Georgie arrives at Jason's apartment to see Spinelli. He's been researching a few class options for her, which warms Georgie's heart. They chat and Spinelli shows her a new program he is using to track the text messages.

Skye and Ric meet. He asks if Alcazar is dead and she says it doesn't matter what she believes. He wonders exactly what she wants. She tells him it is time to let go of the past so that they stop reliving the same happenings over the over. Ric explains that he isn't living in the past any longer thanks to the drama between Sonny, Kate and Trevor. He doesn't want to be in the middle of the action anymore, he just wants to be a bystander.

Alexis meets Jerry at the Metro Court; he thanks her for representing him. Ric spies them and heads over to the table. He asks Alexis what she is up to and warns her away from Jerry. He points out Molly's safety and says he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near Jerry. They argue about Molly's living arrangements and then Ric walks away. Alexis turns to Jerry and says she will keep working on his case! They leave and return to her office. Jerry asks why she ever bothered with Ric in the first place. Alexis tells Jerry that it doesn't matter because she won't repeat any past mistakes. Jerry leaves.

Nikolas pulls Emily away from Scotty before she can throw a punch at him. Nik plays the mediator and tells Scotty not to approach him unless his lawyer is present. He and Emily leave. They arrive at the mansion and Nikolas thanks Emily for stepping in; he believes it kept him from going into a rage. He wonders, though, how much longer the rages will last and what will happen if no one is around to stop his anger next time. Nikolas isn't sure what triggers the rages and he is scared that soon he won't be able to stop the rages. He is already having memory loss because of the rages. He is worried he'll hurt Em one day but she is certain that he couldn't hurt her because he has only gotten violent with people he already has issues with. That doesn’t make Nik feel much better.

Johnny has Logan at gunpoint and accuses him of making Lulu cry. She tells him she is fine. Logan turns, grabs the gun and begins fighting Johnny for it! They drop the gun and Lulu grabs it. She tells them to stop or she'll call the cops! The guys stop fighting. Lulu gives the gun to Johnny and tells him to leave because she doesn't like guns. He leaves. Lulu starts to go too but Logan stops her and asks what happened between Lulu and Johnny before. Lulu refuses to tell Logan anything. She walks away from Logan stops her and asks why she is defending a guy who pulled a gun on him. He thinks Lulu has the hots for Johnny! Lulu can't believe him. She tells him about the night she met Johnny but says she isn't going to see him again - just like she isn't going to see Logan again! Logan tries to get her to give him a second chance. "If you think I'm going to be the one to save you you're wrong," she says and walks away.

Coop arrives for his date with Maxie at the Metro Court. She asks him if they can start over! Coop tells Maxie she needs to do some serious work on herself before he'll consider it. Maxie leaves and heads straight to Logan's and bangs on his door. He isn't there and she decides to wait. Logan arrives in a while and can't believe she is there. He tells her to go away because he's done making mistakes with her but Lulu follows him inside. Maxie picks a fight with Logan; he says he hates her!

Jason arrives at Carly's just as Trevor is warning her that Johnny isn't an ordinary kid. He tells Trevor to leave Carly out of things! Trevor says he has Lulu's best interests at heart; Carly steps in and tells him to back off. They both tell Trevor that he needs to get Johnny under control; he tells them they all need to keep Johnny under control so that his father, Anthony, will remain under control! Trevor leaves and Jason asks what Carly did this time. Carly fills him in on her clandestine activities. He tells her to go back to the beginning of her story and not leave out any details. Carly does and then tells Jason that Johnny was strange when they met. She doesn't think Johnny will back off at all; she thinks he is becoming obsessed with Lulu! Jason leaves. Lulu arrives and asks Carly about her "meeting" with Johnny! Lulu can't believe what Carly did; she thinks Carly betrayed her. Carly defends her actions and reminds Lulu of what happened to Letitia; she also fills Lulu in on how quickly Johnny pulled a gun. Lulu defends him, saying he probably felt cornered. Carly can't believe it. Lulu storms out and receives a text message. She replies - to Johnny!

Trevor finds Johnny at the Metro Court and tells him to talk to Alexander and then go home. Johnny refuses but Trevor won't take no for an answer and decides to call Johnny's dad for him!

Ric returns to Skye; she brings up the custody arrangement and Ric tells her that he'll do anything to keep his child safe! Skye tells Ric to leave Alexis alone because he can't beat her in family court! Trevor arrives and asks Skye to leave. She does. He tells Ric to drop the investigation into Letitia's death! Ric wonders why and Trevor makes a few vague threats about things that effect Trevor effecting Ric. He leaves. Skye returns.

Jason arrives and tells Spinelli that Johnny may not have known exactly who Lulu was the night he picked her up.

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Carly gives Spinelli a job - to get the dirt on Trevor! Nikolas and Lucky argue. Nikolas has another spell.

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