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Sam talks with Jason at the Corinthos place and urges him to try and make peace with Drew. He wonders where this is coming from, but she is unable to tell him directly about Oscar. She asks him simply to be there for Drew, and that things are different now for all of them. He agrees to do his best. Sam leaves, and Mike tells Jason he’s worried something he did is going to hurt Sonny.

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At GH, Drew tells Kim that he’s going to tell Oscar the truth even if it’s on his own. They are interrupted by Terry, who Kim introduces to Drew. Terry explains they have some decisions to make about their son. She explains surgery would kill Oscar because of where the tumor is located, and radiation has proven ineffective in similar cases. However, there is a clinical trial with immunotherapy that has been effective, but it has risks, including worsening of the situation. They agree to try it.

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Franco runs into Carly outside the community center, where they’ve arrived to help their kids sort through clothing donations. The two argue about Liz seeing Joss as a bad influence on Cam. Carly warns Franco if Liz judges her daughter and makes her feel bad about herself then she will flatten Liz. Inside, Oscar insists to Cam that he doesn’t have cancer, and nothing is wrong with him. Cam explains Franco’s conversation with Drew and the website on his laptop, but Oscar thinks it could have been any number of Franco’s patients. Oscar assures Cam he’s not about to drop dead just so he can have Joss to himself. Oscar has to go, but orders Cam not to tell Joss. Carly and Franco enter, Oscar says goodbye to Joss and Carly before rushing out. Cam grabs Franco and suggests they depart as well. Joss and Carly continue working sorting through the donations while discussing boys and love.

At the PCPD, Dawson reveals Vincent Marino is her father, who worked for Scully, Sonny’s old boss. She lays out the evidence connecting him to Sonny through Mike and Charlie, but Sonny calls this a coincidence. The DA explains the bullet that killed her father came from the same gun that killed another one of Scully’s ties. Dawson vows to get justice for her father no matter what it takes. Sonny is free to go, but Jordan tells him not to leave town. After Sonny leaves, Jordan takes Dawson to task for not disclosing her connection to the victim. Dawson cries it didn’t become real to her until she confronted Sonny. She swears to nail the man who killed her father. Jordan points out they have no motive for Mike wanting her father dead, which makes Dawson realize Mike is covering for his son, Sonny.

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Sonny returns home and asks his dad again about the body and the grave. Mike recounts digging up the body, putting it in his trunk, and also grabbing the gun from the grave. Sonny asks what he did with the gun. Mike has no idea what gun he’s talking about and becomes confused as he has another spell. Later, Sonny tells Jason that the body in the grave is the DA’s father.

Sam runs into Curtis at the Metro Court and the two chat about Nina’s case before talk turns to their personal lives. Curtis asks what is going on with her and Jason, but Sam isn’t ready to discuss that. He apologizes if he was too forward and brings up his own issues with Jordan and her family. Sam urges that if he loves her and wants to spend his life with her to not put it off, just do it, because they never know how much time they have. He thinks she should take her own advice.

Back at GH, Oscar bursts in on his parents with Terry and asks if he has cancer. Terry leaves them. Kim reveals to her son that he has cancer. He realizes it’s in his brain, and that’s what has caused all his headaches. He asks how they will fix it. Kim explains the tumor is growing and getting worse. He cries as he asks them if he is going to die.

Franco returns home with Cam. Franco confronts Cam about his attitude, and notes Cam sees himself as the man of the family and thinks it is only a matter of time before Franco is gone. Cam agrees, but Franco assures him he’s not going anywhere. He would like them to show mutual respect for one another. Franco gets a call from Liz, who is out drinking with Terry and will be late. Cam inquires as to what type of doctor Terry is, so Franco tells him that she’s a pediatric oncologist.

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