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Sam finds Jason hiding out on the docks. He needs a favor. They talk about how hard it was for Michael to lose a baby. Sam offers to do everything she can but suggests that he find a way to stay in Port Charles. People other than Carly need him, she points out, including their son.

At the hospital, Monica asks Drew if he was the person who made a generous donation in the name of Michael’s dead child. She points out that Sonny always makes sure he gets public plaques for his donations. With some prodding, he admits he made the donation. She urges him not to be anonymous and own who he is.

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Ava joins her brother at Kelly’s. She explains that she’s having a crisis of conscience and shows him the blanket. She thinks that if it can magically reappear, it could clear Carly. Julian assumes she wants to sink Nelle. Ava wants him to drop the blanket off in the Quartermaine nursery. He’s reluctant but she begs until he relents and walks off with the blanket. On the way out, he passes by Margaux and snubs her. Drew walks by next and tells the DA they need to set the record straight. He’s afraid that Curtis may have implied that there was something going on between them. The DA makes it clear how much she knows about him and asks again about his memories being replaced. They walk through what happened and he reminds her that the flashdrive is lost and then clarifies to her that he’s not ‘looking’ for a relationship. She tells him to get over himself. After some banter, she leaves him her card and walks off.

Brad, Lucas and the baby arrive at the PCPD and bump into Michael. He assumes they are looking for Nelle and explains that she’s back in custody. They pay their condolences to Michael, who then changes the subject to their baby. Lucas starts babbling about him, which makes Brad uncomfortable. Michael welcomes his ‘cousin’ to the family and asks to hold him. As he does, Lucas notices that Brad is starting to look upset. Brad is about to say something when Michael stops him and tells the baby how loved and wanted he is. After Michael walks off, Lucas tells Brad how lucky they are. He notices how jumpy Brad is and they decide to head home. In the interrogation room, Nelle tells Jordan that the blood of her baby is on the department’s hands. Nelle assumes she doesn’t have enough to put her away and is still looking for evidence related to Carly. The commissioner plays the recording and prompts Nelle to admit that Carly never pushed her. “What’s in it for me?” Nelle asks, pointing out that the cops entrapped her and the confession was coerced. The cop prods her some more until Nelle asks for a lawyer.

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At the safe house, Sonny tells Carly that Joss captured Nelle. This makes Carly want to leave Port Charles even less. He tries to talk her out of that. Carly just wants all of this over and can’t stand waiting. Jason arrives and they fill him in about Joss and Carly’s reluctance to go to Canada. Stone Cold says they might not have to. He shows them the Ferncliff form that Carly could never have signed. Carly argues with her husband about leaving. He worries that she might be making trouble for all of them.

At the Quartermaine estate, Julian drops the blanket into a drawer in the nursery and walks off. Later, Monica finds Michael weeping over a stuffed animal. She tells him that he’ll get through this and gives him a hug. After she leaves, Sam arrives to check on Michael. He’s going to pack all the baby stuff up and drop it off at a homeless shelter. He tells her that his marriage was a lie, but the baby was real and was going to change his life. She points out that his life still changed and assures him that his son is proud of him. As they pack the stuff up, he decides to give some of the clothes to Brad and Lucas’ son. Michael is startled when he finds the blanket.

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Julian returns to Kelly’s and tells his sister that that was the last non-legal favor he is doing for her. Lucas and Brad walk in with the baby and Ava and her brother fawn over them. As Brad heads to the bar to get his order, Ava asks if he’s heard from Nelle and they discuss her losing her child.

Sonny drops by the PCPD and asks Jordan what will happen if his wife turns herself in. He threatens to go to the press and tell them what Ferncliff did to his wife. Meanwhile, Carly strolls into the interrogation room to see Nelle.

Margaux meets with Jason on the pier. She asks for a reason not to turn him in.

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