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At Sonny’s, Kristina looks at jobs online and talks with Mike out on the patio. Inside, Stella arrives to take Mike out for the day while his family fixes some things around the house. Stella and Mike leave, and Brick arrives to help them install a new alarm system and other things to make things easier for Mike.

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Ava visits Julian at the pub and thinks something needs to be done about Griffin, who knows everything about the blanket situation. Julian warns her should he suffer some type of accident it would only arouse Sonny’s suspicions of her. Mike and Stella arrive for breakfast, and as he serves them, Julian chitchats with Mike about his friendship with Charlie. Stella didn’t know he knew Charlie and jokes, “If these walls could talk.”

Griffin goes for a run in the park and runs into Kiki, who is also out exercising. They catch up, and Kiki would like to try and remain friends with Griffin, so they decide to go for runs together each morning. He leaves to go apartment hunting, and Kristina bumps into Kiki and they decide to grab breakfast together.

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Maxie and Nina attend Madeline’s service at the church and discover they are the only ones there. As they discuss Madeline’s sudden death from a heart attack, a bundled up homeless person hiding their face wanders in and sits in a back pew. Maxie excuses herself to check on James, and Nina vents her frustrations to her mother’s casket and thinks she and baby James are the only ones left of their family. Suddenly the homeless person reveals themselves to be Obrecht, who says they still have her. Obrecht apologizes for the Wyndemere business, and Nina warns her not to risk going after Peter again. Obrecht is stunned by Madeline’s death because she was not at risk of a heart attack and suspects there is more to it. Nina doesn’t care because she’s gone now. Nina suggests Obrecht leave before Maxie returns. She asks if her aunt needs help getting out of town, but Obrecht thinks it will be easy as long as she doesn’t run into another wayward girl who slows her down. Maxie returns, and Obrecht quickly rushes off without Maxie noticing her.

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At the Metro Court, Anna catches Valentin on the phone with Curtis telling him to find Nina’s child. She thinks he has a habit of misplacing kids. She wants him to stay away from her son because he’s done enough damage. He agrees to not go out of his way to see him, but if Peter comes to him he won’t turn him away. He asks her about her abduction, and they discuss Finn reviving Cassandra before she was mysteriously taken away. They agree to keep one another in the loop if they hear anything about Cassandra. Valentin leaves and Griffin runs into Anna. He is glad to see her and comes clean about the DNA test and his suspension. He would have told her if he had known Peter was her son. Anna reflects on her own secrets, and how she wishes she had done so much differently. When she learns Griffin needs an apartment she offers hers, but Griffin has a lead of his own on a place.

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Jordan surprises Curtis at the hotel he’s staying at in New York while trying to track down the lawyer in prison who sold Nina’s daughter. Jordan is there because she discovered a lead on Stella’s one true love Marcus who lives in the city and hopes a reunion will keep Stella out of their hair. Later, Jordan puts in a call to Riker’s prison to help get Curtis in to talk to the lawyer only to learn was just granted a compassionate release because he’s dying.

Kiki and Kristina go to Charlie’s for breakfast. Kiki speaks to her mom about Avery’s first day of school, which she promised to be there for. Ava doesn’t want a liar and a whore like Kiki in Avery’s life. Kiki doesn’t need her mother’s permission to see her sister and reminds her she has Sonny on her side. Meanwhile, Kristina asks Julian to see the owner because she’d like to apply for a job. Julian reveals he’s the owner.

Stella drops Mike off back at home, and he overhears Sonny worrying to Carly that the body buried in Julian’s place could be what finally takes him down.

Back at the church, Nina and Maxie decide to leave when Valentin arrives. He wanted to be there for her, but she reminds him she doesn’t need him and they were just leaving. Alone, Valentin speaks to Madeline’s casket about trying to track down Nina’s daughter, which a spying Obrecht overhears.

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