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Alexis meets with Kiki at the Metro Court to discuss the trial. Alexis asks her one last time if Kiki has anything to tell her before tomorrow. Kiki has nothing more to say.

In his office at GH, Griffin can’t stop thinking about the mistake he made in having sex with Kiki.

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Jason meets with Margaux on the docks to show her the forged consent document from Ferncliff for Carly’s ECT, and pleads with her to make things right. The DA informs Jason that by giving this to her and talking to her he’s turning himself in, and he could go to prison. Jason is okay with that as long as Carly is safe.

In the Quartermaine nursery, Michael finds the incriminating blanket in the dresser while he and Sam pack up the place. Sam suspects someone connected to Nelle had to have planted it to double cross her giving the timing. She urges him to take it to the station because if Nelle knitted it then her DNA will be all over it.

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At the PCPD, Sonny distracts Chase and Jordan with complaints about how his wife was mistreated so Carly can slip in and see Nelle. Jordan has to leave to deal with other matters, and Chase apologizes to Sonny for what happened to his grandchild. In the interrogation room, Carly explains to Nelle she had to see her one last time to tell it to her face that she won. They argue about Nelle’s mistakes, and while Carly admits the loss of her grandson was a terrible tragedy, at least Nelle can’t use him as a tool. Nelle laughs and lets Carly know there is a hell of a lot she doesn’t know. Carly doesn’t care because they are finished, and she walks out. Chase is shocked to see Carly. She states she came to turn herself in. Jason and Margaux walk in, and Margaux agrees to have Carly remanded to Shadybrook given what occurred at Ferncliff. Sonny refuses that deal. Arguing ensues when Michael arrives and dumps the baby blanket on Chase’s desk. Everyone is stunned, and the DA says they’ll have to test it to make sure it wasn’t planted by Michael or his family. Chase advises the DA as someone who had their career blown to hell by Nelle to just admit she was wrong. Margaux thinks its good advice. Nelle is brought out in cuffs, sees the blanket, and panics. She screams, “She double-crossed me, and you are all out to get me!” Before she’s hauled off, Michael informs Nelle he made calls to try and lessen her sentence because she was the mother of his child, but now he’s done with her. Michael walks away as Nelle is carted off screaming, “This is your fault Carly, I hate you, burn in hell!” Jordan returns to find the circus going on in her station. The DA wants Jason arrested for breaking Carly out, but Sonny suggests another loss in court wouldn’t boost her image right now. She agrees to have Jason and Carly held here until the blanket can be verified. Margaux lets Sonny know she realizes she’s wasting her time focusing on Carly and Jason when she should be focused on him. She promises him when she comes for him that her case will be airtight.

Ava spies on Scott meeting with Bench at Kelly’s. Scott tries to convince Bensch to settle, but Bensch believes the odds are in his favor and refuses.

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Ava finds Griffin at GH. She’s worried about Kiki’s trial, and he eases her fears. He knows he’s been distant with her lately and struggles with telling her the truth. He rambles about how falling in love is new to him. Ava stops him because this is the first time he’s mentioned he loves her. He tells her he does. Ava is thrilled and tells him whatever he needs to tell her can wait till after the trial.

Sam runs into Alexis at the Metro Court just as she’s wrapping up with Kiki. She tells her mom about Michael’s baby, and that Carly’s situation may be getting better. The conversation turns towards Kristina, who Alexis hasn’t been talking to much because she’s afraid she’ll say the wrong thing. Sam suggests she let Kristina know she misses her, because she’s sure Krissy missed her too.

Kiki goes to work at GH and runs into Griffin, who tells her that he has to come clean with Ava. Kiki warns him that if he tells Ava the truth not only will he lose her, but he’ll make Ava his enemy.

Ava runs into Scott at Kelly’s. He lets Ava know that Bensch won’t settle, and warns her tomorrow at the trial things may come out on the stand.

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