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At Anna’s, Jason stops by to check on Robin. Talk quickly turns to Peter, who stole five years of his life and is now just living free thanks to her parents striking deals for him. She thinks Jason should be angrier than he is, but he won’t retaliate against Peter out of respect for her and Anna. Switching the subject, Jason asks Robin why she never told him that Patrick and Sam almost got married. She admits the two of them were all kinds of wrong on so many levels and suggests they never speak of it again. Jason agrees.

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Joss leaves Sonny’s place and texts Oscar to make sure they are still on to work on their English project. Inside, the DA and Jordan want to question Mike about Charlie’s and the body in the basement. Carly can’t believe they are accusing Mike, and Sonny assures them that his dad had nothing to do with that murder. Dawson finds his choice of the word murder interesting and notes it is only a matter of time before they identify the body. She asks Mike why he was at Charlie’s before the explosion, and he claims he was there to try and get his daughter Courtney a job because it looked like a wholesome place and she’s had a string of bad jobs. Mike wonders why everyone is looking at him so strangely. The DA states his daughter is dead, which sends him into a tailspin. Carly insists they will bring Mike to the station with a lawyer for any further questioning. Jordan apologizes for upsetting Mike, and she and the DA leave. Once they are gone Mike laughs because he faked the whole incident to get rid of them. He promises to fix things for Sonny and won’t be a burden anymore. He wants them to go visit some of the facilities.

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At the Quartermaine estate, Oscar has to go meet with Joss, but Kim wants to continue discussing the fight he was in. He accidentally admits it was with Cam. Kim fumes and calls Liz.

At GH, Liz notices Cam has a black eye and demands answers. He claims he tripped on a rock, but Liz gets a call from Kim about the fight their boys had. Liz lectures him about getting into fights, especially with Oscar. He wonders why she cares, so she explains Kim is a friend and she doesn’t want their boys fighting. Cam has homework to do and takes off. In Kevin’s office, Ryan makes a dinner reservation for two. Franco stops in for an impromptu session. He rants about his past, seeing Liz with Drew, and wonders if he has a place in her and her boys’ lives. Franco wonders if his past will ever stop looming over him. Ryan laughs and says it never will. Franco wonders who he is and where Kevin is, because he’s totally changed his tune when it comes to overcoming one’s past. Ryan quickly covers and says his past will always be with him, but they can channel his history toward a productive future. Franco thanks Kevin for the advice and departs. Alone Ryan pulls out Franco’s file to find out more about him. Franco connects with Liz in the hall and tells her about his session with Kevin. He admits to seeing her with Drew the other day and for a second he thought maybe she might think another man might be better for her and the kids. She assures him what he saw was not about her past with Drew or his relationship with the kids. She reveals she was comforting Drew because Oscar is dying. Back in Kevin’s office, Lucy arrives for her dinner date with the man she thinks is her ex.

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Back at the Quartermaine house, Oscar is furious with his mom for trying to fix his problems for him. He insists on staying the night at his dad’s, which Kim approves of. Later Joss arrives to work with Oscar on their project. Oscar comes clean about his fight with Cameron over his kissing her. He asks if she likes Cam. She does, but only as a friend, and swears she’s into Oscar.

Kim returns to her apartment and breaks down. Drew stops by and wants to talk about keeping the truth from their son. He believes Oscar deserves to know his prognosis. Kim asks if they can wait until after his birthday, but Drew feels like too many people know already, and he doesn’t want Oscar to find out from someone else. She lets him know that statistically the odds are Oscar will make it through his upcoming birthday and says they can tell him after. Drew agrees to wait.

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