Scott has tracked Logan down to the Metro Court lobby. He wants them to read the results of the paternity test results together. Lulu is there, too, because she was trying to help find Logan for Scott. After Logan reads the results, the shakes his head and tells Scott that you can't fight modern science, "I'm your kid." Before Scott can talk, Logan assures him that he doesn't want anything. Scott admits that he messed up and Logan says that if he cared, he would've checked in with his mom back when she was working three jobs. "You didn't have time for us then, and I don't have time for you now." Logan starts to leave, but sees that Lulu has heard the whole thing. She explains that she was looking for him for Scott and Logan thanks her for caring.

Jax is at the door of the penthouse demanding that Spinelli tell him where Carly is. Spinelli tries to slip away from him, but Jax grabs him by the shirt and sees the gun that he's wearing. Spinelli assures Jax that he has learned from Jason and knows what he's doing. Jax asks him if he knows how to change the clip and Spinelli is dumbfounded. He is forced to admit what's going on, via his own unique language that Jax is somehow able to decipher. As soon as Jax hears that Carly is meeting Johnny Z in the park, he talks off -- with the gun.

In the park, Johnny is holding a gun against Carly's neck. She explains that Lulu is her cousin and she doesn't need his kind of trouble. She asks where he was going when he found Lulu hitch hiking that night. Before Johnny can answer, Jax arrives and tries to get Carly to go to his car. He turns to face Johnny to ask him questions, but bodyguards step out from behind the bushes. "You're outnumbered," Johnny tells Jax.

Kate and Sonny have made love and she tells him that he was incredible. He says that he's glad they didn't sleep together when they were young because it's been better to get to know her first. "It's good to be known," she coos. Then, he gets a text message that reads, "Nanny got the phone cord, who comes next?" Sonny says that the police never released the fact that Leticia was choked with the phone cord, so the text must be from the killer. Kate says that they need to call the police and Sonny refuses. He insists that is not how his business is handled. She gets out of bed and says that she'll leave him to it then. Sonny explains that the cops can't handle this because he can't risk everyone close to him to their protection. He says that he doesn't what this situation to scare her away, however. They get dressed and Kate tells him not to worry about her now that she's had a chance to "calm down". (They both laugh at her term for the romp in the hay that they just took.) She says that she's not starting from scatch and that she'll land on her feet.

After Jax has left, Spinelli is left alone, without his gun or a plan. He reaches for another of Jason's gun and timidly places it in his pants. His phone rings and as he walks to reach it, the gun slips down into the leg of his pants. It's Sonny and he wants Spinelli to report to him right now.

At the hospital, Nikolas has just told Emily that he has been having black outs. She tries to calm him by saying that they need to start with scheduling a full battery of tests. She says that whatever it is, they'll deal with it together. He is down, but tells her that he loves her and pulls her in for a hug. Emily calls the lab and learns that the schedule is full so she threatens to tell Dr. Ford that his major donor was turned away. Then she successfully secures a 9 a.m. slot for Nikolas in the morning.

Logan tries to slip out of the Metro Court and Lulu calls him back. He gladly turns back to her and she asks how the paternity test results came out. He says that he is officially Scott's son and thanks her for insisting that they take the test. Scott joins them and says that they need to talk. Logan doesn't want to, but Scott talks anyway. He says that he should've read his mother's letters. If he had, they wouldn't be in this situation. He says that he can't make up for not being there when he was a kid, but he's here now. He also apologizes for getting off to the wrong start. He says that Logan has 2 step sisters, Karen and Serena, and two great grandparents, Lee & Gail. He explains that Karen died in a car accident a few years ago, but there's more here than just a deadbeat father. "I'll be around," Scott says and then leaves. Lulu tells Logan that he actually seemed genuine. Logan says that makes it worse.

As Kate and Sonny kiss goodbye so that Sonny can get to work, Spinelli rushes in and is immediately embarrassed. "I hope your work is better than your timing," Sonny says. After Kate leaves, they sit down and Sonny asks if Spinelli can trace the text to Leticia's killer. Spinelli says that he can trace it, but it's doubtful that it will lead to the killer because the texter can "piggy back" onto someone else's phone. Unless, Sonny has someone specific in mind, that is. In that case, Spinelli says that he can hack into that person's phone for call records. Sonny names Johnny Zacchara, and Spinelli says that he has already looked into his outbox per Jason's instructions. Sonny tells him to check to see if Johnny has any other cell numbers to his name.

As Lulu and Logan talk about Scott, Johnny Z (and his goons) come into the Metro Court. He says, "Lulu! Wanna go for another ride?" (Trevor is across the lobby and has noticed that Johnny has arrived.) Logan tells him to take off, but Lulu says she can talk to whomever she pleases. Johnny tells her that her cousin just pretended to be her and met him in the park. Lulu is surprised and Logan gets in Johnny's face. Trevor quickly invites Johnny to come to "their table" and whisks him out of the hot spot.

Carly and Jax have gone home and Jax is yelling at her. He explains that Johnny's goons are obviously hired to keep him in line, so he's probably capable of anything - including strangling Leticia. Carly says that Johnny is texting Lulu and she's just trying to figure out why! Jax says that he's a bad boy and she should understand that attraction. Carly tells him that's a cheap shot! She insists that she had everything under control and Jax reminds her that she promised to trust that he could take care of her and the boys. "What you did was really stupid!" Jax says. Carly says that she can't promise to stay away from Johnny as long as he is hanging around Lulu. After Jax leaves, Sonny calls to go over the security plans for the boys. Carly tells him that Jax will keep them safe and then hangs up.

Nikolas has taken Emily out to dinner at the Metro Court so that they can talk about something other than what they are about to learn at the hospital tomorrow. He asks if she can remember when they were in Paris together? He says that was one of the best memories of his life. She says that the Bacchanalia that was thrown at Wyndemere a few years ago was hers. She says that it was a perfect ball and he was every bit the handsome prince. Nikolas offers to call Alfred and ask him to air out the ballroom so that they can dance all night.

Once seated at their table, Trevor tells Johnny that he needs to go back to NY because the situation is volatile. He tells Johnny not to get involved, but Johnny says, "Too late." Trevor says that Port Charles is run by the Corinthos organization and he needs to get out of town or he'll get in the way of things. Then, he gives Johnny some money and then Johnny throws his chair and calls Trevor a flunky.

As Spinelli and Sonny work on tracing the source of the text messages, Diane shows up in only 7 minutes after she was beckoned. She asks "Mr. Grasshopper" to excuse them, so Spinelli leaves. Sonny tells Diane that he thinks Johnny Z killed Leticia. He thinks that since Johnny has something wrong with his head, Anthony Z might be trying to cover it up and that's why no demands were made after the first hit. "I think it's best that I don't push any further," Sonny says.

Scott finds Nikolas and Em as they leave the Metro Court and says that he's filing criminal charges against Nikolas on behalf of his son, Logan Hayes. He says that with Nik's history of violence, he won't have any trouble getting an arrest warrant ready by tomorrow. Nikolas starts to go after him, but Emily beats him to the punch - literally. She slaps Scott and calls him a pig!

Trevor shows up on Carly's doorstep and asks if she met with Johnny Z. tonight. Carly doesn't see how that's his business, but Trevor asks her to keep her cousin away from him.

Logan has followed Lulu out of the Metro Court and says that he's not going to let her walk out of his life. "Yea, you are," says the male voice behind him.


Logan turns around and grabs Johnny's gun.

Jason finds Trevor at Carly's door and says, "Anything you have to say, you say it to me or to Sonny."

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