he tries to interfere. She says that everyone warned Lulu about Logan, just like everyone warned Laura about HIM! Luke says that Baldwin never got over the fact that Laura chose him and now he's using Lulu as revenge. Just then Lulu arrives and asks him to give her a little credit for what she's doing. Tracy reminds them that they love each other and then leaves the room. Lulu wants her dad to trust her and Luke says that Baldwin is just after revenge. She says that what happened between him, Scott and Laura decades ago has nothing to do with this.

Carly goes to Jason's place and asks where Johnny is. Jason says he's gone. Carly asks if he's dead and is relieved when she learns that he's not. She says that she thinks Nikolas is Leticia's killer now anyway. She explains that Emily thinks Nik is dangerous and Jason doesn't buy it. She says that everything that's happening doesn't sound like the mob, but Jason says it doesn't sound like Nikolas either. Jason tells her that she's on the wrong track.

As Nik talks to Alexis and Emily, Jax arrives to talk to him. Jax wants privacy, so Nik sends the women to dinner. After they leave, Nik asks Jax what is so private and Jax says, "I don't want Alexis to know that you stabbed my brother." Nik reminds Jax that he once pretended to be Spencer's father, so who's the liar here? Jax contends that Nik's blackouts are getting worse, but he insists that they aren't. On his way out, Jax urges him to see a specialist before he has a fit of rage that he can't explain away.

Trevor goes to Anthony's office and hears him berating his son from behind closed doors. When Johnny comes out, Trevor asks if he told his dad that Jason Morgan was the guy who picked him up. If he did, he caused a world of problems. He warns the kid to stay home so that he doesn't get picked up by Jason again. "Innocent people die when you take off," Trevor warns.

Sonny goes to Jason and asks what he got out of Johnny. Then he tells Jason that he asked Trevor to get him a meeting with Anthony. If it turns out that Anthony refuses, he wants Jason to grab Johnny again until he cooperates.

Emily and Alexis have gone to the Metro Court for dinner. Em is glad that Alexis finally knows about Nik's blackouts, so she can talk to her about them. She says that the first round of tests show that nothing is out of the ordinary and they are waiting for the 2nd round of results to come in. She says that Nik is losing time and suggests that things might be better for Molly and Kristina if they move out for a while. Alexis suddenly realizes why Em lashed out at her earlier. She asks Em who would be there to protect her if they leave?

Carly visits Nikolas and he's not surprised to see her. He informs her that her husband was just there, so she must think that he stabbed Jerry too. She tells him that no jury in the world would convict him for stabbing Jerry, given the Metro Court hostage crisis. She tells him that she knows he's been having blackouts and asks what he was doing the night Leticia died. Nik flashes back to a moment when he was driving with a cop siren flashing behind him. Then he grabs Carly and says that if he were going to stab anyone it would be her for taking his son away from him!


Luke tells Lulu that her relationship with Logan won't work.

Nik rages against Carly.

Johnny Z escapes his father's clutches again.

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