"Why are you talking to Jax about me?" Nikolas asks Emily when he comes across her with Jax at the Metro Court. Jax tries to cover for her, but Emily admits that she is worried about him. Nikolas begrudgingly offers that he had Robin run some blood tests and they are clear, so Jerry's drugs had nothing to do with it. Emily gingerly tells him that she found out about his 2nd attack on Logan, and Jax says that he thinks Nik needs help. Nik tells Jax to keep his damn brother away from him and that might help ease his tension a bit. After Jax agrees and leaves them alone, Nik tells Emily to NEVER go behind his back again.

At Kelly's, Logan tells Lulu that he's not the biggest mistake of her life. Maxi and Georgie are standing by taking it all in. When she can see that Lulu is faltering, Georgie urges her not to let him back into her life because he'll just hurt her. Maxi agrees. Logan continues to try to convince Lulu to give him another chance and she asks him one question. "Did you sleep with her after you slept with me?" When he doesn't answer, Lulu tells him to leave her alone. As he leaves, he tells her that he would do anything to take it back. Maxi stays in Lulu's face, and Lulu tells her that she is "the baby-faking, drug stealing, tramp of Port Charles." Maxi tells her that this is exactly what she gets for everything that she's done - including coming on to her boyfriend (Coop).

Johnny Z. is doing his crazy "ledge dance" when he gets another text from "Lulu" (only it's Carly and he doesn't know it.) After he reads that she'll meet him in the park, he pulls out his gun and sneers at it.

Spinelli has traced all activity from Johnny's text and realizes that Cary's phone has just texted him and arranged to meet him in the park. He quickly calls Jason and can't reach him, so he leaves a dire warning on his voicemail. Georgie arrives and wants to vent about the Lulu/Maxi/Logan situation, but realizes that Spinelli is distracted. He admits that Carly is in trouble and then shows Georgie the text messages on his computer. Only now that he looks at the actual words, he thinks that they might be coming from Fair Lulu. He panics and leaves a spastic voicemail for Sonny that ends with "…with love, the Jackal."

Sonny is trying to convince Kate to trust him with her pain. He tells her that she can lean on him and he won't fail her. Kate says that none of her problems are his fault - he's not responsible for what Trevor has done or for her traffic accidents. Kate pulls away from him and says that she appreciates Sonny's kindness, but says that she has to keep a clear head so that she can rebuild her career. He reminds her that he's kept her secret about being from Benson Hurst, and he won't tell anyone if she cries either. She slowly gives in and cries even though her mouth is saying "I'm fine." Then, she allows him to hold her. Once she gets a grip and they sit down, Sonny tells her that he thinks she is brilliant. Kate smiles and tells him that she called some of her co-workers - the ones who all got their breaks on her coattails -- and none of them took the call. She muses that without her career, who is she? Sonny says, "Just for tonight, let me take care of you." She smiles. She says that she has taught herself how not to lean on anyone. Sonny assures her that nobody can take away who she as become. Kate asks him how it can be that after all these years, the person who knows her best is "my guy from the neighborhood." Then, she gives in to a kiss.

Robin notices that her charts aren't filed yet and wondered why Nikolas' chart is out. Epiphany tells her to take it up with Emily Quartermaine. Robin says that Emily looking at Nikolas' chart is borderline unethical! Then Epiphany yells at Robin for allowing her personal feelings for Drake Jr. to influence her mood at work. A little later, Lainey asks Robin to talk to her about what's bothering her. Robin admits that she misses Patrick. She says that she eats ice cream and cries herself to sleep and wonders if he's feeling anything at all. She says that it would be easier if they stopped loving each other, but they haven't. Lainey says that she admires them for dealing with their differences about being parents and respecting each other's needs.

Carly is trying to rush out the door (to meet Johnny), but Tracy has arrived on her doorstep. She wants Carly to try to influence Lulu to move out of Jason's penthouse. Alan is there, too, telling Tracy that Carly won't be any help. Then he tells Tracy that her skin turns a strange color when she's desperate. Tracy waves him off and Carly turns to see what the heck she is looking at. As Tracy tries to convince Carly that Lulu is in danger at Jason's, Alan won't leave Tracy alone. Finally she tells him to shut up already. Carly's eyes get big when she realizes that Tracy really is talking to dead people. She laughs and then says that dragging Lulu back to the mansion won't bring Luke back to her bed. She agrees to talk to Lulu about moving in with one of her brothers, and then tries to rush Tracy out the door. But it's too late - Jax comes home! Jax greets Tracy and she tells Carly that she's sorry she kept her from slipping out before her husband came home. Carly's cell indicates that a text has come in and Jax tries to pick it up because he thinks it's the Montreal hotel trying to reach him. Carly grabs it and says it's probably just Dr. Lee's office telling her that she's late for her appointment. She kisses him and leaves.

Scott arrives at the nurses' desk and asks Epiphany for the results of his paternity test. She hands them over and wishes him luck. A little later, Lulu is working her shift at Kelly's when the phone rings. She answers it and Scott says that he's looking for Logan -- it's important. She promises to try to find him.

Georgie is sitting with Spinelli and analyzing the tone of the text messages going out to Johnny Z. She points out that once the numbers change from Lulu's to Carly's phone, they became all about setting up a meeting. Georgie suggests that maybe it's not really Lulu who is trying to arrange a meeting with Johnny. She offers to help him further, but he says that the Jackal must fly solo.

Jax calls Dr. Lee's office and says that his wife is on her way to her appointment, but he wants her to know that she left her PDA at home. Dr. Lee's office informs him that Carly doesn't have an appointment today. After Jax hangs up, Spinelli calls for Carly and hangs up quickly when Jax tells him that Carly is out.

Nikolas finds Emily at the hospital. He has to ask her something…he wants to know who left first at the Metro Court earlier, her or him. She tells him that he did and why would he do that unless…he can't remember. Nikolas admits that he remembers talking to her and Jax and then nothing until he was at the coffee house. "I don't know what the hell is the matter with me," Nik tells Em.

Spinelli calls Jason again and says that he has to take matters in his own inexperienced hands if he doesn't hear from him in 4 minutes! Then, he tucks a gun into his pants and there's a knock at the door. It's Jax, who wants to know why Spinelli was looking for Carly. Spinelli stammers around, and then Jax insists.

Johnny shows up in the park and Carly introduces her self as Lulu's cousin. Johnny grabs her by the arm and tells her that it was stupid to set him up like this.

Kate and Sonny are standing up and kissing, then slowly undressing each other. Kate playfully smiles like an excited teen as she realizes what they are about to do together. Sonny's eyes are smoldering as he tries to take her in. Once they are undressed, they lie down on the bed and Sonny smiles at her like she is his best friend in the entire world.


Scotty shows the paternity results to Logan while Lulu looks on.

Nik tells Emily that he blacked out the night that Sonny's nanny was murdered.

While Kate and Sonny are in bed, he gets another text from Leticia's murderer.

Johnny Z. holds a gun to Carly's neck.

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