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Carly finds Michael eating at the Metro Court. He reveals Nelle wrote him from prison. Brad enters with Wiley, and Carly spots him and calls him over so they can dote over the baby. Brad learns Nelle sent Michael a letter, which he hasn’t opened, and suggests he throw it out because she’s a liar. Carly agrees. Michael decides to open it, and Nelle writes that she hopes being close to Lucas and Brad’s boy can help Michael find peace. Brad is shaken and leaves them, and Michael continues reading the letter, in which Nelle confesses she has forgiven Michael for what happened. Carly reads Nelle’s unbelievable letter, which she calls classic Nelle and that Nelle is just trying to make Michael feel guilty and take responsibility for what happened. She hopes he’s not buying it. Michael asks for time alone to think, so she leaves him. He reads over the letter again, and pauses over the part about finding peace by being close to Lucas and Brad’s boy. Elsewhere Valentin meets with Curtis about his investigation. Curtis fills him in on following the money trail from Madeline to the doctor and nurse she hired to deliver the baby. He leaves to make some calls. Down in Crimson’s office, Nina believes her baby may still be alive and the locket is a message. Maxie suggests they get something to eat to take her mind off this. They head up to the Metro Court, where they run into Valentin. Nina uses the run-in to return her engagement and wedding ring, which he refuses to accept. Curtis returns and admits he’s working on a case for Valentin. She says their professional lives don’t impact their friendship. She walks off, and Curtis fills Valentin in that Spinelli has already located one of the money transfers from Madeline to a doctor, and it will take a few days to get all the details. At their table, Nina admits to Maxie she still loves Valentin and believes he never wanted to hurt her. Maxie points out he still hurt people, whether intentionally or not. She also doesn’t want to see Nina further heartbroken if it turns out her baby isn’t alive. Maxie excuses herself to check on James, and Nina calls a jewelry appraiser to learn more about a piece she just acquired.

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At Sonny, Sonny talks to Jason about the situation with Mike and the body in the basement of Julian’s pub. Sonny recounts disposing of the body for Scully, with the gun, which would have his prints on it. Sonny knows his dad always warned him about Scully, but he didn’t listen because he was so angry with Mike.

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Mike sneaks into the basement of Charlie’s Pub and breaks a gas line with a wrench. Up in the bar, Julian hires Kristina as long as she starts immediately. Mike makes his way upstairs still clinging to the wrench. Kristina notices him looking confused, and he is shocked to see her there. He states she’s not supposed to be there and orders her to leave. Julian joins Kristina, who is worried about Mike’s state. Julian suggests she call her dad, which she does. Sonny thought Mike was at the hospital, and he says he’ll be right there to get him. When Mike learns Sonny is on his way, he says nobody should be there because it’s the middle of the night. Kristina points out it is daytime. Mike begins to unravel and keeps stating nobody should be there. Kristina notices the wrench and asks why he has it. Meanwhile Julian finds the broken gas line in the basement. He rushes back to the bar and announces the bar is closed and everyone needs to get out due to a gas leak. Everyone rushes out, and Mike continues to scream that this wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Mike leaves behind the wrench. Outside of the pub, Julian calls the fire department about the leak. Kristina learns from Julian that someone tampered with the gas pipe in the basement to try and blow the place up. Kristina quickly realizes Mike was involved and runs back in to find the wrench. Sonny arrives and asks his dad what he’s doing there. Mike says he wanted to fix things. Sonny asks again why he’s there. Jason talks to Julian, who tells him about the gas leak. Jason informs Sonny what is going on. Sonny suddenly realizes Kristina is nowhere to be found. Mike realizes she’s gone back in. Back inside, the fumes cause Kristina to become unsteady, trip and hit her head. Jason rushes in after Kristina, picks her up, and she tells him to get the wrench. He pauses and sees it across the room. Back outside, Mike cries this is all his fault. Suddenly Charlie’s explodes.

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