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Carly meets Michael in the halls of the courthouse to testify at Nelle’s trial. Nelle is brought in in cuffs and an orange jumpsuit. She is glad Michael came and cries about how lonely she’s been, though the grief of losing their son keeps her company. She knows he shares in that, and they will always be connected through their loss. Michael informs Nelle that Jonah is gone and she is nothing to him. Nelle teases she has something important to tell him that will change everything.

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Alexis has coffee with Kristina and Sam outside of Kelly’s, and Alexis glows about Molly’s amazing GRE scores, which gets to Kristina. Brad stops by with the baby and looks tired, so Kristina offers to go get him a beverage and runs inside. Inside, Kristina runs into Jordan and Chase, who took Valerie out to celebrate her promotion. Kristina congratulates her and rushes back out, leaving Val puzzled. Chase also leaves because he’s due in court. Jordan talks with Valerie and apologizes to her for how she mishandled the situation between her and Dante back when she first started the job. It’s water under the bridge to Val, and they both hope they can be friends again. Outside, Kristina gives Brad his coffee, and he can’t stop dwelling on the baby swap with Nelle. He has to get going, and Sam wonders if Brad seemed off. Alexis thinks he just has a lot on his mind lately. Kristina makes an excuse to leave, and Alexis feels her daughter couldn’t wait to get away from her.

Liz and Franco walk Aiden home from school. Aiden seems down, so Franco gives him some money to go hit up the pretzel cart. Liz discovers a letter from his teacher stuffed in his backpack. When he returns, Aiden admits he didn’t give it to her because he thought he might be in trouble. The letter asks for a meeting with Liz, but doesn’t detail what about.

On the docks, Valentin pays Curtis his final payment for locating Sasha. Curtis lets him know that Nina and Sasha are meeting as they speak. Curtis advises Valentin not to continue with whatever plan he has to win Nina back because that’s the last thing she needs right now.

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Nina and Sasha head to the Metro Court to continue getting to know one another. Nina shows her the half locket and inquires if she has the other half, but Sasha doesn’t. As they talk, Nina jumps the gun when Sasha admits she wants to go to Paris, and suggests she accompany her to the big fashion show she’s covering for Crimson. Sasha refuses and explains she only wanted to meet Nina and get closure, but she already had a mother and isn’t looking for another. Nina becomes upset and cries about all the dreams she had for the two of them and how they were taken from her by her own mother’s lies. She swears she never knew Sasha was alive, and if she had she would have looked for her. Nina knows today didn’t go well, and she just wants to get the opportunity to know her. She convinces Sasha to meet tomorrow for breakfast. Sasha can’t promise her she will change her mind about wanting a relationship with her. Later Valentin finds Nina sitting alone and asks to join her. He inquiries about the meeting with Sasha. Nina admits it didn’t go that well, and she cries that she doesn’t want to lose her daughter again. He takes her hands and comforts her.

Back at the courthouse, Michael asks Nelle why she continues to toy with him and to just plead guilty and get out of his life. Chase arrives, and he bickers with Nelle. Carly tells Chase that Nelle claims to have something big to tell Michael. Chase believes if she has any more secrets they will come out on the stand. Brad walks down the hall and is shocked to see Chase, Nelle, Michael and Carly standing outside the courtroom. He tries to sneak off, but Nelle sees him and her baby and calls to Brad.

Curtis meets Jordan at Kelly’s and congratulates Valerie on making detective. She thanks him and Valerie leaves, but not before giving Jordan a long overdue congratulations on her engagement to Curtis.

Valerie runs into Kristina in the park and asks why she rushed off earlier. Val hopes she’s not upset with her. Kristina isn’t and explains she was reminded that she’s been a failure lately. Valerie wants Kristina to be less hard on herself. Kristina vents that everyone around her is doing great except for her. Valerie thinks she has an amazing road ahead of her, once she finds her direction.

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