Sonny is angry at Diane when he finds her working on Liz's divorce instead of trying to bury Trevor Lansing with a "legal bullet". Diane says that she is on the alert, but they have to proceed against him with caution because he will be difficult to ambush. Sonny says they have to work quickly before they have another body on their hands. Diane says that if she snoops around in the wrong places, she could get "bushwhacked." Sonny shakes his head and tells her to just use the term "whacked." Whatever, Diane says. She pulls out the designer sketch of a couture dress that Kate gave her. She reminds him that this was supposed to be her dress, but now that Kate has been fired, the designer isn't answering her calls. Her point? She is highly motivated to bury Trevor.

Carly has called Spinelli over to her house to work on a project. When he arrives, she has orange soda and chips ready for him, but he affirms his intentions to steer clear of helping her as per Stone Cold's instructions. He backs out the door, but Carly follows him with words like "working together" and "keeping Lulu safe". Spinelli says that his loyalty to Stone Cold must come first. Carly promises to talk Jason into forgiving him. Spinelli urges her to just bring Stone Cold in on it and they can all work together. Carly insists that he dig up everything he can on Trevor Lansing. Somehow she manages to get him back in the door. Carly says that if they can prove to Lulu that Johnny killed Leticia, she'll abandon all connections with him. Upon hearing this, Spinelli is on board and swigs his orange soda to celebrate.

Cody has been taken into custody at PCPD. He is brought to the interrogation room because Dr. (Lainey) Winters has asked to see him. She tells him that she owes him for pulling the plug on her ailing father. She says that he was trapped inside of his body and Cody had the guts to give him what she couldn't. Cody says that it's too bad that society doesn't see it that way. Lainey has an idea of how to get him exonerated. Cody reminds her that he already confessed, but Lainey clarifies that he only confessed to keep her from being arrested. She tells him to change his plea. She explains that Jolene has been blamed for a rash of unexplained accidents at the hospital and they could chalk her father's death up to the same thing.

Robin is in the doctor's lounge talking to Anna via cell phone. She tells her that she and Patrick have broken up and that she needs…(she can't say any more because she hears an explosion in the background and their connection goes dead.) Robin is upset, so she goes behind a door to a house phone and asks if Dr. Drake is in surgery. He is. Then, Dr. Leo hobbles into the lounge, followed by Leyla. He invites her to join a bunch of them to hear a blues band later, but she has plans. She finally admits that she and Patrick have a date at the Metro Court later. (They don't see Robin.)

Liz is upbeat at work as she thanks Emily for helping her to find the perfect house for her and the boys. Emily hopes that she's not overstepping, but she suggests that having both Diane and Alexis working on her and Lucky's divorce could get ugly. Liz says that Diane's agreement for no alimony and only child support was very fair, but he insists on bringing Alexis in. Epiphany overhears and says that divorce is a nasty business.

Lucky and Nik are talking at the PCPD and Nik doesn't remember yelling at Lucky for whining about his marriage problems. Lucky is hesitant to express his anger over Liz having Jason's lawyer work on the divorce, but Nik seems willing to talk about it. He urges Lucky to keep things simple for everyone's sake. As Nik leaves, a cop brings a strung-out drug addict in and the guy starts to struggle. Nik springs to action and brings the guy under control. Lucky gets to Nik and pulls him off before he can pound the guy to death.

Still at work, Emily pulls Robin aside and tells her that she and Nikolas have ordered a cat scan and an MRI because the blood panel she ordered didn't turn anything up. Robin asks her to describe his symptoms, since Nikolas was sketchy at best when he asked for the blood work. Emily tells her about Nik's lost time and the beatings he has been guilty of.

Spinelli goes to Sonny and before he can talk, Sonny tells him to use words that normal people can understand. Spinelli concentrates and then tells him that Carly is making plans to go after Trevor Lansing. Sonny asks how he got involved in this and Spinelli goes into full ramble mode. After he shuts up, Sonny only understands enough to know that he doesn't like what he thinks he just heard. At all.

Alexis and Trevor run into each other at the Metro Court. He sits at her table and asks how her girls are. Alexis reminds him that they are in hiding thanks to him. Trevor says that he is positive that it will be safe for them to go home now. He asks when he can see Molly again, and Alexis guardedly offers a lunch meeting next week. Trevor is grateful. After he leaves, Carly slinks over and takes his seat. She tells Alexis that she needs help with Trevor Lansing. She informs Alexis that Trevor Lansing could be Zacchara's right hand - not just his lawyer. She urges her not to be naive, but Alexis says that she's walking a fine line in keeping her daughters safe. So, it's mission NOT accomplished for Carly and she's not happy.

Leyla talks with Epiphany at the nurses' desk. Epiphany tells her that she doesn't want any drama other than between Doctor and Disease, not doctor and nurses. She warns Leyla not to get hurt by Dr. Drake, but Leyla says that she and Patrick are just having fun. Dr. Lee joins them and says that fun is dead and buried. Then a couple gets off the elevator and starts kissing. Kelly orders them to put their raging hormones on check. Dr. Andy pulls her aside and tells her to cool it! She says that her sex addiction therapy isn't going well and she has 9 whole weeks of abstinence left! Then she notices that he looks tired and asks how his sleeplessness therapy is going. He tells her that he'll help her, if she'll help him. He says that if they both stay clean of their respective vices for 68 more days, maybe they can get together. She says that they can "jump in the sack" and he asks her why she always makes it sound so clinical. After Andy goes to a meeting, Kelly bumps into Dr. Leo on his way to have his wound checked. She tells him that he looks "mighty fine" to her.

Liz is about to leave work so that she can go meet with Diane, Alexis and Lucky to work on the divorce. Emily apologizes for sticking her nose into her business, and Liz says that she knows she means well. Lainey finds them and says that a girls' night is in order! Liz agrees and says maybe it could be at her new house. After she leaves, Lainey tells Em about the druggie that Nikolas pummeled at the PCPD.

Spinelli goes to the hospital and asks Epiphany where Jolene is. Epiphany tells him that she sabotaged the hospital and murder is murder! Spinelli says that since Jolene threw herself in front of a bullet to spare him, he would like to see her as an angel of mercy, rather than an angel of death. Epiphany tells him that Jolene is in a coma. Spinelli is sad because he'd like to know why she saved his life.

Alexis and Diane arrive first at the Metro Court. In between legal talk, they compliment each other on their hair, suits, etc. When Liz arrives, Alexis tells her to simply sign the papers that she draws up and don't let Diane talk her out of it. Diane starts to grumble and then greets Lucky. The more the lawyers threaten Liz and Lucky, the more argumentative Diane gets with Alexis. Finally she tells Alexis to shake the moth balls off of her bargain basement clothes.

Carly has dressed for evening and invited Trevor over for a drink. When he arrives, she makes him a martini and says that she'd like for them to help each other out. Trevor says that Jason made it very clear that he isn't to work with her, but Carly says that she can handle Jason. Just then, Sonny shows up and tells Trevor to get the hell out. Carly says that Trevor was invited, he wasn't -- and he needs to leave.

As Leo is in the lounge putting his shirt back on after his exam, Kelly finds him and asks how it went. He says that he won't get into the OR any time soon. Kelly closes the door behind her and tells him that he needs some cardio, and then moves in for a juicy kiss.


Sonny urges Carly to come clean with Trevor.

Nik tells Emily to stop trying to control him.

Both Diane and Alexis assure their clients that they will retain custody.

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