When Robin finds Patrick on the Metro Court terrace, he asks her what she's doing there. She tells him that they broke up hastily and even though they want different things in their lives, she misses him. He tells her that he misses her too and is sorry for the way things ended. Robin starts to ask him if he could change things…but Leyla arrives. She takes in the situation and tells them to enjoy their evening. Patrick tells her to stay and then turns to Robin to say that he's glad that they talked. Robin tells him that she'll see him at work and leaves. Patrick tells Leyla that he didn't know Robin was going to show up, but they do have a lot of unfinished business. Leyla kindly tells him that if he wants to go after her, he should.

As Carly and Jax start to undress on their sofa, a video cam records their every move. Carly stops and asks him what they were arguing about anyway? They laugh and run up the stairs to their bedroom.

Dr. Leo and Emily are starting to work on Jerry in the ER. Jolene's sister Nadine has been asked to help too, since she was the only nurse they could find. Dr. Ford shows up and asks why Leo is working triage, with an intern and a nurse who isn't even on staff? Leo tells Dr. Ford that they need to work on keeping the patient alive. Nadine introduces herself to Dr. Ford and says that she can't believe that her sister killed anyone. He takes a firm stance with her and tells her to leave before he has security throw her out.

Nik is somewhere along the waterfront. He has a bloody knife in his hand and walks over to a dumpster to get rid of it. Before he can, a Detective Harper introduces himself and says he has a few questions. Turns out he wants to talk about the druggie incident at the PCPD earlier. The addict ended up escaping custody and the detective needs to find out more about Nik's "takedown" earlier. Nik says that he needs to get going and Det. Harper lets him go with a brief "thank you."

Liz and Lucky are arguing about Jake's custody in the doctor's locker room and Epiphany comes in and yells at them. She tells them that their issues will have to wait until Liz clocks out. Lucky says that fathers have rights, too, and he'll take Jake away from her if that's what it takes to keep him safe. He leaves and Epiphany gives Liz a few moments to catch her breath. She tells her that there is a simple solution that she just might have to use.

Lulu is at work at Kelly's asking Mike to give her more work to do so that she can keep her mind off of Logan. Mike gladly obliges. Spinelli comes in and is surprised to see her working on her day off. He knows that he has irritated her and offers to quench his thirst somewhere else. Lulu tells him not to keep his distance -- she could use a friend. Just as Spinelli sits down, Logan comes in to return tome CD's to Lulu. As he tries to talk to Lulu, Scott comes in and says it's no fun trying to make things right with someone who avoids calls, is it?

Emily calls Carly to tell her about Jerry's stab wound. She says that he is about to go into surgery and that she and Jax might want to be there. After Carly hangs up, Jax comes down and Carly tells him that they are going to the hospital and why. "No," Jax says. He says that Jerry is always fine and he's likely brought this on himself. He explains that after watching Jerry murder Irina he doesn't want to know his brother anymore. Carly thinks that Jax is trying to be indifferent and that he still loves Jerry. She says that he'll never forgive himself if Jerry dies. Jax insists that he's not going to the hospital, so Carly says that she'll go for him.

Logan and Scott take a table and order breakfast. Scott tells Logan that that he's stepping up to be his dad now that he's found out about it. Logan reminds him that he told him months ago that he was his son. Logan says that he doesn't need his long-lost father trying to fix things for him. Meanwhile, Lulu is standing behind the counter. Even though she's talking to Spinelli, she's staring at Logan. Logan leaves his table with Scott and goes to Lulu to ask her to talk. Lulu tells him that he broke her trust and he'll never have it again. "It makes me sick to see you, so please, just go," she says. Scott watches as Logan leaves Kelly's.

Lulu asks Spinelli to give her some time alone and then goes to Scott's table to see if he wants any more food. Scott tells her that he'll drop the kidnapping charges against Luke and give guardianship of Laura back to Nikolas so that Laura can be brought back home. Lulu asks what he wants in return. Scott says that he wants her to give Logan a second chance.

Nikolas goes home to Wyndemere and faces questions from Alfred. He wonders what is bothering the Prince and Nik asks for some privacy. Inside his study, Nik pours himself a stiff drink and slams it down. He notices some blood on his shirt sleeve. Alexis comes through on her way to fetch a snack for the girls and Nik snaps at her. She wants to know why his entire personality has changed since they moved in. Nik says that her good friend Jerry and his poison might have done more damage than they realized. Alexis asks if he and Jerry fought tonight. He says that he hasn't seen Jerry. Alexis wants him to trust her by telling her what is going on. Nik decides to make an attempt to tolerate her working relationship with Jerry Jax, but he would also appreciate some tolerance from her. Alexis doesn't buy his peace treaty and tells him that she'll be here to help him whenever he's ready to talk. The second she leaves the room, Nik takes off his bloodied shirt and burns it in the fireplace.

Patrick and Leyla have sat down at their dinner table and started to talk. She tells him that reconciliations happen all the time and he and Robin are clearly drawn to each other. He tells her that it's over because he and Robin have different view of their lives. He says that he asked her out to get to know her and not to discuss his ex-girlfriend. Then, he asks her about her background and she tells him that her parents moved the family from Iran when the revolution started. They went to London, and when she grew up, she came to the states to study nursing. She tells Patrick that she also wants to go to med school and feels that she owes her parents for their sacrifice. She turns the conversation to Patrick and asks what motivates him. He owns up to it -- "ego." He admits that he's obsessed with being the best and Leyla finds that refreshing. After they've finished dinner, Patrick tells her that this was a good first date. She tells him, however, that she doesn't want to be his rebound girl, so this could be their last date. He says that she's not and he'd like to see her again.

Robin is back at the hospital putting her scrubs back on. She's explaining what just happened with Patrick to Kelly. She feels pathetic, but Kelly says that a "semi-recovered sex addict giving advice" is pathetic, but she will do it anyway. She admits that she's a long way from having a relationship and Robin asks what about Andy? Kelly says that for now, they are just friends. Robin thinks that maybe she and Patrick could be what they never really were…friends.

Emily finds Carly looking at Jerry after his surgery and tells her that it'll be a while before he wakes up. She reports that he lost a lot of blood, so they're not sure if he'll recover. Then she leaves for the lab and Carly walks in to talk to Jerry. "I don't care if you die, but you're brother couldn't take it," she says. He wakes up a little later, and Carly explains where he is. Jerry asks where Jax is and Jax comes up behind Carly and says, "Right here."

Epiphany warns Robin not to spread herself too thin and reminds her that she's already taking a double shift. So she agrees to go home. Dr. Andy finds her in the lounge as she gets out of her scrubs and back into her black dress. He tells her that it would be a shame to waste the dress and asks if he can buy her a drink. Robin asks what about Kelly? Andy says that Kelly isn't remotely ready to commit to a relationship, he wishes she would, but since that's not the case what harm is a friendly drink? Robin nods in agreement and as they walk out the door, we see that Kelly has overheard.

Emily goes home and asks Alfred if Spencer has been tucked in yet. Alfred says that the nanny is handling the baby tonight because Nik has asked for privacy. Emily goes into the study to look for him and rifles through the mail when she sees that he's not there. She drops an envelope and when she bends down to get it, she sees a scrap of shirt by the fireplace. Nik comes down the stairs and timidly greets her. She asks if he changed his clothes and Nik said that Spencer got spaghetti sauce on it.


Jax asks Jerry who stabbed him.

Emily asks Nik how blood got on his shirt.

Lulu asks Scott for proof that he'll keep up his end of the bargain.

Luke surprises Tracy!

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