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Charlie’s explodes, and Mike loses it, screaming “What have I done?” Julian seems bewildered by the statement. Jason rushes out with Kristina, and once she’s conscious, Sonny takes her to the hospital. The fire department arrives and after looking around informs Julian the damage was contained to the basement. Meanwhile, Jason tells a panicked Mike to stay calm and not say a word. Jason let’s Julian know he’s taking Mike to the hospital to check on Krissy. Later, Chase arrives and questions Julian. Julian explains how he discovered the leak and evacuated the place. Chase wonders why Kristina went back in, but Julian doesn’t know. When asked about Sonny and Jason’s presence, Julian explains they came because Mike was having an episode. Chase asks if he knows what caused the leak. Julian recalls Mike’s admission but claims he has no idea. The fireman fills Chase in that the gas main in the basement was purposefully damaged, which Chase realizes makes this a crime scene.

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At Liz’s place, Liz tells Franco she found Aiden’s box of Calinda of Everwood pencils shoved under his bed as if to hide them. Franco tells her about the incident with Cam in the park over pencils. Franco though he handled it, but obviously he was wrong. They discuss how to move forward as co-parents, and both agree to keep the lines of communication open. Liz admits having someone help her is new to her and the boys, but she trusts they’ll figure it out. They kiss.

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Drew continues to lean on Sam at her place about Oscar’s tumor. Sam tells him from her experience with Danny to just take things one day at a time and always look for a good moment each day. She gives him a hug and tells him that he will be okay. As Drew goes to leave, Alexis arrives, and wonders if she’s interrupting. Sam explains Drew stopped by to see Scout, and he departs. Alexis is worried about Kristina and asks Sam for an update. Sam admits Kristina’s struggling, but she is working to rebuild her life. Alexis gets a call from Sonny about the explosion at Charlie’s and Kristina being taken to GH. They rush out.

In a GH exam room Dr. Shawn, (played by Chad Doreck), Kristina and Sonny that she has a concussion and they’ll monitor her. Mike and Jason arrive. Mike apologizes, and he feels he did something wrong which led to Kristina being hurt. She assures him that she got confused and went back into the building. Jason takes Mike to sit down in the waiting room, and Mike struggles to remember what happened. Sam and Alexis arrive, and Alexis inquires about what happened. Kristina explains there was a gas leak, and Julian did everything right in evacuating the bar. Alexis wonders why she ran back in, and Kristina claims it was for her phone and admits it was dumb. Meanwhile, Sonny reconnects with Jason, and they both know Mike started the leak. Jason explains he was able to get the wrench, which is what Kristina went back for. Later, Sam tells Kristina that she’s been cleared to go home. Julian arrives, and in the waiting area he tells Sonny about Detective’s Chase’s questions, and that he told him he didn’t know anything about why his father was there. Sonny checks in with Kristina, and thanks her for what she did for Mike. Alexis takes Kristina home, while Sam remains behind to get her prescription. Sonny checks on his dad, who is snoozing in the waiting room. Mike stirs awake and asks what he did. Sonny tries to keep him calm and suggests they go home, but Mike doesn’t understand why they are in the hospital. Sam runs into Jason by the elevators and thanks him for saving Kristina. She notes he’s been busy saving a lot of people lately. Jason hopes Oscar will be okay, and Sam makes the comment that not everyone can be as lucky as her sister.

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Drew finds Margaux drinking alone at the Metro Court. It’s her father’s birthday, and she asks Drew to join her for a bottle of her dad’s favorite wine. He sits, and she details how she never knew her dad, who her mom claims left them when she was two. Later she learned her old man was involved with a mobster and was likely killed because she’s been unable to find any trace of him. Drew better understands why she is so against organized crime. They toast to her father’s birthday.

Julian returns to his bar and receives a thank you text from Alexis for all he did. Meanwhile Chase heads to the basement of the pub to look around and locates a skull under the broken floorboards.

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