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Sonny joins Alexis at the Metro Court to meet their daughter. Kristina comes in with Sam. They catch up on Lucas and Brad getting the baby. With some delay, Kristina explains that her sister helped her make some big decisions. They sit down and Kristina explains how alienated she felt with Parker in Oregon. She broke up with her and is back for good. Her parents seem pleased and encourage her to do what’s right for her. She asks if she can go back to managing Perks but Sonny can’t give her old job back, though she can be a barista. She rejects that, so her mom excitedly suggests she work as a paralegal. Sam and Sonny get her to stop. Kristina doesn’t want to live with either of her parents, so she is going to move in with Sam and a little distance from her mom is what she needs.

Chase shows up in Peter’s office to discuss Anna. The cop lectures him for not being more compassionate about his mom. He warns that the police and the WSB are watching him. Peter insists that he wants nothing to do with Anna, but Chase suggests he may want to re-think his relationship with the only person who wants anything to do with him.

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Anna and Finn are in his hotel room. She’s relieved to be back in Port Charles and they wonder why their captors wanted to cure Cassandra. They make out and then she gets jumpy. He brings up Peter and she starts railing about Liesl not being in custody. Anna wonders if her son has been thinking of forgiving her. Once she gets dressed, she explains that she has a connection to her son, regardless of everything. The doctor worries that August could hurt her heart. Chase shows up and Anna rushes out, leaving the lads alone. Chase tells him what the authorities have learned about the abduction and then mentions he had a ‘chat’ with Peter so Anna should be fine. He explains that he insisted on working on the case to make sure his brother was okay. Before Chase can leave, Finn suggests he stick around and make peace with Roxy. After some awkward conversation, Finn thanks him.

At the hospital, Kim cries as she wonders to Liz how she is going to tell Drew that Oscar is dying. She leaves to check on her son as Drew arrives. The nurse sends him off to see his son. He finds Kim with Oscar, who claims he just has low blood sugar. When Kim leaves, Liz approaches her and the doctor explains that she couldn’t tell Drew the truth. Liz suggests that sharing the truth will make it easier. Kim worries that it will just ruin Drew’s relationship with his son. Back down the hall, Drew tells Oscar he was scared to hear he was in the hospital. Oscar talks about his diet and then calls Joss.

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In the park, Joss shoves Cameron away when he kisses her. She reminds him that Oscar is her boyfriend. Cam wonders where he is on their anniversary. He explains that he sent the riddle that got her talking to Oscar again. Oscar calls.

Back at the hospital, Drew corners Kim and asks why she didn’t call him. He’s worried about their son. She tries to brush him off, so he guesses something is wrong. Kim admits he’s sick and there’s nothing they can do. He has an inoperable brain tumor and may only have months to live. She’s been searching for treatments for two years but there’s nothing and Oscar still doesn’t know the truth. She doesn’t think he should know until it’s absolutely necessary. Drew thinks he should know now. Getting upset, he suggests that their son should be able to determine how he lives out his last days. She explains that she wants him to have a normal life and act like he’s going to live forever. Drew tells her she’s done an amazing job raising her and he’ll follow her if that’s what she wants. He promises that they will give their son the best life they can. Down the hall, Joss arrives with Cameron trailing behind her. She rushes to Oscar’s bedside and he apologizes for passing out. Joss was worried that she’d driven him away. He says nothing can keep him away from her. They wish each other happy anniversary. Meanwhile, Liz lectures Cam for leaving the house and orders him to go home and send her a selfie to confirm he’s there. He goes to check on Joss and sees her kissing Oscar. Oscar shows her a video collage he made of the past year. She tells him how much they have to look forward to.

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Anna show up in Peter’s office. They talk about how much Obrecht hates her. Anna is glad he’s alive. She’d like to help him, but he claims he has all the help he needs. Anna warns him not to trust Valentin and stay out of his orbit. “Stay out of my way,” Peter tells her before showing her the door. She insists that he can always turn to her.

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