Carly is at home waiting for Johnny to text Lulu again - only this time she has rerouted him to her phone. She doesn't have to wait long; he writes and asks what she's doing now. Carly baits him to go first and he writes, "WUWH". Carly soon realizes that means "wish you were here." She asks where he is and he writes "U'LLC". (Then, we see him as he stands on the ledge of a building's roof and pretends to fly.) Jax comes home and asks Carly who she's texting and she covers and says it is the contractors in Montreal. She explains to him that she ran out this morning because Lulu got her heart broken while they were gone and it makes her appreciate him even more. She explains that Lulu reminds her of herself when she was younger, and she's going to have a hard time down the road finding someone who is steady and kind…the way he makes her feel. Then, she gives him credit for coming up with a plan to handle Zacchara so that they could come home.

At the penthouse, Lulu tells Spinelli to let Logan in. Once inside, Logan wants her to face how she really feels about him and right before she punches him, she says, "I think I can do that!" She says that she's just as angry at herself for eating up his garbage like candy. She says that the joke was on her. Logan admits that he lied, but not about how he felt about her. He says that making the stupid deal with Maxi was the dumbest thing he ever did, but at least it got him to spend time with her in the first place and fall for her. (You've got to give Spinelli credit, he's listening quietly.) When Lulu finally tells Logan to get out or she'll call the protectors of the night, Spinelli leaps to action and picks up the phone. After Logan leaves, Spinelli tells her that she was forceful and magnificent and she goes crying up the stairs.

Diane and Alexis are arguing about Liz and Lucky's divorce in Sonny's office. He tells Alexis that he needs Diane to focus on Zacchara business, and then says that they need make an appointment to mud wrestle later! After he kicks Alexis out, Diane tells him that he's a self-centered ape and that there are other people in the world who might need help. She says that she can help Elizabeth in her divorce AND do his legal work at the same time. Sonny finally agrees that she can do what she wants on her own time, but when she's on the clock for him she needs to take Trevor down -- legally.

Just then Max comes in and announces an unwanted visitor. Trevor walks in and tells Sonny that Kate has been fired just as he promised would happen. Diane spits with rage, "You should be hung until dead in the lobby of Couture!" She goes on to call him a pig and then rants on about how close she was to getting her very own couture gown but he ruined everything. As she continues her spirited tirade, Trevor turns to Sonny and says that his lawyer is unbalanced just like he is, then leaves. Finally Diane realizes that Trevor needs to be stopped.

At Wyndemere, Alfred takes a cocktail out of Nik's hand and says that they need to do all they can to keep his head clear at the moment. Nik agrees and says that he has blacked out more than once. He admits that he had some blood work done, but it came back clear. Until he's sure what's wrong with him, he doesn't want Emily to know what's going on. Alfred worries that he'll fly into a rage on her as he did on Alexis and suggests that Nik check himself into a Swiss clinic until he can find out what's wrong with him. Nik won't hear of it because he's in the middle of a big project. After Alfred leaves to room, Lucky arrives and expresses his unhappiness with the thought of Diane Miller handling his divorce. Nikolas immediately swooshes the contents of his desk against the wall and says, "DO YOU THINK THAT I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN HEAR YOU WHINE ABOUT YOUR MARITAL PROBLEMS?" He reminds Lucky that he has a career, two kids and "gets to mess around with Sam McCall" so what could be wrong with his life? Then, he slams out the door, leaving Lucky totally confused.

Jax, completely placated by Carly's chit-chat, has left her to her own devices again. She starts to text Johnny again, but Lulu bursts in all upset. She tells her about Logan's visit and says that she's furious, but part of her is happy that Logan cares enough to keep trying. Carly says that this isn't good for her at all. She says that Lulu's habit of forgiving the bad guy could be a way of life that will hurt her over and over again.

At Kelly's, Georgie compliments Maxi's new hairstyle (a dark bob) and asks her to go to a film tonight. Maxi claims that she doesn't like "films" and that she misses Coop. Georgie reminds her that the reason she lost Coop is her own fault. Logan comes in and Maxi immediately jumps down his throat. Mike steps in and Logan says that he was already punched by Nikolas today. Em has come in and overhead, so she asks what happened. Logan explains that he was simply trying to apologize and Nik pounded him. Maxi tells Em that Logan is a liar, but Logan tells Em to go to the Metro Court and ask anybody. After Emily thanks him for his honesty and leaves, Maxi tells Logan that she's glad he got the crap beat out of him.

Diane goes out to Kate's house and tells her that she'd like to draft a lawsuit to force Warren James to rehire her. Kate thanks her, but says that she has decided to handle her problem in a different way. Then, Kate gives Diane an envelope with a drawing of a couture gown that she has worked on with a designer. Diane is thrilled to be amidst her talent and begs to take her case to court. Kate refuses.

Sonny calls Jax into his office to see him and when he arrives Sonny tells him that Kate has lost her job. "All because Trevor Lansing has it in for you," Jax says when he hears the situation. Sonny puts his pride aside and asks Jax if there's anything he can do to help Kate? Jax says that he thinks Trevor has something on Warren, so that's why Warren cooperated. They brainstorm a little but Jax can't come up with anything. Sonny thanks Jax for at least trying.

Spinelli is at home working on tracing Johnny Z's location. Lulu comes home so he puts his work aside. She says that he has to dress for work at Kelly's and be perky for people who want pie ala mode. After she leaves, Spinelli is talking into a tape recorder as he documents the phone activity that he sees going to Johnny Z.'s phone. He recognizes the number as Carly's!

At the hospital, Liz tells Lucky that she wants Diane as their divorce attorney because Alexis is Sam's mother and Sam makes trouble for them. She explains that Diane would be working for them, not Jason. Lucky says that Nikolas is Sam's cousin, so is he their enemy now too? Alexis finds them and Liz tells her that she's not comfortable with her handling their divorce. She says that Lucky and Sam are sleeping together, and Alexis is sorry to hear that. She assures her that she can be unbiased and that Diane represents a conflict as well. Liz thanks her for her concern. Lucky and Liz start to argue and Diane joins them and says that she will represent Liz's interest vigorously. Alexis asks what happened to the uncontended divorce they were planning?

Sonny goes over to Kate's terrace and promises to do everything he can to help make her situation right for her. She says that there's nothing he can do and that this is her loss and her grief. She gets angry and says that he needs to go and let her feel whatever it is that she's feeling!

Carly gets another text from Johnny that asks if she'll be there. As she types, she says, "You bet your crazy ass I'll be there."

Lulu arrives at work and finds Logan sitting at one table and Maxi at another. Georgie apologizes to her for both of them being there, but Lulu wants to face it. She turns to Maxi and thanks her for exposing Logan for the pig that he is.

Emily meets Jax at the Metro Court and tells him about Nikolas' episodes of anger. She asks what he knows about the attack on Logan Hayes in his lobby. She reminds Jax that Jerry injected Nik with a mystery drug and asks him to find out if there's a side affect that he's not admitting to. As they talk, Nik shows up.


Nik demands to know what Em and Jax are talking about.

Carly texts, "CU in the park."

Johnny's response? He packs his gun.

Kate tearfully asks Sonny not to ask her to lean on him.

"Just for tonight, let me take care of you," Sonny says.

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