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Laura drops by Alexis’ office and asks for some advice about running for mayor again. It’s probably too late and she probably can’t win but she wants to give a voice to some people. She’s not sure she wants to expose her family to the nastiness of a political campaign. The lawyer says it’s inevitable and starts ranting about political pragmatism and how much people in power need to be idealists again.

Cameron sneaks Oscar out of his place as Liz comes down the stairs. Cam tells his mom he’s heading to the library. She’s baffled as he leaves, passing Carly in the doorway. Carly wants to talk to Liz about their kids. She’s not opposed to them spending time together but wants to make sure they are on the same page. Carly tells her off about being snarky to her daughter and expects her to treat Joss with courtesy. Carly walks out and Liz rolls her eyes.

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Cameron meets Oscar in the park and demands to know why he was sleeping on his floor. Oscar explains his parents are getting in the way of how he wants to deal with his cancer. Cam just wants a breakfast bar. They bicker about him spending so much time with Joss. After some arguing, Cam says he can sleep on his floor one more night but should find somewhere else after that.

When Cameron gets home, his mom questions him about spending time with Joss. He assures her they are just friends. She asks him to be sensitive to Oscar. After she feeds him, he can see his mom is upset. He says he loves her.

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Kim shows up at Sam’s. She needs her help to save Oscar’s life. They sit down and Kim tells her that Oscar is refusing to take the trial treatment and hired an attorney to get emancipated. Sam can’t imagine what kind of lawyer would take that on. “Your mother,” Kim says. She hopes Sam can talk to Alexis. Sam can understand where she’s coming from, but she’s reluctant to help. It’s Oscar’s risk to take. She tells Kim about Jason’s brain tumor and how she let him make his own choice, no matter how hard that was. Kim points out that he was an adult and Oscar is a kid. She begs. Sam is sure her mom won’t listen to her… but someone else might get through to her.

Olivia and Leo drop by Charlie’s for some refreshment. She complains to Julian about being a politician’s wife and wonders if Julian is in trouble. He doesn’t normally request to see his son this early in the day. She tells him if he’s having a mid-life crisis, he should buy a red Camaro. Whatever is going on, she hopes he doesn’t get himself killed because the kid is attached to him. She can see he’s a better man since he got with Kim.

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At the Metro Court, Diane talks to Drew about Oscar’s case. She leaves for a conference call as Curtis strolls in and informs Drew of his latest wedding news. Drew apologizes and says he can’t be his best man. He has a family obligation, but he can’t talk about it. Curtis encourages him to open up. Drew explains his son may die. Curtis offers to pray for him. Meanwhile, Olivia runs into Carly and asks if she can book the ballroom for Ned’s inaugural ball. Laura interrupts to say that he might not have one. Olivia asks for an endorsement but Laura refuses. Once Liv walks away, Laura explains to Carly that she’s going to declare herself a write-in candidate. Carly starts talking to her about the decline in social services. They discuss what happened in Ferncliff and Carly tells her about the patient next door to her. Laura asks her to go to the institute with her.

At Charlie’s, Julian spots Oscar standing outside, staring at the help wanted sign. He goes out and tells Oscar he’s not going to let him drop out of school to work for him. Later, Kim arrives as they are shaking hands. Oscar walks out and Julian assures her that he will keep his eye on Oscar. He’s given him work as long as he stays in school. This doesn’t go over well. She explains that her son is suing for emancipation and that’s what this will fund. He had no idea and hugs her. She brings up Alexis and wonders if she has lingering feelings for him. Kim asks if he will use that to influence her.

Diane and Drew show up at Alexis’ office. She refuses to drop Oscar’s case, but hopes they win. Oscar feels powerless and she’s giving him the chance to feel control over his life. If she doesn’t do it, Scott will take the case and turn it into a circus. Drew says that’s a nice speech, but it won’t make any difference if Oscar is dead in three months. After he storms out, Diane tells Alexis that she is going to fight her with everything she has. Later, Oscar shows up and announces that he’s got a job.

Drew and Diane meet in the park. She assures him that the deck is stacked against Oscar winning as long as he’s unemployed.

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