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At the Quartermaine mansion, Sam arranges for Oscar to spend an afternoon with his sister.

Julian arrives at Kim’s just as Drew is leaving. Julian senses something is wrong, so she opens up about Oscar’s ER visit, though claims it was due to hypoglycemia. Julian dropped by because of Oscar. Hoping to win the kid over he scored tickets to Hamilton and wants to take her and Oscar. She thinks he’ll love it, until she learns the tickets are for next spring.

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Franco and Liz return home with Cam. Liz continues to lecture her son about not pushing things with Oscar. She also wants Cam to apologize, in person, for kissing her without permission. She calls him an Uber and sends him to see Joss. Franco inquiries about Oscar’s prognosis, and Liz tells him as much as she knows. She reminds him that this information needs to stay between them. He agrees, and later looks up information on brain tumors online. Franco places a call to Drew and leaves a message.

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Lucy and Ryan arrive at the Metro Court for dinner, and Lucy notices “Kevin” is acting nicer than usual, especially after she wrecked their marriage by having sex with Scott. Ryan is stunned but covers by saying the shock of her drinking from that poisoned well never goes away. She hates that he thinks of her as Lucy the cheater and brings up how close they were and uses the example of when he opened up about what happened with Ryan. Ryan quickly shuts down Lucy’s trip down memory lane. Nearby, Lulu and Maxie have dinner. Lulu confesses she is writing the Ryan Chamberlain story, which she only took it to make sure it’s written ethically. Maxie warns her there will be backlash and asks if she’s told Kevin. Lulu has, and he gave her his blessing. Maxie walks over to Kevin and Lucy’s table and asks “Kevin” if he’s really okay with Lulu’s story. He believes the more they know about the psychotic mind the better, but Maxie worries her mom won’t feel the same way. “Kevin” offers to talk to Felicia and help her work through her feelings. Maxie appreciates it and she returns to Lulu. Maxie admits Kevin seems a little off. Meanwhile, Lucy texts Felicia, and gets a reply that she and Mac are heading their way to join them for drinks. She thinks it will be good for them all to assure Felicia that Ryan can’t hurt her again.

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Curtis meets with a young woman named Sasha Gilmore, (played by Sofia Mattsson), in an unknown location. She asks what the purpose of this visit is, and he lets her know it’s about her mother. Sasha’s mother died two years ago, but Curtis believes she may be his friend’s daughter who was put up for adoption. Sasha states she’s not adopted and has heard the story of her birth during a major snowstorm a million times. She believes he has the wrong person. Sasha goes to leave and drops her purse. Curtis retrieves it and notices the horses on it. He says his friend happens to be a champion rider. Sasha quips there is no equestrian gene, lots of people like horses. Curtis asks if she’d consider doing a quick DNA swab, and if she’s not his friend’s daughter then she’ll never hear from him again. She agrees just to prove him wrong.

Nina visits Anna at her place to find out if she should fear for herself with Cassandra on the loose. Anna believes Cassandra will be recovering for a while, but in the future, she may want to watch her back. Anna agrees with Valentin that a bodyguard may be a good idea. Nina lets Anna know that she and Valentin are over and begins ranting about how what he did to Peter and how it brought up her pain over the child she lost while in a coma. Nina envies Anna for her having the chance to reconnect with the son she thought was lost to her.

Drew returns to the mansion where Sam pulls him out to the terrace to talk. Cam arrives and explains to Oscar that he just apologized to Joss again for the kiss and apologizes to him. Cam departs. Outside, Sam offers to be there if Drew ever needs someone to lean on. He refuses because he’ll only want what they used to have, which isn’t good for either one of them right now. She understands and leaves.

Cam returns home and overhears Franco on the phone leaving a message with Drew offering to be there for him to talk to, and that he’s sorry about Oscar. Franco heads upstairs, and Cam notices the computer has a web page pulled up on brain tumors.

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