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At Sam’s, Sam and Jason kiss passionately and move to the couch where they begin to undress when they are interrupted by Alexis. Alexis realizes she has intruded and explains she stopped by to pick up Kristina’s wallet, which she left. Jason quickly departs, and Alexis asks Sam if she’s back with Jason. Sam doesn’t want to get into it because she has to get to Morgan’s memorial. She notices her mom is wearing her mother’s watch, which Alexis explains keeps bizarrely freezing at 10:10.

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Jordan meets Margaux at the Metro Court to let her know the trail has gone cold in the investigation of her father’s murder so it’s time to move on. Down in the Crimson offices, Lulu drops off some materials for the book fair at Charlotte’s school. Nina confides in Lulu about finding Sasha, and the blunder she made reaching out to her in a voice mail. Nina hasn’t heard back and fears Sasha may want nothing to do with her. Lulu advises Nina to go see Sasha and not give up, even if she initially wants nothing to do with her.

Mike talks with Sonny at Perks, where a memorial for Morgan has been set up. Mike reveals he remembers throwing the gun in the Hudson River, so Sonny is safe. Later the whole family gathers and shares stories about Morgan. They can’t believe it’s been two years since they lost him.

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Ava visits Morgan’s grave with flowers and wishes he was still with them. Julian stands in the background, and later Kiki discovers her mother at the cemetery and fumes. She asks if Ava’s going to keep showing up there every year on this day even when she’s not wanted. Ava insists she loved Morgan, but Kiki believes she’s incapable of love and is making this day all about herself. Kiki orders her mother to leave or she’ll drag her out of the cemetery. Julian suggests to his sister they go, so Ava agrees to leave. Ava walks off, and Julian warns Kiki not to provoke her mother because she’s hurting and this is when she can be dangerous. Kiki spends a moment at Morgan’s grave and knows he would advise her to make an effort with her mom, but she can’t give her any more second chances.

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Laura runs into Valentin on the docks, steps on his hand as he’s trying to pick up his dropped cell phone, and delights in letting him know she’s back for good. He wonders if Spencer is back too, but Laura states he is still in France and far from the man who killed his father. Valentin reminds her there was no proof he killed Nikolas, or that Nikolas is even dead. He suggests she take a page out of Lulu’s playbook, because they have set aside their differences for Charlotte’s sake. Laura knows Lulu hasn’t forgotten what he did to her brother, and he can’t hide the truth about who he is from Charlotte forever. She will grow up and see the man he really is. He thinks she should focus on Lulu, who is alone now that Dante up and left her. Laura reminds him that Nina left him, and notes it will be a long and cold winter alone at Wyndemere for him.

At Perks, Jason, Laura, Kiki and Sam join the festivities honoring Morgan.

Julian and Ava go to the Metro Court for drinks. Later Alexis arrives, and Ava seeks her out to hire the lawyer to update her will and take Kiki out of it. Alexis refuses to get involved in another Jerome family feud. She also advises Ava to rethink hurting her daughter more than she already has. Meanwhile, Jordan explains to Margaux that she can’t allocate any more resources to this case. Margaux vows to bring down Sonny with or without Jordan’s help. Eventually, Kiki, Michael and others arrive and continue remembering Morgan. Ava notices Kiki and vents it’s time for Kiki to know what it feels like to be hated. Meanwhile, Valentin stops by Crimson to check on Nina. Nina tells him she contacted Sasha and left her a voicemail like an idiot, and cries she has no business being a mother. He disagrees and thinks Charlotte would too. Nina’s phone rings and it Sasha, so she asks Valentin for privacy. Nina answers the call.

Sonny and Carly go to Morgan’s grave alone with flowers for their son. Sonny says they’ll never forget him. Margaux approaches from behind and remarks, “Neither will I.”

Sam and Jason return to her place and Sam asks him to stay.

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