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At Crimson, Valentin finds Nina with the final divorce papers and begs her not to sign them. She’s unable to move past what he’s done and signs her copy. Valentin gets a text from Curtis, wishes her all the happiness in the world and departs.

Curtis checks with a doctor at GH about the DNA tests he had run.

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At The Floating Rib, Lucy is positive “Kevin” is coming down with something. Lulu briefly stops by their table to share a photo she just got from Spencer of him and her mother. Lucy continues to hound “Kevin” about his health, so Ryan suggests she meet him at his place later where he’ll let her take care of him. She rushes off to find him the perfect chicken soup to nurse him back to health. At another table, Mike is glad to have Carly alone because he has made the decision to start going to a daycare facility for Alzheimer patients. Carly supports him if it is what he wants. It is, and Mike believes this will prepare them for the future. Carly excuses herself, walks by “Kevin,” and notices he is unconsciously tapping S.O.S. on the table just like her neighbor at Ferncliff. She calls him out on his behavior and he quickly turns the conversation around to her unresolved issues from the asylum. He suggests she make an appointment with him and rushes off.

At the PCPD, Jason is questioned by Margaux and Jordan. Diane is unavailable and sent her associate Henry Sullivan, (Played by Matthew Bohrer), to be Jason’s counsel. Henry argues the case against Sonny is non-existent and Jason was in kindergarten when this crime was committed. Jason stays silent while the DA and Henry argue over Margaux’s accusations that Mike and Sonny have been protecting one another for weeks over the body found in Julian’s pub. Henry accuses the department of having no evidence, and the DA has no objectivity because this is her father’s murder. Jordan informs Henry that he and his client are free to leave. Henry advises her to reign in the DA before they file a harassment lawsuit. After Henry and Jason leave, Jordan scolds Margaux. She points out they have nothing on Mike and the case against Sonny is circumstantial. Margaux refuses to give up on bringing her father’s killer to justice. Jordan promises that her team will continue to investigate, but after thirty years this case could go unsolved. The DA won’t accept that and has another way to nail Sonny.

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Lulu drops by Crimson and finds Nina looking conflicted. Nina reveals she just signed her divorce papers, and she is second-guessing her decision because she still loves Valentin and misses Charlotte. Lulu assures her that if she hasn’t forgiven Valentin then she made the right decision because Charlotte would catch on to her animosity for the man. She promises neither she nor Valentin would ever deny her chances to see Charlotte. Nina reflects on how far they have come. They discuss how Charlotte is doing and shower each other with compliments on how they are both excellent role models for her.

Valentin meets Curtis at the hospital. The results are in and reveal Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Valentin wants to wait for the second test they sent off to come in to be sure. Curtis convinces him the results are trustworthy and to tell Nina. Valentin agrees, but Sasha is not to know yet. They don’t know much about Sasha’s background, and it should be Nina’s choice to tell her. Curtis warns him that Sasha will want answers after submitting to the test, so Valentin orders him to find a way to stall her. Valentin leaves, and Curtis receives a call from Sasha and claims the results aren’t in yet.

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Ryan returns to Kevin’s home, takes a call from Ferncliff about the patient claiming to be Kevin, and orders additional sedatives for him. After hanging up, Ryan takes out some rope from a bag. He wraps it around his hands and pulls in taunt to test it. There is a knock at the door, and Ryan believes its Lucy right on time. He’s shocked to find Laura standing there.

Jason joins Carly and Mike at The Floating Rib. He briefs them on his questioning and that the DA has nothing on Sonny as long as the gun stays hidden. Mike swears it will never be found because he remembers dropping it in the Hudson River after unearthing the body.

Valentin returns to Crimson and tells Nina, “I need to talk to you about your child.”

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