Robin is confronting Leyla and asking her not to throw her new relationship with Patrick in her face. Leyla informs Robin that she is angry with herself for breaking up with Patrick and she wants him back. She goes on to say that she enjoys Patrick's company and that's all it is at this point. Robin tells Leyla that she's practically following him all over the hospital! Leyla counters with "The same could be said for you" and then tells Robin to take her issues up with Patrick.

Jolene's sister Nadine is at the nurses' desk looking for Jolene. Spinelli is there, too, and he and Epiphany jump down her throat for her sister's crimes at the hospital. Nikolas has just come in with his bloody hand and overhears it. He insists that they apologize to her. Nadine explains that their dad died during a routine surgery and it was hard on the whole family, but all she cares about right now is seeing her sister. After Spinelli agrees to take Nadine to Jolene's room, Epiphany sees Nick's bleeding knuckles and asks him if he needs to see a doctor. Em sees that he's there and whisks him into an examination room. She tells him that he's a hero for restraining the druggie at the PCPD, but he should try not to do that anymore. Nik doesn't remember any of it. Emily wants to page Robin and Patrick, but Nik won't hear of it. He gets agitated and tells her to support him for once and not try to control him.

Alexis & Lucky, Diane & Liz are meeting at the Metro Court to discuss the divorce. Both sides are playing hardball and finally Diane pulls Liz away to snag a table. Diane urges Liz to go after more than she actually wants. Liz says that she doesn't want Lucky's money; she just wants her kids to stay with her. OR, Diane suggests that Liz can admit that Lucky isn't Jake's father. Liz reminds her that she already testified otherwise, but Diane says that they can have the court order a paternity test and she can act surprised. Liz says that Jake's life would be in danger, so no way. Then Diane suggests that they use Lucky's drug addiction against him, and Liz balks. Over at their table, Alexis tells Lucky to give Liz some incentive to settle quickly and the best way to do that is to ask for more than he's willing to settle for - like custody of Jake. Lucky says that he's just as close to Cam as he is to Jake, but Alexis says that since he never legally adopted Cam, he can't go for him. She wants Lucky to use how dangerous Jason is and how Liz repeatedly gives him access to her boys. She warns him that if they take this tact, he's telling the court that she is an unfit mother and will be in unpopular territory. She says that she'll never forgive Ric for doing the same to her, so his relationship with Liz might very well be destroyed.

Sonny has just barged into Carly's house and caught her having a martini with Trevor. Carly tries to throw Sonny out, but he tells her that Trevor is working her. In order to nip Carly's plan in the bud, Sonny comes right out and asks Trevor what Carly is trying to sneak out of him. He asks if Johnny killed their nanny. Trevor says that Johnny was no where near Port Charles that night and tells Sonny to smarten up and consider his other enemies. Then he turns to Carly and thanks her for the cocktail and suggests that they do it again in the future. After he leaves, Carly tells Sonny that he blew it! She tells him that she was about to nail Trevor and he tells her that she's not Nancy Drew with the case of the twisted stairs. Carly asks him if he's reading Nancy Drew and Sonny urges her to get back on track. He says that he doesn't think Johnny is the killer and Carly spills that "when I met him" he didn't seem like the killer either. Sonny asks how she met Johnny and Carly asks what if Johnny is just a diversion? Sonny tells her to let him take care of this, but Carly says that Trevor pushes all of his buttons and this is too dangerous for him. Sonny says that nothing will stop him from protecting his family.

At the hospital, Kelly has just planted a big, juicy kiss on Dr. Leo, but he pulls away and asks her about her sexual addiction recovery program. Kelly tells him that her program allows her to feel sexual attraction, and besides, they are two consenting adults. As they give in to their passion and kiss again, this time with unbuttoned shirts, Kate opens the door and finds them. She is embarrassed and leaves. Kelly follows her out and apologizes for the awkwardness. Dr. Andy asks what Kelly is apologizing for and she admits that she kissed Dr. Leo. As they start to discuss their respective addictions, Kate tells them to discuss this in private.

