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In the court room, Alexis rehearses her speech until Julian starts clapping. She tells him about how much women have had to endure forever. She’s very angry. So is he. He thanks her for showing him the double standards in society and admires her for teaching her daughters by example. He tells her to ‘crush’ Bensch.

Franco corners Scott at Charlie’s and reminds him that he’s supposed to throw Bensch under the bus. Scott warns that there could be some ugly surprises if Kiki goes to trial. He explains that Griffin slept with Kiki. Franco is appalled. He asks Scott to get Griffin off the witness list. He decides to go to Alexis with what they know.

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Things are awkward when Kiki walks into her mom’s penthouse and Griffin is walking around shirtless. Once he gets dressed, Ava gives her daughter a pep talk about how everyone is supporting her. After Griffin leaves, Kiki comes out dressed conservatively. Her mom lectures that dressing like that is surrendering. Kiki changes her clothes and tells her mom how much she loves her. She gets distraught and apologizes. Her mom hugs her and assures Kiki nothing could ever tarnish her love for her.

In the Metro Court, Maxie is at a table with Nina. She mentions how impressed the advertising department was with the ads that Valentin bought. Nina claims his feelings are a lie. Valentin suddenly appears and proclaims there is no lie in his feelings for her. He tells her all about his new horse and Charlotte. Maxie leaps up and accuses him of exploiting Nina’s love of children and horses and blames him for what happened to Nathan. Maxie goes off to cancel their order and Nina tells Valentin that she understands that he loves her, but he doesn’t respect her. After she departs, he calls a prison warden and asks to meet a prisoner.

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Finn is stuck in a cell. Dr. Klein enters with his orders for the day. Klein refuses to do anything until he had proof that Anna is well. Klein walks down the hall to another room wakes Anna up, then snaps a picture of her. Once she’s left alone, she pulls out a scalpel. Back down the hall, Finn refuses to accept the evidence Klein shows him and insists on seeing Anna. Moments later, Klein drags her in and says that she will die if his patient dies. He leaves them alone and Anna assures Finn that she’s fine. He admits that he’s there because of a botched plan of Robert’s. When he tells her that the “cavalry is on its way,” she tells him they can’t have that. She starts digging out the tracking device in his hand and explains how close she is to finding out who they are dealing with.

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Drew runs into Kim at the hospital and tells her he’s in over his head. As they discuss Oscar issues, Margaux wanders in. Drew introduces them to each other and then the DA walks off. Kim makes faces at Drew. Later, she bumps into Liz, who tells her she’s thinking of having Cameron and Oscar go to the trial. Franco arrives in time to hear this and thinks having the kids at the trial would be a terrible idea. Meanwhile, Robert drops by Peter’s room. Peter won’t tell him what he knows until he has some guarantees. Robert offers him freedom if he tells them all about patient one to five. Peter says he only knew about Jason and nothing about the larger plan. Robert is unimpressed with this information. But he agrees to shelve the charges and let him go free. He’ll call Peter when he needs him for a WSB op. Margaux interrupts and Scorpio informs her that Mr. August is no longer a WSB problem. The DA admits she’s got nothing on him, but she points out identity theft is a federal offense. Drew arrives outside and listens as she points out that Peter aided in stealing Drew’s identity. Peter insists that he had nothing to do with that and wonders why she is so invested in this. Dawson says he made a huge mess and she needs to clean it up. She asks him to give Drew back his identity. Drew finally interrupts and says he doesn’t believe that Peter has the flashdrive. He’s moving on with his life and tells her that he doesn’t want this. Margaux chases after Drew and he repeats that he doesn’t want to press charges. They go off to a hot dog stand. Back down the hall, Peter and Griffin argue about Anna and then the doctor tells him he’s free to go. Griffin heads down to the nurses’ station, where Franco is standing with Kim. Franco glares at the doctor and Liz wonders what’s up. Meanwhile, Robert returns to Peter’s room and hands him Faison’s lighter before explaining all of his assets have been seized. As Peter exits, he bumps into Maxie, Nina and the baby. They ask him where he will go now that he’s free. He says that Port Charles is the closest thing he’s ever had to a home so he’s decided to stay.

Kiki, Ava and Julian all arrive at the court house. He tells her how much he supports her. Franco and Liz join them. As Liz tells Kiki how much the other nurses support her, Franco corners Alexis and says he needs to talk to her before he case falls apart.

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