Trevor is notified via phone that Jason has taken Johnny to his penthouse. He insists that Anthony NOT be called.

As soon as Carly sees Johnny's face come through Jason's door, she pounces on him. She asks if the tape of her and Jax was for his perverse mind or someone else's. She pushes him and asks how he killed Leticia. Jason pulls her off of him and then pushes her out the door. She promises Johnny that this is about to "get ugly." After she's gone, Johnny tells Jason to just kill him already.

At the hospital Robin tells Patrick that her decision to have a baby has nothing to do with him. He tells her that she's just filling a void and Robin tells him that his arrogance knows no bounds. She clarifies that her desire to have a baby has been building since she thought she was pregnant. Patrick asks what the potential fathers on the list might say about this little plan of hers. He looks at the list again and announces that Spinelli can barely tie his own shoes. Robin says that it's a good thing that she's only looking for a little DNA then. She tells him that now that she thinks about it, she has him to thank for the clarity she has about wanting to commit to something bigger than herself. She walks right over to Leo at the desk and invites him to have drinks tonight so that they can discuss something.

Luke and Scott are squaring off in the Q study. Luke accuses Scott of playing on Lulu's vulnerability and Scott says that he doesn't even know his own daughter. He says that Lulu wants to go back with Logan and he merely offered her the opportunity. Then he adds that he has some lost ground to make up with Logan for. Luke says, "You're not going to pimp my daughter in the process!" Scott yells at Luke to stay out of his son's business, and leaves.

Lulu has gone to see Logan and he tells her that if they are going to work their problems out, she needs to let him have it. So she tells him that he made a fool of her and she wouldn't be here if Scott hadn't made such a good offer. She says that she'll give him a 2nd chance, but that doesn't mean that she'll forget that he broke her trust. Logan asks if she might be just looking to pay him back. Lulu explains that she has a hard time trusting and it could be because of Luke always having one foot out the door. She reminds Logan that opening up to him was a big deal and she really felt very betrayed when she learned that it all started over a bet. She says that her strong sense of self preservation came from Luke too. Suddenly she realizes that she can't be here now and tells him not to push it as she leaves.

Kate goes to Sonny's office and overhears him telling Max that he plans to kill Trevor. Sonny dismisses Max and tries to evade the issue by saying she wouldn't let him be a partner in her magazine and he has private business, too. Kate says that she almost wishes that she never walked through his door, but Sonny says, "The important thing is that you finally showed up." He admits that they make even less sense now than they did when they were kids, but they have something between them. Kate says sure -- if she develops memory loss and bad hearing. Just then Trevor shows up and tells Sonny that he just did some irreversible damage.

Lainey is visiting Cody in jail. He says that he's struggling without drugs, but jail is a strong form of rehab. Lainey says that he clearly has post traumatic stress (after serving in Iraq) and she should've been more supportive when he came to the ER looking for pills months ago. Cody says that it almost sounds like she's apologizing. Lainey reminds him that they can get him off of his charges of killing her father (by turning of his life support) by saying that Jolene did it. She's facing multiple murder charges anyway! Cody says that he'll face his own charges.

Jerry is sitting up in a wheelchair now and Jax is visiting him. Jerry insists that Nikolas is the person who stabbed him and what's more, he can't even remember. Jax says that he's aware that Nik is having problems, then asks if it's possible that the drug he gave Nik had long-lasting effects.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Emily that he's noticed that she is walking on eggshells with him. He says that he needs some fresh air and maybe a horseback ride would be good for them. Emily tells him that if he blacks out again, he could injure himself. Nikolas throws his coat down and demands that she stop treating him like a child. After he calms down, he apologizes. As he and Emily talk, Luke arrives and demands to know why Nik wasn't watching Lulu while he was gone!

Leo looks awesome as he meets Robin at the Metro Court for drinks. Before she can explain why she wanted to see him, he says that he thinks "this" is a great idea. He clearly thinks that she wants to date him and she thinks that he knows about her desire to have a baby. She says things like "this isn't going to be emotional, just two adults." And so on. Finally when he says the words "hook up", Robin realizes that they have their wires crossed and are talking about two entirely different subjects. Just then Patrick arrives and tells Leo that Robin wants him to father her child. Leo's drink comes out his nose.

At the penthouse, Jason is interrogating Johnny to find out more about Leticia's murder when Lulu comes in without knocking.

NOTE: Fifteen minutes (in the middle) of today's episode were pre-empted for a local news conference.

Logan opens his door and is surprised (and happy) to see Lulu standing there. She says that she didn't plan to come back so soon, but something is going on at Jason's. He asks if she really wants to work things out, but before she can answer, Luke knocks on the door. When Logan opens it Luke sees Lulu and says, "I was really hopin' not to find you here."

Jax and Carly are dressed for dinner at Metro Court. He tells her that he doesn't think Zacchara is out to start a mob war with Sonny. Then he says that something is going on with Nikolas. Carly listens as he explains that Nikolas was Jerry's stabber and he doesn't even remember it.

Emily returns to the study and sees that Luke is gone and Nikolas has a cut. He assures her that Luke is fine and that he left already. He says that he accidentally broke something, that's all. Then he asks her how she would feel about hosting a formal ball? She asks if it's a good idea and he says that they could use a distraction. Besides, he's making an endowment to GH to help keep the vultures at Medcam away and the ball would be the perfect way to do it. Most importantly, he says, that the ball would be a gift for her because he loves her.

Johnny tells Jason that if he's not returned soon, the very people he's trying to protect will be hurt.

In Sonny's office, Trevor threatens that if Johnny isn't returned; there will be a substantial loss of life. Sonny demands a face-to-face with Zacchara and says that's the only way he'll get his son back. Meanwhile, it sounds as if there's an angry beast outside of the heavy wooden doors of Sonny's mansion. He's huffing and puffing and demanding that he get his son back.


As Emily asks Nikolas if he's up for a ball, he plays with his knife.

Trevor tells Sonny that Anthony does not negotiate.

Sonny calls Jason with his orders.


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