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In the PCPD interrogation room, Chase tells Jason he’s been brought out of lockup because the DA wants to interview him. He asks Jason if he knows why the DA dropped the charges against Peter August, but Jason doesn’t and only wants to get on with his life.

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At the Metro Court, Drew and Margaux make small talk when Oscar arrives to see his dad. Margaux leaves them, and Oscar speaks to Drew about Joss avoiding him. Drew guesses she’s pulling away from everyone given what she’s been going through and that’s natural.

In Ferncliff, Kevin speaks to an orderly about administering a new medication to his patient to bring him out of his haze.

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At home, Sonny and Carly again discuss Mike’s care, but Sonny’s not ready to send Mike away. Later Kevin stops by to check up on Carly and ask her to return to therapy in light of losing Morgan and her grandson. Carly assures him she is fine, but recounts the bizarre hallucinations she had in Ferncliff, including thinking she saw him in the hallway. Kevin is shocked, but Carly believes it was the drugs. Meanwhile, Sonny checks on Mike to make sure he’s happy and comfortable, which Mike indicates he is.

Griffin is called to the stand in court as Franco accidentally texts Ava instead of Alexis and informs her that Kiki and Griffin had sex. He quickly realizes his mistake, and texts Scott and tells him to stop the trial, but Scott’s antics fail. When the judge notices Franco on his phone he kicks him out of the courtroom. On the stand, Alexis questions Griffin about the photo and his relationship with Kiki. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off, which Franco pulled, stalling the trial. Everyone gathers in the hall, where Ava confronts Franco about the text. He blames it on autocorrect, but she knows he’s lying. The bailiff escorts Franco out after finding evidence that he pulled the alarm.
Ava speaks with Griffin about what has been weighing on him, which he swears to tell her after the trial. He heads back into the courtroom, and when Ava asks if Kiki has anything to tell her, Kiki denies she does. The trial resumes, and when asked if he and Kiki are just friends, Griffin states that is all they are. Bensch demands Scott push Griffin because he’s hiding something, but Scott doesn’t think so. An eavesdropping Ava suggests Scott ask Griffin a specific question, and Scott realizes Ava knows. Scott cross-examines and asks Griffin if he’s had sex with Kiki.

Joss and Cameron, (played by William Lipton) finish work at Lila’s kids and grab a table at Kelly. Cam puts on some fancy wireless headphones, which Joss knows he can’t afford. She asks if he stole them. Cam brings up her recent shoplifting but Joss calls it a mistake she made to distract herself from her family’s problems.

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Back at the PCPD, Margaux gives Chase a case to handle and then goes in to the interrogation room to question Jason. She has his giant box of arrest records which begin in 1996 when he started working for Sonny. Jason stays silent on the matter, so she asks him about Ferncliff. She knows he was able to avoid being seen on camera with the gun, and the doctor’s statements are suspect given they were involved in unauthorized medical procedures, so she’s dropping the charges. She can’t believe he and Drew are so different and warns the career criminal that he will be caught at some point.

Back at Kelly’s, Oscar walks in, surprised to find Cam and Joss hanging out together. Chase arrives and confronts Cam with a photo of him stealing the headphones he’s sporting. Cam wants a lawyer, so Chase says they’ll deal with that at the station. Chase inspects Joss’ bag but finds it clean. He warns her to be careful of who she associates with given who her family is, and then leaves with Cam. Oscar is stunned and says it goes to show you don’t always know a person.

Liz pays the fine for Franco’s fire alarm stunt at at the station. Franco explains he did what he did to stop the trial because Kiki and Griffin had sex. Suddenly Chase enters with Cam. Back in the interrogation room, Margaux looks through Jason’s records and thinks about the flash drive.

At the Metro Court, Jason tells Drew about his meeting with Margaux, and he suspects she has an agenda because she deliberately brought up Drew.

Kevin returns to Ferncliff to check on the patient, who is awake but keeps his face to the wall. He turns, and we see it is Kevin’s face. Kevin says, “Hello again brother.”

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