Carly takes her "I'm watching you" text message for Jason to check out. In the midst of the text conversation, she babbles that she and Jax were fooling around on the couch and now there are probably pictures of them all over the internet. Jason is embarrassed by too much information and urges her to explain her theory. She backs up and says that she had Trevor over and Sonny found out and got mad and the next thing she knows intimate pictures of her and Jax are sent to the set of "Everyday Heroes". Jason asks who she texted earlier today and Carly senses that he is trying to push her to the side of everything. She insists that she is going to help find who killed Leticia! Jason orders her to go home and let him handle it!

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is admitting to Emily that he hates Jerry Jacks, but she says not the kind of guy who would stab someone - no matter what Jerry told her. He calmly says that he's worried that he could hurt her during one of his blackouts. He wonders if Jerry could be lying and then says that he needs to go find some answers.

Kelly and Robin are talking from behind the nurses' desk. Kelly reminds Robin that parenthood, especially single parenthood, isn't easy. Then she talks about the pitfalls of being an HIV positive single mother. Robin contends that she knows what she's doing, she loves Patrick but they couldn't work out their problems. Kelly says that it's not fair to create a baby to fill a void. Robin explains that after her pregnancy scare it became crystal clear that she wants a child and Patrick doesn't. Robin says that she would manage her HIV so that everything possible would be done to protect the baby, delivering by c-section for starters. Kelly says that if Robin insists on taking this path she can recommend a sperm bank. But Robin wants to find someone on her own. Kelly goes from being a doctor to a friend in a second and they giggle as they start a list of guys who can father Robin's child. Leo, Andy, Nikolas, Lucky, Jax… (They decide to scratch Andy since Kelly likes him). Kelly suggests Eli Love, but Robin says that would be icky. Sonny? Robin says that would be incestuous since he was like a big brother to Stone. Jason. Then they scratch Jason because he wouldn't want to be a test tube father, he'd want to be involved. Kelly suggests Max and Robin can't see why not. And, since Spinelli is a genius, he makes the cut, too.

Lulu and Logan are sitting at a table at Kelly's. She tells him about Scott's deal with her and he insists that he doesn't need his father's pity. He says that if he believed that she still thought there might be something good between them he'd kiss her. She doesn't say anything and he says, "Yea, that's what I thought."

Leyla has just pulled back from her kiss with Patrick. She says that she is sorry if she sent him mixed signals, but getting involved with him now would be a huge mistake. As she gets up to leave, Patrick asks her to wait. He admits that he and Robin care very deeply about each other and Leyla says that she wants no part of being in the middle of that. Patrick tells her that he likes her and that he's not just looking for the next warm body to come along. Leyla won't budge, so Patrick tries a different approach. He wonders if her objection for getting involved with him is because she'll have problems at work if she dates him. Leyla gets adamant and says that she does want to be respected at work - it's important to her family, but that's not it either. They sit back down and calmly talk about what they each want for their lives. She says that she wants the same kind of things that he does, but it's complicated. "If you're looking for uncomplicated, I'm your guy." She slowly moves in for a kiss, and then another. Until they decide to lie down together. After they make love, Leyla tells him that if things get complicated, she doesn't care. His beeper goes off and he says that he has to get to the hospital. She tells him that they can "finish this off" later. Patrick seems to like the idea.

Jax is visiting Jerry at his bedside. He asks Jerry why he covered for Nikolas with the police. Jerry says that he clearly had it coming after what he's done to Nikolas and Emily. Jax moves on to the next subject -- the pictures of him and Carly. Jerry says that they could've been arranged by anyone, but it certainly means that trouble is brewing. After Jax leaves, Nikolas comes in and calmly asks Jerry why he lied to Emily and said that he stabbed him. Jerry informs Nik that that truly tried to filet him on the docks, but don't worry, he described a totally different man to the cops. Nonetheless, Nik wants to know what the stabbing was like from Jerry's point of view. Jerry wisely guesses that Nikolas has lost his memory of the whole thing.

