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In the community center, Cameron spots Oscar kissing Joss at the clothing drive. He flashes back to discovering that Oscar has a brain tumor. Joss tells Oscar to save the kissing for later. Cam storms over and says he might not have a later since they might get suspended for fighting. Oscar rakes up Cam kissing his girlfriend and Joss tries to keep the peace. Cam crosses the room to work alone. Oscar and Joss realize he’s a bit off. When a box arrives, Oscar and Cam tussle over it until it falls. Joss sends Oscar to get more boxes and then asks Cam what’s wrong with him. He’s not forthcoming. When Oscar returns, she walks off and he asks Cam if they can get along. Cam refuses to ‘get along’ with a liar. Oscar is perplexed. Cameron asks him to tell her he has cancer.

Drew drops by Liz’s to see Franco. He’s got some booze and offers Drew a hug if he wants to talk about Oscar. Drew accepts the booze. As they have a beer, they discuss the kids. Drew feels like talking about his son dying only brings it closer. He explains that Oscar doesn’t know he’s sick and he feels that delaying telling him is unfair. Franco points out how beneficial ignorance can be, but sometimes the truth just sucks. He asks if he’d want the truth if he was in Oscar’s position. Drew ponders that. He knows he would want to know but he’s not sure how well Oscar will react. Franco reminds him that Oscar is his son and he doesn’t let things overwhelm him.

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Liz drops by Kim’s office. They talk about their kids. The nurse admits that she told Franco about Oscar’s condition but insists he’s trustworthy. Kim worries about how many people know and explains she will tell her son the truth after his birthday. Liz tells her she has friends to share this burden with. Kim knows her son might be angry she kept the truth from him, but she has no regrets. Later, Drew arrives and Kim hands him a fact sheet on a failed cancer drug. She wants him to look at this realistically. He thinks it’s time to tell Oscar the truth. He’ll do it alone if he has to.

Chase enters Jordan’s office with the confirmation of who the corpse at Charlie’s was. She thought the detective was supposed to be having dinner with Anna and Finn. He’s not eager to go to that since he might screw it up.

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Margaux joins Sam at the bar of the Metro Court. She starts asking her about Julian. Sam doesn’t consider him a father. Sam squints as the DA gabs about all the questions she wants to ask Jason. Margaux wonders why Jason can’t be more like his twin. Sam ends the conversation and exits. Jordan calls and asks the DA to her office. Across the room, Finn is eager to leave but Anna reminds him that his brother is coming. He gets anxious. They slip through the menu and she wonders if he can relate to his brother on a human level. Finn finds that hard. Finn’s father, Gregory, suddenly appears. He introduces himself to Anna and Chase arrives. Finn feels like he’s been ambushed. Gregory insists that this wasn’t planned. He decided to surprise them both, and not just for a social visit. He has an illness and wanted to see the best infectious disease specialist in the country. Finn thinks there might be an ethical problem, but Chase doesn’t buy it and asks if he’s willing to help. Anna suggests they revisit this tomorrow. Reluctantly, Finn hands his father his card so they can make the necessary arrangements.

At the Corinthos compound, Jason tells Sonny his guys are digging for details on what the cops have. Sonny is worried about the gun. He’s even more worried about his father winding up behind bars. Jason suspects the evidence must be gone. Soon, Sam shows up and tells them that the DA is gunning for them both and they won’t be the only ones to pay the price.

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Margaux joins Jordan in her office. Jordan explains that the victim was Scully’s criminal defense lawyer, Vincent Marino. They run through the evidence and how Sonny and Mike are positioned in it. The DA tries to imagine why Mike would have knocked off Marino, but Jordan is unconvinced. Jordan reminds her that Mike is ill and anything they can get from him is likely inadmissible. They call Sonny and ask him to come to the station.

At the Corinthos compound, Jason encourages Sonny to get one of Diane’s associates to go with him to the station, but he insists he can handle this. After Sonny exits, Sam asks Jason to spend more time with Danny. He assures her that nothing will take him away from their son. She’s not convinced and encourages him to make peace with Drew.

Sonny arrives in Jordan’s office. She and the DA ask him about Marino. “Name means nuttin’ to me,” he says. Margaux pipes up and says he was her father.

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