Kate scoffs at an outfit that a woman is wearing and Epiphany explains that all women aren't toothpicks who want to wear "art" on their bodies. She says that she would like to see a magazine that offers ideas for pretty dresses or a piece of furniture that she could actually afford. Then, she orders Kate to get back to work. Kate calls Jax to meet her at the hospital for a business proposition. When he arrives, she pitches the idea of a beautiful magazine that offers fashion and stylish home ideas that a working woman can afford. She says that she needs a backer with deep pockets.

Kelly finds Andy and apologizes for snapping at him. She admits that she had a slipup and is looking forward to 68 days from now when they can "celebrate". He coolly tells her to go to a meeting if she had a slipup and Kelly gets mad.

Diane has hung back at the Metro Court. She's on the phone looking for research to support how easily a drug addict relapses. Trevor finds her and asks if he needs to protect himself. She laughs at how she got out of control the last time they met. He suggests that she focus on her high profile client because he just left Sonny at Carly's and he was barely coherent. He says that people will get hurt of clearer heads don't prevail.

Leyla goes to Epiphany to check out for the day. Epiphany asks if she's in a hurry, and Leyla says that she needs to get ready for her date with somebody "nameless" at the Metro Court. (Robin has overheard.)

Spinelli is with Nadine, explaining all the awful things that Jolene did to the hospital. Namely, she sabotaged the elevator and trapped a pregnant woman inside, who later died. She is also responsible for other hospital deaths. Spinelli says that Jolene was a well-paid minion for Med Cam, the company that wants to take over GH. Nadine can't believe this and Spinelli tells her to either hide the fact that she is Jolene's sister, or prepare to be hated. Nadine says that she has a lot to think about.

In the doctor's lounge, Liz is changing clothes when Lucky shows up. He asks her to fire Diane or else he'll file for sole custody of his son. He says that good mothers don't let mobsters hang out with their kids. Liz angrily says that she will not stand back and let them bully her. She says if she has to, she'll have Diane drag up his addiction.

Jax comes home and finds Carly making phone calls about their Montreal hotel. When she hangs up, he tells her about Kate's idea for a magazine for working women and Carly says that was her idea! She says that she pitched that very idea to Warren, Kate's boss, months ago. After Jax says that Kate asked him to be an investor, Carly says that no way will her husband go into business with Sonny's new girlfriend. Jax says it's a good investment. Carly pouts and admits that she's jealous and possessive and what if Kate is after her husband? Jax says that they can negotiate the intellectual property rights and that he is extremely married. As he (successfully!) tries to distract her with sex, we see that a camcorder is on the coffee table and it's "on".

After Kate's first day of community service, she goes to Sonny's for a homemade dinner. She tells him that she had a new idea today. She explains her idea about fashion for working women and Sonny says that the intended audience sounds like who she would've been if she didn't leave the neighborhood. Then she tells him about her first investor, Jasper Jacks. Sonny's face drops. He says that he'd be honored to help her start a magazine, especially since she lost Couture because of him. She thanks him, but since they are involved it wouldn't be a good idea. Besides, she has just learned her lesson about mixing business with pleasure. He doesn't seem offended and urges her to forget about business for one night. "What business?" she says just before she lets him kiss her.

Robin has put on a very sexy black cocktail dress and gone to the Metro Court looking for Patrick. She is told that Mr. Drake is waiting for her on the terrace.

An emergency stab-wound patient comes in and Dr. Leo needs a nurse but none can be found. Nadine says that she's an attending nurse and then Emily shows up to assist. When she looks at the patient, she says, "Oh My God!" when she sees that it's Jerry.

Nikolas is somewhere looking stunned as he notices that he has a bloody knife in his hand.


Patrick asks Robin what she's doing there.

Jerry might not make it through surgery.

Detective Harper has some questions for Nik.

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