Luke tells Tracy that he missed her. She asks why he felt the need to pretend he was Martha Stewart and interrupt her massage. He asks who Ramón is and she moans that it was a "long, lonely summer". He says that apparently she was covered, but he was lonely this summer, too. Tracy moves in for a kiss and tells him that Scott changed his mind about the kidnapping charges and Laura's guardianship. Luke asks what that's going to cost them and asks for an explanation of everything he missed while he was gone. Tracy says that it was a long summer and Luke asks if she slept with Scott too? "Ewwww, never again!" Tracy yells and Luke can't believe that she ever slept with him in the first place! Tracy brushes her long, distant past off and informs Luke that she was confined to Shady Brooke this summer. She explains that she got out by digging dirt on Scott for leverage and it turns out that he has a son that he deserted. Luke brightens up and laughs that Scott has a little boy. "Remember Logan Hayes?" Tracy asks. Luke remembers him and Tracy says that is Scott's son and Lulu is… (She gently speaks so as to control Luke's reaction)…infatuated with Scott's son. She explains that she tried to stop it, but Lulu won't be stopped. Luke asks when she started respecting other people's opinions? Tracy scowls and says that if he'd stick around for more than five minutes, he could look after his own daughter!

Spinelli finds Lulu at Kelly's and hears about Scott's bargain with her. She says that Scott will renege on the deal if she doesn't follow through. Spinelli sadly takes that as a sign that Lulu really does want to give Logan chance.

Scott goes to upstairs to Logan's apartment and faces his son's anger. Logan says that Scott blackmailed Lulu, but Scott says that Lulu is stubborn like her mother and that he only gave her an excuse to give him another chance. Logan says that he doesn't want Lulu back like this. "That makes you an idiot," Scott says. Then he goes back downstairs and tells Lulu that a deal is a deal, so he'll give up Laura no matter what she does. Lulu tells him that she'll give Logan one more chance.

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and reports to Emily that Jerry didn't really shed any light for him, "since Jerry can't open his mouth without lying." He says that it could be a coincidence that he just found a knife and maybe it's not even "the" knife. Emily says that his mood swings and blackouts are enough reason to worry even without the possible stabbing. Nik agrees to have more tests run and Emily assures him that it could be temporary. Nik says that he's always worried about the Cassadine blood that runs through his veins and when it will turn on him. Emily says that he's nothing like his family.

Leyla and Patrick are riding the elevator in the elevator and he reaches for her hand. Before the door opens, they pull apart. They step to the nurses' desk and Robin tells Patrick about the patient and dismisses Leyla's offer to help. Robin walks away and Leyla finds the handwritten list of men's names that Robin and Kelly made.

Scott walks into the Q mansion looking for Tracy, but meets Luke's fist instead. "C'mon Spencer hasn't anyone killed you yet?" Scott says as he rubs his jaw. Luke tells Scott to keep his spawn away from Lulu -- or he will.

Lulu knocks on Logan's door and says that she intends on keeping her end of her deal. Logan tells her that she doesn't have to do this. "You're right I don’t, this is between me and you and I'm willing to give us another chance. Do you want it or not?" Logan says that he does and she says that she does too, but he's going to have to work for it this time.

Carly goes back to the penthouse looking for Jason. Spinelli says that Jason's not home, and adds that he's worried about Lulu reconciling with the Knuckle Scraper. Carly is sorry to hear that, but she tells Spinelli to leave while he works on tracing the text message because she and Jason are going to fight and he shouldn't be in the middle of it. Spinelli obliges and leaves. Soon, Jason returns and he has Johnny Z with him. "Did you kill Leticia?" Carly asks.

When Patrick has a moment, Leyla gives him the paper and he recognizes Robin's handwriting. "Whatever party Robin is having, guess we weren't invited," he says as he reads the list of names. He hands it to Robin. Kelly sees what's going on and reminds him that he was invited but he turned it down. Robin tells Kelly to be quiet, but Kelly says that she might as well "put it out there now". Robin pauses and then says, "This is a list of potential fathers for my baby."


Scott informs Luke that his daughter wants to get back with Logan.

Carly pushes Johnny down.

Trevor tells someone that they just made a serious error.

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