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Drew meets with Curtis at the Metro Court bar and informs him he’s found out that Monica is planning a surprise party for his birthday, which he’s not keen on. Curtis tells him to go, enjoy it and act surprised. Curtis leaves him and runs into Valentin, who wants updates on the search for Nina’s daughter. Elsewhere, Nina meets with a jewelry appraiser to look over the locket. He confirms it was deliberately cut in half and part of a whole piece. Nearby, Valentin and Curtis continue to talk, and Valentin is eager for news to tell Nina. She walks in on them and asks, “Tell me what?” She immediately tells Valentin to forget it but asks to speak to Curtis about a pressing matter. She pulls him aside and points out a guy in the bar who she suspects is following her. After noticing the guy appears to be packing a firearm, Curtis pins him to the bar, only to learn he’s a bodyguard that Valentin hired for Nina. The bodyguard takes off, and Valentin admits he hired him because Cassandra is on the loose again. Curtis offers to give Nina some names of some bodyguards, but Nina thinks she can handle herself and walks off. Meanwhile, Maxie gets trapped in the elevator with Peter when it malfunctions. She calls Olivia, who puts technicians on the problem. Peter starts to panic, breaths heavily and admits he’s never felt like this before. Maxie suspects being held captive has something to do with this. He feels it’s getting hot and he can’t breathe, so he takes his shirt off. She tries to keep him calm and suggests they play “would you rather,” which leads to Peter opening up when she asks him about which memories he’d rather forget. He admits if he forgot all the bad things he’s done then he couldn’t make up for them. The elevator begins working again, and they stumble out into the restaurant and right into Nina. Nina looks at a shirtless Peter, says she doesn’t even want to know, and walks away. Maxie chases her to explain. Meanwhile, Curtis briefs Valentin on an update. One of the payments made to the lawyer Madeline used was from a single mother with a daughter the same age as Nina’s would be today.

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On the patio outside the Quartermaine mansion, Kim helps Monica set up for the surprise party when Sam arrives, having been invited. Monica excuses herself to sneak a peek at Scout, and Sam and Kim make small talk. Sam inadvertently spills that the knows about Oscar and gives Kim her condolences. Drew arrives, pretends to be surprised and puts on a smile. Later, Kim pulls Drew into the mansion and says they need to communicate better about Oscar because she had no idea he would tell Sam. She worries too many people knowing will eventually get back to Oscar. Drew suggests they tell him the truth. Out on the patio, Oscar arrives, and Sam notices a bandage on his hand and that it looks like he was in a fight. Sam goes in to grab Kim, who rushes out to find Monica tending to Oscar. Monica assures Kim that it’s not that bad. Oscar thinks his parents are overreacting, but Kim tells him getting into a fight after he just got out of the hospital was stupid. Monica had no idea Oscar was in the hospital. He explains he forgot to eat and just passed out, and suggests they move on to having his dad’s cake.

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At the PCPD, Jordan tells Dawson that CSI found a bullet in one of the body’s bones. Dawson suggests they look into Charlie and who he was connected to, starting with Frank Smith. They go over Frank’s file, which indicates he was associated with Joe Scully and Sonny Corinthos. Jordan points out the body predates Sonny’s arrival in Port Charles, so they should focus on Charlie and who knew him. Dawson knows where to start.

At Sonny’s place, Carly advises Sonny that this latest incident with Mike just shows they can’t keep this living arrangement up. She reminds him that Mike brought up looking into some of the care facilities, and that even he knows it’s time. Sonny can’t handle it. Mike walks in on them as they argue, and states Carly is right and it’s time for him to go. Sonny suggests bringing in more help could work, but Mike knows he’s losing more and more of himself each day. Mike can’t stand to have Sonny see him like this and hates thinking of his son watching him disappear. Sonny breaks down and agrees to look at some places with his dad. Suddenly Jordan and the DA storm in to question Mike.

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