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At her place, Anna finds Finn working on the couch and jokes that he appears to have gotten lost on the way back to the bedroom. After some chat they head upstairs. Robert texts Anna’s phone, which she left behind on the living room table, and asks her to call him because it’s urgent. Later, Anna finds the file on Finn’s father that he was reading earlier. He admits he’s been looking into things but doesn’t want to talk about it much like she can’t talk about her work all the time.

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Alexis, Kristina and Sam have a family breakfast at Sam’s place, and Alexis puts her foot in her mouth about Kristina’s job. Kristina defends her choice to work for Julian and storms off. Sam scolds her mother for pushing Kristina before Alexis leaves for a meeting. Kristina returns once her mother has left, and Sam assures her sister that their mom is just concerned about her.

At Charlie’s, Julian leaves a message for Kim and is worried that he hasn’t heard from her. Brad arrives and chats with Julian about meeting with Alexis about Wiley’s condition. He fears this will come back to bite him in the ass. Alexis arrives, and Brad brings her up to speed about Wiley’s heart defect and Lucas’ need for answers about whatever the birth mother didn’t tell them. Nearby, a young woman named Daisy, (played by Kelsey Wang), passes out flyers for a concert in the park, while Julian calls Kristina and asks her to come in and cover him because he needs to step out. Alexis continues to discuss Wiley with Brad, and she explains the birth mother did not have a long relationship with the father, so it could have been a condition he had. Kristina reports for work, and Daisy gives her a flyer for the concert. Later, Alexis approaches Kristina, apologizes, and suggests dinner. Kristina looks at the flyer and has plans but invites Alexis to join her. Alexis would love to but she has to prepare for a big case in the morning. Alexis heads out, and Kristina introduces herself to Daisy and asks about the show.

At GH, Drew and Kim fret because Oscar has been out all night. Chase stops in with questions about Oscar running off, and Kim explains Oscar learned he is sick, which she kept a secret from him. After several questions, Chase departs and gets a call from Robert on his way out. Julian arrives and tries to talk to Kim about what is going on, but Drew steps in and warns him to back off.

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Cam finds Joss at school and they discuss Oscar, who isn’t returning her texts. Joss receives a call from Kim who inquires if Joss has seen Oscar, but Joss hasn’t and she’s concerned. Kim informs her there was a disagreement and Oscar left upset. Cam gets a text from his mom also asking if he’s seen Oscar. Joss knows something is up, and that it started at the community center with the altercation between him and Oscar. She asks Cam to tell her what he knows.

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Jason finds Oscar on the pier, and Oscar wonders if Jason was sent to look for him. Jason explains he was supervising a coffee shipment. Jason inquires why he’d be looking for him. Oscar states it’s complicated but asks his uncle what it’s like to die. Jason points out he’s not dead, so talk turns to his shooting. Jason recounts the details. Oscar wonders if there was a white light, was he scared, and if his life flashed before his eyes. Jason saw no light and doesn’t remember much else. Oscar promises Jason to secrecy before revealing he’s dying. He fills Jason in on the brain tumor and that he won’t be alive much longer. Oscar doesn’t understand why this had to happen to him. He’s furious with his parents for not telling him sooner because this is still his life, what little is left. Jason advises Oscar that as a parent when your kid is sick or in danger you will do anything to protect them, and sometimes you make mistakes. He urges Oscar to call his parents, who are likely concerned about him.

Back at GH, Kim excuses herself when she gets a call, and Drew warns Julian to give Kim space. Kim tells Drew that Oscar called, so they rush off. Julian wonders what is going on with Oscar.

In the school library, Cam receives a text from his mom letting him know Oscar contacted his parents. He gives Joss the news.

Chase stops by Anna’s place to speak with her.

Down at the pier, Drew and Kim meet up with Oscar. Drew suggests they get him home. Jason watches from the shadows as they leave.

Jason drops by Sam’s place and asks if she has a minute to talk.

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