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Carly is thrilled to be back at home with Sonny. Mike walks in and is happy to see Carly. He asks where she’s been. They bring him up to date, and Mike remembers he left his checker board outside. He goes to get it, and Sonny fills Carly in on Mike deteriorating. Suddenly, a crash is heard outside.

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In court, Franco tries to tell Alexis about Kiki’s secret, but the judge enters and the case begins. Alexis makes her opening remarks, noting Dr. Bensch is an excellent doctor, but also a sexual predator, which she intends to prove. Scott rebuttals with, “My client is innocent,” leaving Bensch perplexed. Liz is called to the stand and is questioned about Bensch’s role as Kiki’s mentor and champion, but also finding Kiki in tears after he threatened her. Scott cross-examines, and Liz admits she never saw anything inappropriate between Bensch and Kiki. Epiphany is called to the stand and is questioned about Kiki’s reluctance to work with Dr. Bensch. Nurse Francesca follows, and details how Bensch was very critical of her, claimed she was always making mistakes and offered to help her turn her career around if she had sex with him. She admits to sleeping with him, and then the harassment stopped. Scott cross-examines and paints Francesca as choosing to have sex with Bensch and is upset he stopped paying attention to her and giving her help. Alexis rebuttals and asks if Francesca wanted to have a relationship or sex with Bensch, which Francesca did not. As Ava is questioned about Dr. Bensch’s visit to her gallery and his remarks about the Kiki failing under pressure, Franco sends a text to Alexis that they need to talk. She ignores them and calls Kiki to the stand. Kiki recounts the timeline of Bensch’s attention towards her. She details the gifting of a rare edition of Gray’s Anatomy, the shoulder massage, and finally the kiss which made her realize Dr. Bensch had favored her all along in order to have sex with her. She returned his book and let him know he was not interested, but things didn’t end. She speaks of the terrible evaluation he showed her and said it could be fixed after he gave her the key to his hotel room. She explains that is when Liz found her crying in a closet, and she realized she had to speak out. Scott refuses to question Kiki, which infuriates Bensch. He thinks Scott is trying to throw his case and demands he use the photo of Griffin and Kiki. A recess is called, and Franco takes Griffin aside to inform him that he knows what he and Kiki did, and he doesn’t want to see Kiki hurt. The trial resumes, and Scott is forced to confront Kiki with the photo of Griffin comforting her. Alexis rebuttals and lets Kiki explain what was happening in the photo, which she explains as Griffin comforting her after Bensch was extremely critical of her work. Alexis calls Griffin to the stand to set the record straight, and he’s sworn in. Franco fires off more texts and accidentally sends one to Ava which reads, “Kiki and Griffin had sex!”

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Curtis arranges to meet Jordan at the Metro Court for some sex in the afternoon. Afterwards they discuss their wedding and agree to set a date soon. Curtis jumps in the shower and his phone rings. Jordan checks it and sees a message from Chandra. She later confronts him about Chandra. He admits she reached out to him, but he didn’t respond because Jordan is the only one he loves. He says they have the room till tomorrow, and to meet back there later.

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Carly and Sonny take Mike to GH to get a gash on his head examined. Stella stays with him when a doctor he doesn’t know looks at it. Mike admits to Stella that he knows he is slipping away, and she tells him he isn’t in this alone. Stella leaves Mike with the doctor and speaks with Sonny and Carly. She lets Sonny know that Mike realizes what is happening to him, and to include Mike in his own healthcare decisions. After Sonny and Carly leave with Mike, Jordan arrives to speak with Stella about sending Chandra after Curtis. She thinks she did it to derail the wedding. Stella admits she checked in with Chandra but told her that Curtis was getting married. She states Chandra isn’t the kind of person to take another person’s spouse.

Sonny and Carly take Mike home, and Carly advises sonny to consider Stella’s advice. He thinks things will be better now that Carly is home.

Back at the Metro Court, Curtis looks at the message from Chandra.

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